February 19, 2018

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SummerTeen SummerTeen SummerTeen SummerTeen SummerTeen
Who should attend SummerTeen?
SummerTeen is a must for school librarians, youth services librarians, collection development librarians, directors and administrators, and any library professional with an interested in young adult and teen literature.

But don’t forget about your students! The online show makes it possible to broadcast the event to your summer school classes and to teen programming events giving young people a front row seat to hear from authors they’ll love.

What is an online event?
Our online event means no travel and no hassle. Simply login from any computer or mobile device to attend SummerTeen and catch anything you might have missed with three months of unlimited access to the archived event.

What system requirements do I need on my computer to attend the virtual summit?
Check to ensure you have the minimum technical requirements to attend. Supported configurations and minimum system requirements are:

    Virtual Shows are supported on the following Internet Browsers and Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP (Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.x+ or Chrome 8.x+)
  • Windows Vista (Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.x+ or Chrome 8.x+)
  • Windows 7 (Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.x+ or Chrome 8.x+)
  • Apple Mac OS 10.5+ (Firefox 2.x+, Safari 2.x+ or Chrome 8.x+)
  • Linux (Firefox 2.x+)
    Some of the webcasts in the Virtual Show may require Windows Media Player and/or Real Player for viewing:

  • Silverlight 2 or 3 (Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • Microsoft Windows Player 10, 11, or 12 (Internet Explorer)
  • Real Player 10 or SP (Windows)
  • Real Player 10 or 11 (Mac)
    In order to access the Virtual Show, you need to have Flash Player installed on your system:

  • Flash (Windows, Mac and Linux)

For more information on supported configurations, click here.

How much does it cost to register?
Please click here to see our Pricing Page.
What are the early bird rates and when do they expire?
We are pleased to offer early bird rates this year for SummerTeen until Monday, July 2, 2012. Please see our Pricing Page for details.
Where is my subscription number?
Your subscription number can be located on the latest print edition of your Library Journal, School Library Journal, or The Horn Book. See sample below:
What do I do if it says my subscription number is invalid?
If your subscriber number is not accepted during the registration process, you may have entered either an invalid or expired subscriber number. For information on the status of your print subscription, contact:

SLJ subscriber support: 800-595-1066
LJ subscriber support: 800-588-1030
HB subscriber support: 877-523-6072

May we let multiple people from our organization use the same subscription number?
Yes! However each person must register individually (using the same subscription number) so that they will be granted their own unique login credentials (username, password) to view the event, as well as to receive access to the archived event.
What is a site license?
If your organization has three or more people viewing the online event at the same time from one computer, you will need to purchase the Site Licensing option. You will be given one set of login credentials (username, password), from which you can project the experience, and use your computer speakers, for multiple people to view at once.
May I be billed with an invoice?
Yes! Once you have selected your products for purchase, you will be directed to our payment page, where there will be the option to be billed at a later date. You will be required to give your contact information for the invoice.
What do I do if my credit card was declined or didn’t go through?
First, please be sure that you entered your credit card number, your name, and billing address correctly. In many cases, the decline is a result of the credit card being used not matching up with the billing information provided. If you feel that you have entered your credit card information accurately, and are still having trouble, we recommend contacting your financial institution. If you still continue to have difficulties, contact us at support@mediasourceinc.com.
With a site license, can multiple people be logged in at the same time?
No, a site license will not allow you to view the event from more than one computer at a time.
How can I get a copy of the receipt for my purchase?
Proof of purchase was emailed to your provided address immediately upon registration. This email came from AccountServices@mediasourceinc.com. Please check your spam filters, and junk mail, for messages that may have been blocked from this address. If you are still not able to locate, please login to your account on either www.slj.com, www.libraryjournal.com or www.hbook.com and retrieve a copy from your “Recent Purchases” page.
May I cancel my order and what is the refund policy?
As this is an online event, and the archives are accessible for viewing for three months following the live event, we do not accept cancellations or offering refunds for SummerTeen. If you have extenuating circumstances, contact us at support@mediasourceinc.com.
When will the event be archived and how long may I view the archives?
The archive of SummerTeen will be posted approximately one week after the event and registrants will be able to view the archive for three months. All registrants will have unlimited access to the archives even if they did not attend the live event.
I didn’t register for SummerTeen by August 9, 2012, may I register now to view the archives?
Yes! You must register here www.slj.com/SummerTeen.com to view the archived event.
How do I access the archives?
Registrants will receive an email following the event with instructions on accessing the archives. You will use the same link and login credentials (username, password) as you did for the live event. If you did not register prior to the live event, a confirmation email with this information will be sent to you as soon as you register.
What is available during the archived event?
Archives include full access to watch all of the panels, presentations, and keynote speakers. You will be able to download all collateral materials that were available during the live event (from presentations, as well as vendor booths). However, you will not be able to chat, or interact with other viewers or vendors.
What if I can’t log into the virtual summit?
Contact Virtual Show Support by emailing virtualshow.support@on24.com.

Please include the show name, “SummerTeen” in the subject line of the email and detailed information regarding your issue, including a screenshot if possible. Virtual Event Support is the best contact for technical support including: login issues, browser or configuration issues, difficulty with functionality in environment and issues viewing/accessing a webcast.

I lost or never received my login information for the virtual summit, how can I retrieve it?
If you did not receive the email containing your username and password, or if you misplaced the information, please contact Virtual Show Support by emailing virtualshow.support@on24.com.

Please include the show name, “SummerTeen” in the subject line of the email and detailed information regarding your issue, including a screenshot if possible.

How may I use the data, reports, and archives?
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How do I become a Media Sponsor?
For information on the benefits of our Media Sponsor Program, please contact Lisa Ryan, 646-380-0777.
How do I obtain a Press Pass for the event?
Individual members of the media with press credentials are eligible to receive free access to cover SummerTeen. If you meet this criteria, you may contact Lisa Ryan at lryan@mediasourceinc.com or 646-380-0777 to register for your press pass.
How do I become an Sponsor/Exhibitor?
For information on the benefits of sponsoring SummerTeen, please contact Roy Futterman, 646-380-0718.
How can I find out more about Library Journal?
To learn more about School Library Journal and the outstanding tools and resources we offer to librarians who work with young people in schools and public libraries, please visit us at www.slj.com.

To learn more about Library Journal and all of the excellent products and services we have to offer directors, administrators, and staff in public, academic, and special libraries, please visit us at www.libraryjournal.com.

To learn more about The Horn Book and the outstanding tools and resources we offer to librarians who work with young people in schools and public libraries, please visit us at www.hbook.com.

Other questions? Please contact us at support@mediasourceinc.com for further assistance.