June 18, 2018

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SLJ Resources for Summer Reading

As the end of the school year approaches, school media specialists and teachers are equipping their students with lists of books to read over the summer break. Meanwhile, public librarians are prepping for their busiest season. From audiobook classics to DIY fun, the following is a compilation of tools that can be used in the summer months and even throughout the year.

From the experts

Need a reminder about why summer reading programs are an essential part of the public library’s mission? Carole Fiore and Susan Roman’s extensive study proves that they boost student achievement.

The significant decline in reading skills many students experience over the summer is no secret, but it’s particularly damaging for children in low-income neighborhoods. Curriculum Connections columnist Alicia Eames reviews Richard L. Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen’s The Summer Slide and the Rich/Poor Achievement Gap.

And in an in-depth interview with author Richard L. Allington, Alicia Eames delves deeper into this important issue.

A new twist on summer reading

Some kids may not want to run at the sight of a book cover, and audiobooks just might be the thing to keep them interested. Listen In authors Sharon Grover and Lizette Hannegan have just the thing to beat the summer wipeout. For film buffs, librarians can easily pair audiobooks and films to spark discussion and writing.

QR codes? iBooks Authors? Bookry? Summer reading recommendations have evolved in the digital age, and NeverEnding Search blogger Joyce Valenza shares how to move beyond the “listiness” of summer reading lists.

Want to keep kids occupied and reading all summer? Share these craft and activity books with them. In addition to offering an outlet for their creativity, they’ll have children working with numbers, and decoding and interpreting diagrams and symbols. The books also make excellent resources for adults leading summer programs and year-round groups.

Books, books, and more books

Help youngsters celebrate summer with a selection of great books for summertime, dog days delights bursting with vacation-time fun. From picture books to graphic novels, there’s something here for every reader.

Libro por Libro columnist Tim Wadham shares some thrilling and hilarious titles perfect for young bilingual readers who are looking for fun vacation fare.

Curriculum Connections editor Daryl Grabarek queried some of our favorite children’s and young adult authors about their summer favorites. Take a peek to see what Kevin Henkes, Candace Fleming, and others will be diving into this vacation season.

Professional development

For many, summer is the time to catch up on all of the reading that fell by the wayside during the school year. It’s also a good opportunity to try out some new apps.

From The Horn Book

For a handy full-color PDF of more summer reading suggestions, sign up for this list of books with annotations. It’s perfect for sharing with teachers, parents, and of course, kids.