2015_k12ebook_cover_3002015 Ebook Usage Reports:
School (K-12) Libraries

Since we launched our annual survey of ebook trends in libraries in 2010, we have seen ebook usage explode among the general public and in public libraries, while ebook adoption by U.S. school libraries has expanded more slowly. Currently 56% of schools nationwide offer ebooks, a decrease of ten percentage points from last year’s survey—which had been a ten percentage point increase from 2013. Dips in ebook adoption were recorded for all levels of schools—elementary, middle and high schools. What is going on?

Several factors are impeding the rate of ebook adoption in school libraries. Sure there are the usual issues of money and lack of access to ereading devices, but as we found in this survey—both in the quantitative data and in the comments—many students aren’t that into ebooks. They like print. As we remarked last year, it seems like school library staff, faculty, and administrators are more excited about ebooks than the kids are.

Download the full 2015 Ebook Usage Reports: School (K-12) Libraries report today, courtesy of Follett.