February 23, 2018

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School Library Journal, February 2015 Issue: Table of Contents


Cover Story

Fringe Factor

Small presses and self-publishing are turning the industry on its head.

By Mercy Pilkington


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Collection Building

  • Heroes of Summer: Books to launch a super reading program | Focus On
    By Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla
  • Warm Stories for Cold Nights: Curl up with a CD or digital download | Listen In
    By Sharon Grover & Liz Hannegan


  • The Big Potential of LittleBits: These bright, appealing sets encourage tinkerers of all ages to explore electronics
    By Chad Sansing
  • Cool Tools: Tools to build audio and video-enhanced timelines
    By Richard Byrne


  • Bridge Builders: Spanning the college readiness gap | Editorial
    By Rebecca T. Miller
  • Shattering Stereotypes: Native North Americans tell their stories in this evocative anthology | Up Close
    By Mahnaz Dar
  • College Prep via Pinterest: Librarians are using social media to get in front of their seniors | College Ready
    By Lauren Barack
  • Value Judgment: Evaluating books, labels, and programs | Scales on Censorship
    By Pat Scales

The Reviews

  • Multimedia Reviews
  • Reference Online
  • Reference Print
  • Fiction Series Update: Chapter Books
  • Fiction Preschool to Grade 4
  • Fiction Grades 5-8
  • Fiction Grades 9 & Up
  • Adult Books 4 Teens: Social Justice
  • Nonfiction Series Update
  • Nonfiction Preschool to Grade 4
  • Nonfiction Grades 5 & Up
  • Professional Reading
  • Book/Multimedia Review Stars List


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