BUZZ_award_submissionsThe School Library Journal Buzz Award, sponsored by Brain Hive, recognizes innovative K–12 school library programs that are helping foster student reading through the creative use of digital technology.

Winning programs will demonstrate a library program’s use of digital content and learning activities to increase reading engagement in digital and print formats and improve literacy and learning.

The winning library program will receive a $1,000 cash award, plus $1,500 in Brain Hive Bucks® for use during the 2014–15 school year. The head school librarian, or other lead, will also receive a trip to the 2014 SLJ Leadership Summit* in St. Paul, Minnesota, as a guest of Brain Hive, and the winning program will be profiled in the December 2014 issue of SLJ. Two finalists will each receive $500 in Brain Hive Bucks® for use during the 2014–15 school year and be mentioned in SLJ’s print coverage.


The winning programs will be:

  • Innovative: Applying creative use of ebooks and digital reading to support literacy and learning.
  • Measurable: Making quantifiable improvement in reading engagement (or scores) among students.
  • Social: Can illustrate an increase in social engagement and interaction around content using ebooks (student to student, student to educator).
  • Aligned: Collaborates with teachers and other school leaders, illustrating alignment between the library and classrooms.
  • Integrated: Demonstrating integration of broader school learning and programing objectives.
  • Sustainable and Repeatable: Can highlight aspects of program that can be replicated in other K-12 schools.


Any library program in U.S. based K–12 school, public or private, is eligible.


To nominate a program for the Buzz Award, please submit a narrative describing the program (not to exceed two pages) and the services implemented must demonstrate how the program’s initiatives meet the award criteria above. Provide context regarding the school and its library, including:

  • A description of library services and how they are delivered (i.e. scheduling).
  • The size and makeup of library media center resources, including staff.
  • Budget information (school and library, and technology funding).
  • The physical plant (include approximate square footage of library).
  • Student demographics.
  • A description of the community served.
  • Two letters of recommendation must also accompany the application.
  • Photographs, video, links, including related blog posts and press coverage, and other supportive material, may also be submitted but will be considered supplementary.

Applicants can nominate themselves. Supporters (i.e. administrators, peers, institutions) can also nominate a library program for the award. But due to the responsibilities of the winner/finalists, (travel to the SLJ Summit and the production of related content for SLJ), the nominee must be aware of the application and attendant responsibilities involved with winning.

Please submit entries via email to Rebecca Miller at

Nominations due: September 15 extended deadline, september 22, 2014

Entries must be date stamped on or before September 15, 2014, September 22, 2014, and winners will be announced late October 2014.