February 24, 2018

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Connecting the Plots: Figment is Turning Teenage Angst into Published Prose

In this Article Using Figment in School Rory Schrobilgen isn’t sure if being a published writer is his life’s ambition. But for now, the 13-year-old is doing just that—posting short stories and novels on Figment.com, where his writings reach scads of readers far beyond his family and friends in Oak Park, IL. Schrobilgen joined the teen […]

At the Core: Audiobooks Promote Critical Reading Habits | Listen In

As teachers and librarians return to school this month, many will be tasked with implementing the Common Core State Standards (www.corestandards.org) into their lesson plans. The Common Core mission states that: “The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.” They aim to promote critical thinking through student engagement with high quality literary and informational […]

The Naked Truth: Librarians Stood By Maurice Sendak, No Stranger to Controversy

Fourteen years ago, I waited in line at a public library circulation desk with my three-year-old niece, Sara, who was clutching a well-worn copy of In the Night Kitchen. When her turn came, she handed the book to the clerk, and anxiously held her breath as it was checked back in.

Showtime: Theatre | Focus On

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“All the world’s a stage,” proclaims Jaques in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Judging by the numerous sources available for would-be thespians, he knows of what he speaks! With the popularity of Glee and the many versions of High School Musical, it seems clear that, no matter the odds, there will always be a modern-day Mickey Rooney or Judy Garland hustling to put on a show.

What makes the world of […]