SLJ‘s Innovator Basecamp

Innovator Basecamp

School Library Journal is pleased to present a new, full-day intensive learning experience. Building on the decade-long success of the annual SLJ Leadership Summit, this program is designed to help foster a new generation of school library leaders. Learn how to enhance your skills to effectively innovate in the real world and shape yourself as the future leader that our school libraries need. Join a hands-on guided expedition to taking those first steps in a new setting or making that leap into leadership.

Seattle, WA
May 5, 2018

Boston, 2017

Stronger Together: Building Literacy-Rich Communities

What can be accomplished when schools and public libraries partner to provide better access to books and materials for all kids? 

Deep collaborations at the institutional level.

Stronger TogetherThis national gathering of thought leaders and innovators from across the country will share where and how these collaborations are taking place, and explore the impact that they’re having on the institutions, communities and kids they serve.

Omaha, NE
May 10-12, 2018

Day of Dialog

Day of DialogSchool Library Journal’s most anticipated librarian-only gathering of the year. Attendees are informed, inspired, and entertained by the best authors, editors, and publishers in the industry and spend the day discussing the latest trends and inside scoops on the hottest books in the world of children’s and young adult literature.

New York, NY
May 30, 2018

Brooklyn, NY 2017 | New York, 2017 | Chicago, 2016 | New York, 2015 | New York, 2014

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TechKnowledgePresented annually by Library Journal and School Library Journal, the 7th annual TechKnowledge (formerly The Digital Shift) is a dynamic, day-long, complimentary virtual conference that brings together thousands of library professionals and leaders from around the globe and leaders in digital transformation to discuss its impact on libraries and their communities, as well as identify the latest solutions, opportunities and innovations.

This year’s theme, Creating Equity Through Technology will address how technology solutions are supporting equity and inclusion within and among libraries’ diverse communities. Our expert speakers and panelists will present innovative ideas and tools for and from libraries of all types.

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2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012


SLJTeen Live!

SLJTeen Live!Learn about the biggest upcoming YA books and get expert advice on building successful teen programs. This full day of free online programming tackles important issues impacting your teen collection and programming. Hear directly from authors about their current and forthcoming titles in an engaging conversational format, including live Q&A with the audience.

Panels will focus on important teen issues and trends. Plus, explore our virtual exhibit hall and hear directly from publishers about their newest books you’ll want for your collection this year, and enjoy live chats with featured authors.

2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Leadership Summit

SLJ SummitSchool Library Journal’s annual Leadership Summit brings together a dynamic group of school librarians, education leaders, and tech innovators, as well as authors, publishers, and vendor stakeholders. This influential assembly—along with an array of presenters—convenes to tackle the most pressing challenges and the greatest opportunities facing schools and school libraries. Attendees will gain insight into the evolving and critical role of librarians to take back to their own schools, and take advantage of vast informal learning from peer leaders from across the country. The event includes plenty of time for reflection, collaboration, and networking with colleagues.

Nashville, TN 2017 | Washington, DC, 2016 | Seattle, 2015

LibraryCon Live!


LibraryCon Live!Join Library Journal and School Library Journal for our inaugural LibraryCon Live! virtual conference. We’re excited to offer a day-long celebration with beloved authors of fandom stories and characters, from pulse-pounding sci-fi horror to innovative reboots of classic series to mind-bending speculative fiction across formats. You’ll also learn from librarians and industry insiders on how to plan and host your own Comic Con-style event.

December 6, 2017

Public Library Think Tank

The Public Library Think Tank, presented by Library Journal and School Library Journal focuses on what “literacy” means today, from reading readiness to digital and news literacy and how libraries take leadership on fostering lifelong literacy and learning. This two-day event brings together public library leaders and directors, children’s services librarians, and young adult librarians, along with other leading thinkers on literacy today. Together, participants learn about innovative programs and services from a series of insightful presentations and collaborative sessions. Attendees leave with practical strategies that can be immediately applied to make a lasting impact.

Miami, FL 2018 | Miami, FL 2017 | New York, NY 2014

One-Day Diversity Workshop

Cultural Literacy and Diversity Training for LibrariansThe editors of School Library Journal present a one-day workshop on Cultural Literacy and Diversity Training for Librarians. This immersive, interactive day of learning will focus on evaluation of books and media, collection development practices, readers’ advisory, and book marketing and promotion. Attendees will come away with an understanding of key concepts such as white privilege, implicit bias, and intersectionality. Librarians will learn how to recognize offensive stereotypes, tropes, and microaggressions within media and how to assess for authenticity and appropriation. Participants will learn how to perform a diversity audit on existing collections and how to craft selection policies and guidelines that set benchmarks for diversity and inclusion.

New York, NY 2018 | Nashville, TN 2017

Online Courses

Library Journal and School Library Journal offer intensive, interactive multi-session, online courses that help library staff at all levels learn essential skills, solve problems unique to their libraries, and put strategic plans into action. Course facilitators work with individuals in a coaching environment to help sort out personal challenges.

These instructor-led courses feature personalized interaction, combining real-time learning with asynchronous conversation and on-demand resources.


Diversity and Cultural Competency Training: Collections & RA | February 28 & March 14, 2018

Facts Matter: Information Literacy for the Real World | March 28 & April 11, 2018

Empowering Teens: Fostering the Next Generation of Advocates | April 24 & May 8, 2018

Doubling Your Circ on a Dime | April 25 & May 9, 2018

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