Registration for Maker Workshop 3 includes access to the archived presentations from our first two Maker Workshops held June and September 2015. That’s over 11 hours of expert content from leaders inside and outside of the library! Archived program content listed below.




Getting Started with Making



Opening Keynote: How the Maker Movement Can Drive the Economy with Congressman Mark Takano
California Congressman Mark Takano, Member of Education & the Workforce, Veterans Affairs, Science, Space & Technology Committees, shares his perspective on how making has larger implications for the American economy as a driver of innovation and manufacturing.

Mark Takano
Congressman Mark Takano

(D-CA41), member of the Congressional Maker Caucus and advocate for making as the next resurgence of American manufacturing.


A National Framework for Learning and Making

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) will provide a preview of their upcoming framework for learning in library and museum maker spaces. We’ll hear from project partner the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, which is developing a sustainable model to integrate making into schools, and learn how others can get involved.

Tim Carrigan
Tim Carrigan
Senior Library Program Officer, IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services)


Peter Wardrip
Peter Wardrip
Learning Scientist,Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, PA



Projects to get You Started (Before You have a Budget)

Learn creative ways to start making today in this nuts-and-bolts session. We’ll demo fun projects—many low-cost and entry-level—for participants long on enthusiasm, but limited on money and time.

Mark Frauenfelder
Mark Frauenfelder
Editor-in-chief, Make magazine, Founder, “Boing Boing,” and Author, Maker Dad (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014).


Hands on with Food & Gardening

We’ll explore the delights of edible making and getting our hands dirty in the garden. Food industry professionals and experienced green thumbs will cover hands-on projects to explore food and nutrition and sustainability with all ages.

Alexandra McDowell
Alexandra Weisman McDowell
Director of Programs and Partnerships, Spoons Across America



STEAM (STEM + Art): Projects for all Ages

We’ll demo ways to involve adults and kids in projects to spark experimentation with science, technology, and art—from 3-D printing and notebook hacking to duct tape and cardboard, and much more.

Makerspace Tech Project Demo

Here we’ll focus on the end product: Projects library patrons can make in a tech-oriented makerspace, whether in a school or public library setting. Tech experience supervisor Nick Taylor of the Arapahoe Library District in Colorado will share projects created in the library, including a 3-D printed prosthetic, a laser cut wedding invitation, and other life-changing objects.

Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor
Supervisor, Tech Experience, Digital Services, Arapahoe Library District, CO


Getting Started With littleBits in Your Makerspace

In this demo of electronics kit littleBits, designer David Sharp will share innovative ways to get started using littleBits in a classroom or school library.

Dave Sharp
David Sharp
Product Designer, littleBits


STEAM Lessons

Renowned art teacher and maker Tricia Fuglestad will share lessons you can emulate, including a light-up robot lesson from her elementary art room.

Tricia Fuglestad
K-5 Art Teacher, Dryden Elementary, IL, 2013 Western Region Elementary Art Teacher of the Year

How It All Comes Together: Library Case Studies and Inspiration From Successful Maker Programs

A look at successful maker programs, with tips on how you can achieve buy-in from administrators; acquire funding;  connect with community partners; and tie your efforts to the curriculum and the goals of teachers, your library’s mission.

Make Everywhere
Embracing experiential learning, Skokie (IL) Public Library has created the BOOMbox, a unique learning space with rotating STEAM experiences. Every four months, the BOOMbox focuses on a different theme engages patrons through both self-led and class guided experimentation. Learn how staff choose topics, involve partners, get buy-in, and measure success.

Ali MacDowell
Amy Holcomb
Experiential Learning Coordinator, Skokie Public Library, IL


Mikael Jacobsen
Mikael Jacobsen

Learning Experiences Manager, Skokie Public Library, IL


How To Get Buy-In for Your Maker Program

A brief overview of strategies for getting approval for your program, including how to build a case for maker programs and their budgets and how to integrate making into curriculum planning.

Oli Sanidas
Oli Sanidas
Director, Digital and Library Material Services, Arapahoe Library District, CO


Making At School

School librarian Colleen Graves shares her ideas on how to jump-start creative program ideas within a school. She’ll cover how to acquire funding within a school system, how to connect with other contributors, and how to share successes and get buy-in from administrators.

Colleen Graves
Colleen Graves
Maker, Teacher Librarian, Lamar Middle School, TX





How to Ensure that Making Leads to Learning

It’s okay to be skeptical of 3-D printers or the “next big thing” to transform libraries. But the maker movement should change the way you think about education and community because it creates opportunities for learning through doing. In this session, journalist Annie Murphy Paul will tap the latest cognitive research to illuminate how hands-on activity relates to learning. She’ll also challenge you to incorporate these ideas into your programming.

Weekly Assignment: Set your maker program goals and begin to estimate budgets under two scenarios (realistic and stretch scenarios).

Guest speaker:

Anne Murphy Paul

Annie Murphy Paul
Author of Brilliant: The Science of How We Get Smarter (forthcoming from Crown)
Columnist, Scientific American MIND



When Old-School Crafts Meet a Modern Audience

Knitting, crocheting, and other traditional handcrafts are surging in popularity. In a screen-dominated world, the maker movement taps into the human need for tactile experience, and engaging these activities in a fun, communal setting. In this session, we’ll show you how Etsy’s new Craft Entrepreneurship Program empowers creative people in underserved communities to create pathways to entrepreneurship by partnering with libraries and other organizations.

Weekly Assignment: Tie your goals to rough program ideas; field test those ideas.

Guest speakers:

meghanemeryMegan Emery
Teen/Tween Programmer
Chattanooga Public Library



Graham AshcraftGraham Ashcraft
Creative Entrepreneurship Program Manager



Demo and Q&A: MakerBot

Makerbot brings 3D printing out of major industry and into the hands of real people. In this session, join Makerbot’s education director to see how 3D printing can fit into the library mission of democratizing learning. More than the sum of its parts, a 3D printer can provide an on ramp to comfort with design and technology for kids and adults.

Guest Speaker:

Allison VicenziAllison Vicenzi
Director of Education


How-To: Maker Projects

What happens when you apply creativity (and a lot of personality) to your library programming? Limitless projects you can produce without burning down the stacks! Join our guest speaker for a fun-filled session of ideas for how you can launch maker projects and design challenges with flair. Plus, we’ll provide blueprints for projects you can start doing with your students today.

Weekly Assignment: Research program areas beyond your expertise. Refine your phase-one program ideas. Field-test them in your library and on social media.

Guest speaker

Colleen GravesColleen Graves
Maker, Teacher Librarian
Lamar Middle School (TX)



Demo: MaKey MaKey

Learn about MaKey Makey, an invention kit for everyone, from founder Jay Silver, who will share his most recent work.

Guest Speaker:

Jay SilverJay Silver
Founder/CEO of JoyLabz/Makey Makey
and first ever Maker Research Scientist at Intel

What Happens When a Public Library Goes Maker?

Find out how to pull together all parts of a successful maker program. Fayetteville Free Library in Upstate New York built a trailblazing maker program that offers everything from adult technology classes, to one-on-one graphic design lessons, and group sessions to teach knitting and sewing. Library director Susan Considine will share insights on the lessons learned and tell you how you can get started in building a culture-shifting maker program that will help extend your mission into the community and touch new groups of library users.

Weekly Assignment: Create your final maker program plan with updated goals, budgets, program ideas, and launch plans, including marketing, execution, and logistics.

Guest Speaker:

Susan ConsidineSusan Considine
Executive Director
Fayetteville Free Library (NY)



Demo: Tinkercad

Find out how to teach design and creativity to children and adults with Tinkercad, a free, easy-to-learn online app that anyone can use to create and print 3D models.

G Melantoni 85pGuest Speaker:

Guillermo Melantoni
Product Line Manager



“I found this course to be a great learning experience. It helped me to formulate a proposal and gave me the step by step process on how to reach my goal.... I am excited to begin my makerspace adventure and look forward to seeing it become a reality.”

- Library Assistant, Ontario, Canada

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