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The Cart is the Thing: Making a Magnetic Mobile MakerSpace Wall When You’re Short on Space

Holiday Hacks: Makerspace Crafts

MakerSpace: Taking Bristlebots on the Road or, How I keep re-defining and re-purposing a simple Bristlebot activity to get teens making

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A Stitch in Time | Editorial

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Turn an Old Book into a Pumpkin in 10 Easy Steps

The Brain Science of Making

Photography in the Maker Space: Instax Mini Fun

Five Ideas for the Teen Makerspace: DIY Games Edition

Eight Project-Based Learning Activities for Your School Library

3Doodler EDU, an Affordable Option for Fast Making | Tech Review

MakerSpace: Rhonna Designs Photo and Collage App Review

"Black Panther"-Inspired Lesson Plans Leverage Hit Film to Teach Tech

MakerSpace Tech Review: Canon Selphy 1300 Printer


Teen Interns Get Innovative with Display Ideas at VA High School Library

Libraries of Things | Library Hacks

MakerSpace: Screenprinting Program Recap


39 Titles To Round Out Any Maker Program

MakerSpace: Guitar Pick Jewelry

Get Thee to a Makerspace: A Shakespeare-Themed Festival from SLJ’s 2017 Maker Hero

Tapping the Lifelong Potential of Making | Editorial

MākMō Mobile Makerspace Making Impact in Los Angeles

How To Organize 250,000 LEGO Pieces

Slime Science

Maker Grows Up: Committing to Sustainable Programs Nationwide

Video: Toy Take-Apart with Kristin Fontichiaro and Ben Rearick

MakerSpace: Screen Printing with the Silhouette Cameo – a comparison of processes and cost

Let Teens Lead in Makerspaces

MIT Developing Assessments To Quantify Makerspace Educational Value

Laura Fleming: Don't Let Makerspaces Be A Passing Trend

TPiB MakerSpace: Love Your Pets


Makerspaces Help Kids Tap Potential, Find Confidence, Success, and Friendships

14 Arts & Activities Series for Makerspaces, Clubs, & Classrooms

MakerSpace: DIY Faux Enamel Pins

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Maker Space Gets an Upgrade, Becomes "Part of the Healing Process"

Cosplay Creation with Elementary Students

Book Review: The Final Six by Alexandra Monir


Hands-On Ways To De-Stress | Library Hacks

How a Connecticut Library Became a Community STEM Hub

STEM & the Standards: Librarians and the NGSS

Trend Alert: Breakerspaces | Library Hacks

MakerSpace: DIY Metal Stamping (A metal stamping kit review)

MakerSpace: Get Teens Involved Making Cards

I've Got Cardboard and a Sphero. Now What?

Take 5: Five Things I’ve Made with My Silhouette Cameo and Why I Recommend it for a MakerSpace

21 Series for Crafters and Maker Spaces

MakerSpace: Mixed Media Collage and Recycling Books

Cheap Thrills: Maker Projects that Won’t Break Your Budget

MakerSpace: Low Tech, Low Cost Printmaking

TPiB: Emoji Fortune Tellers

MakerSpace: Using a Silhouette Cameo to Do Screenprinting

Thrifty Library Hacks

TPiB: Easy Peasy DIY Jack-O-Lanterns

Silhouette Cameo 101: The Manual It Doesn’t Come With, But Should (MakerSpace)

View from the Director’s Chair Part II: Narrative Filmmaking by Lynette Pitrak

MakerSpace Mondays: The Silhouette Cameo – Vinyl 101

MakerSpace Mondays: The Silhouette Cameo – a review

Makerspaces: On Scanning the Road & Gently Easing the Brakes

Want To Build a Great Maker Space? Plan Before You Play, Say Experts.

How To Plan a Cosplay Workshop for Teens

SLJTeenLive: Building a Teen MakerSpace on a Budget

A Student-Designed Maker Cart

MakerSpace: DIY Iron On Patches

Maker Movement Grows in K-12, with Librarians Leading the Way, Finds SLJ Survey

Meet Tamiko Brown, SLJ's 2017 School Librarian of the Year

Make, Write, Excel: Alisha Wilson, 2017 Maker Hero

I Went to a STEAMFest and This is What I Learned

2017 SLJTeen Live! Tackles Social Justice, YA Lit, and Coding

Top Tool Takeaway: Summer Edition

MakerSpace: Outreach Activity – Book Face

SLJTeenLive: Teen MakerSpace On a Budget Preview

5 Tips for Makers on a Budget from a Teen Librarian

MakerSpace: Legos! The one tool every makerspace needs?

MakerSpace: How to turn a photo into a silhouette – and make it into a book page button of course!

MakerSpace: How to Design a Button

A Maker Space for Little Ones

MakerSpace: The #ButtonFun Gallery

MakerSpace: Button Making is All the Rage (The Complete Button Making Index)

MakerSpace: Summer of Shirts Index and Gallery

MakerSpace: 5 Ways We Transformed T-Shirts into Something New

MakerSpace: Teaching Teens to Use Canva to Design their Own T-shirts (Laser T-shirt Transfers)

MakerSpace: DIY Fidget Spinners Three MORE Ways

MakerSpace: Mod-A-Tee Making Hot Glue Stencils and Spray Painting T-shirts

MakerSpace: DIY Fidget Spinners in Three Ways

Your 3-D Printer Hates You. Now Let’s Get Started!

MakerSpace: MakeDo Cardboard Construction Kits

Sunday Reflections: I Did Not Succeed, but I Also Did Not Fail

MakerSpace Mondays: Making Wonder Woman Bracers/Cuffs

Maker Spaces and Books: It’s Not Either Or, It’s Both And

3 Professional Reading Titles To Boost Literacy

Maker Mondays: How do you make those cool graphics for social media?

How Fair Is Your Maker Space?

Build Your Own Speaker: SLJ Reviews BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Take 5: MakerSpace Tools I Learned About at TLA 2017

Curiosity Machine: Science Tied to the Curriculum and the Maker Movement | SLJ Review

School STEM Programs Designed by the Experts

MakerSpace: 5 Low or No Tech Activities for a Teen MakerSpace

MakerSpace Madness: Out of the 1, Many – Transforming Art in Multiple Ways

MakerSpace: Low Tech, Low Cost “Screenprinting”


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