February 21, 2018

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Problem-solving Techies: Careers & Skills | Series Nonfiction

Prepare kids and teens for the workforce with these series on coding, social media, and more.

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Serving the CCSS and Youth | On Common Core: Part 6

What resources do librarians have in their collections that meet the goals of the Common Core initiative? How will the Common Core State Standards influence the decisions school and public librarians will be making as they continue to develop their collections? What specifically should educators be looking for in the resources they select? Join Kathleen Odean, librarian, speaker, reviewer, university instructor, and the author of guides to children’s titles as she discusses the books that engage children and meet the goals of the CCSS. Archive now available!

The Common Core and the Public Librarian | On Common Core: Part 5

School librarians across the country have been actively engaged in implementing the Common Core State Standards. More recently public librarians have joined the conversation, asking their colleagues what they need to know about the initiative and how it will affect collection development, homework help, and reference service. Join us for a chat with Olga M. Nesi, a regional coordinator with the New York City Department of Education, Division of Library Services, and Nina Lindsay, Children’s Services Coordinator at the Oakland Public Library, Oakland, CA as they explore the ways in which today’s professionals in public libraries are being called on to serve students in their libraries in light of the Common Core. Archive now available!

Pathways to Engaged Readers: Helping Students Reach Common Core Levels | On Common Core: Part 4

Join Mary Ehrenworth, the Deputy Director at the Reading and Writing Project at Teachers College, Columbia University, and co-author of Pathways to the Common Core, as she explores creating a school culture of reading, the challenges and methods for getting just-right books into kids’ hands, increasing nonfiction engagement, and building structures for clubs and parent involvement through the central core of a school’s reading life— the library. Archive now available!

Making the Text Connection | On Common Core: Part 3

With nonfiction and informational text at the forefront of the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), there are new demands and opportunities for reading, writing, speaking and listening for students.Hear directly from some of today’s leading children’s and young adult nonfiction authors as they speak about their work and the specific ways nonfiction and informational texts can be used by librarians and teachers to help their students become better readers. This panel will also explore the ways in which the following focus points connect to the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Writing. Archive now available!

Librarians, the Secret Weapon | On Common Core: Part 2

The New York City Department of Education Office of Library Services is at the forefront of a movement to clarify the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for the profession. Olga Nesi, a regional coordinator at the NYC DOE Library Services, will lead a discussion on the challenges and opportunities the CCSS present for librarians, the role of the profession in supporting the goals of the initiative, and the workshops she and her colleagues have been conducting around the state. Archive is now available!

Getting Real: Marc Aronson and Sue Bartle | On Common Core: Part 1

How do the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) impact you, your library, and your teachers? Marc Aronson and Sue Bartle will discuss how perspective, multi-modality, and transliteracy will help you build a foundation as you implement CCSS. Take home a few concrete examples to successfully adjust to the instructional shifts in CCSS. Archive now available!