June 24, 2018

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Into the Future With Shana Corey’s “The Secret Subway” | A Lesson Plan

A pneumatically powered railway under the streets of New York City in the 1870s? You bet. Share Shana Corey’s delightful “The Secret Subway” and these standards-aligned lesson plans with your students.

Can Five-Year-Olds Really Meet Common Core State Standards?

As kindergarten teachers grapple with that question, librarians become “important resource” and find new opportunities for teaching the youngest students.

A Tomie dePaola Title and Myriad Animals on Holiday House Fall List | Publishers Preview

Upcoming titles star book-loving dogs, cats, and other creatures; diPaola returns to Holiday House after a 20-year hiatus publishing elsewhere.

Common Core Flip-Flop: Governor Cuomo Changes Mind About Using Common Core Test Results For Teacher Evaluations

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan recently said “change is scary,” but New York State Governor Cuomo, once a staunch supporter of rigorous teacher evaluations based on student testing, has changed his position on teachers evaluations based on Common Core testing following protests and pushback.

‘More Truth-y than Truthful’: Stephen Colbert Rips Into Common Core—and Melinda Gates Tweets Back

On April 8, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert ripped into the Common Core State Standards. Melinda Gates, one of Common Core’s biggest proponents, tweeted back her response.

Librarians on the Common Core: Cautious Optimism

While educators grapple with the Common Core State Standards, school librarians are finding aspects to celebrate. To start? Their jobs, and their important role in supporting teachers and students through this transition.

This article was published in School Library Journal's February 2014 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

CC’s Seventh Shift | On Common Core

The very language of the Common Core State Standards calls for librarians’ key skills: research; equipping students to access, evaluate, and synthesize information; and strengthening literacy. Paige Jaeger, a coordinator of school library services in Saratoga Springs, NY argues that librarians can build a strong case for a seventh shift in the CCSS: research.

Nonfiction as Mentor Text: Style | On Common Core

Authors of nonfiction for young readers model specific writing styles and techniques that demonstrate a command of the written word, engage and hook readers, and help to explain and contextualize important concepts.

Balancing Readability and Reading Fluency | On Common Core

Knowing the research behind text complexity is critical to understanding the Common Core’s call for more complexity, and how reading for pleasure fits in.

On Common Core | Talking about Nonfiction

“Talking takes time” note the authors, but allowing students time for conversations about the texts they are reading is essential.

Deconstructing Nonfiction | On Common Core

If students are not familiar with nonfiction texts, they may assume that every nonfiction book serves the same function.

‘Pathways to the Common Core’ | Professional Shelf

“Pathways to the Common Core” offers solutions and directions for teachers looking for a way to understand and implement the Common Core State Standards into their lesson plans.

One Librarian’s Success Story | On Common Core

With one smart step at a time, Christine Poser, a middle-school librarian at Myra S. Barnes I.S. 24 on Staten Island, NY, is helping her school move on the new standards.

Humorist Bruce Coville Wins Empire State Award, Emphasizes the “Ripple Effect” of Reading

Bruce Coville recently became the twenty-third recipient of the Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for Young People. The author of many humorous middle-grade novels, Coville was celebrated at the New York Library Association annual conference earlier this month.

Common Core and Common Sense: Editorial | Series Made Simple Fall 2012

Series Made Simple Fall 2012Cover and illustration by Daniel Pelavin

When I get interested in a topic, I become obsessed. I don’t really have hobbies; I have infatuations. I don’t have favorite movies or novels; I have look-but-don’t-touch collections. And when it comes to learning about a new subject, I can’t just read one book on it—I have to read everything I can get my hands on.

And that is why so much of the Common Core State Standards […]

Packs, Pods, and Prides: Animals | Series Made Simple Fall 2012

This season’s animal titles are thoughtfully designed to support Common Core State Standards with good use of nonfiction text features and subject-specific vocabulary. Whether students are requesting books for research or for recreational reading, the abundant photographs and conversational narratives ensure that they will be engaged and will come away with increased background knowledge. Several series explain classification and interaction within a species’ habitat, environment, or group. While many of the animals highlighted are old favorites, students […]

Numbers Everywhere: Mathematics | Series Made Simple Fall 2012

With the implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the need for informational books has increased; math volumes must satisfy both the language arts informational text standards and the mathematics standards.

Nonfiction Series and the Common Core State Standards: Back Page | Series Made Simple Fall 2012

Many education professionals are grappling with the process of implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It’s both exciting and daunting.