February 25, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

#29 Alex Gino – GEORGE Unravelled

Colby: I sat down with Alex Gino at ALA Annual last summer to talk about George. It was an emotionally exhausting conversation. I’m thankful that we have people like Alex Gino in the world.   Click here to subscribe to The Yarn on iTunes and Stitcher, sign up for our newsletter, and visit us on […]

Authors Talk About the Teen Transgender Experience | SummerTeen 2015

Authors Susan Kuklin, Robin Talley, and Alex Gino spoke about transgender representation in books and the importance of making LGBTQ titles visible.

Alex Gino on Debut Novel, “George”, and the Importance of Transgender Voices in the Kid Lit World

Alex Gino, author of the new middle grade novel, George, chats with SLJ about representation, gender identity, and what the New York Times got wrong with their coverage of transgender lit.