March 22, 2018

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Henrietta Verma

About Henrietta Verma

Henrietta Verma (, @ettaverma) edits Library Journal and School Library Journal’s reference review columns and covers ereference and digital databases for LJ. Before joining LJ’s staff, Etta was reference editor at SLJ for five years and edited that magazine’s Series Made Simple supplement. Etta, who is from Ireland, has also been a reference librarian and a library director and is the mom of two avid readers.

Arne Duncan Sets the Stage for American Graduate Day with $82 Million in Grants

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan kicks off the days leading up to American Graduate Day on September 27 with an interview at New York City’s Talent Unlimited High School—and announcing $82 million in college-readiness grants to support at-risk students.

Nominate Your Favorite Database

In SLJ’s April issue, we’d like to offer some help in choosing the biggest ticket items out there—databases—by running a librarian-nominated list of the best resources available. We’d love to hear from you with your nominations. Which database knocked your socks off lately? You can let me know at

Britannica School | Digital Resources

Britannica Digital Learning
Grade Level: PreK Up

Cost The list price is $525 for up to 700 students and 75 cents for each additional student. Discounts are available for school district and consortium purchases. In addition, some states pay for the subscription in public schools and libraries. The following federal funding is available: Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IV, Title X; Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); Investing in Innovation (i3); Race to the Top Funds; 21st Century […]

What Is the Future of Reference?

The world of reference is moving at warp speed these days. Public library patrons are used to Wikipedia and expect the same convenience when it comes to library resources. And in many school libraries, budget crunches, technology issues, and Common Core standards have made librarians’ jobs even more, shall we say, exciting. Wouldn’t you love to sit down with some of the world’s leading reference publishers and say, “Hey, wait a second! This is what we need you to do to make our libraries better”?

A Star is Born! | Series Made Simple Spring 2011

No, the star in question is not my son, Henry, who made his debut two days after the last Series Made Simple was published (he’s the child of an editor, for sure). I’m referring to the first Series Made Simple starred review. I would tell you about it myself, but my colleagues are tired of listening to me rave about this book; instead you can find the review, along with Mary Mueller’s other reviews of American history books from […]

The Kids are Waiting | Series Made Simple Fall 2010

These days the library community is abuzz about ebooks. How they’re starting to outsell print titles on Amazon; how they will save or ruin reading, depending on whom you listen to; and, of course, who’s selling them.

In our recent online summit, “Ebooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point” (available on under the “Technology” drop-down menu), Warren Buckleitner of the New York Times described children’s ebooks as occupying “a messy continuum between less and more interactive,” and impressed upon the audience […]

Sibling Arrivalry

Becoming a big brother or sister is usually not the first change in a child’s life.

Depending on the age, these hapless youngsters may have already weathered potty training and entry into daycare or kindergarten. Some may have even endured the agonies that adolescence can bring. Often, though, these supposed veterans experience real upheaval when a new sibling is introduced, bringing seismic changes—both happy and stressful—to bear where the child once felt most stable. The books below, fiction and nonfiction on […]