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Written Off | SLJ DVD Review

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Killer Floods

Both episodes will be of interest primarily to history buffs. However, general viewers (whether at home or in the classroom) may find the narrow scope too limiting.

Plastic Is Forever

The use of a middle school narrator to address the problem of plastic trash will make this readily suitable in an environmental science curriculum.

Little Women

This visually engaging production gives viewers a brief overview of the classic tale. Although each March sister is described with broad generalizations, the story snippets in this retelling may encourage children to seek out the full-length book.

Day the Dinosaurs Died

This program should appeal to general viewers who enjoy learning about dinosaurs and disasters. It would serve as suitable viewing in the classroom. The personable scientists make the past come stomping to life, hopefully inspiring students.

The Cheetah Children

This film would be of interest to animal lovers, biology classes, environmental studies, and videography classes.

H Is for Hawk: A New Chapter

The program may interest those who enjoyed the book, as well as students who have a specific interest in birds of prey, but the intense focus on the personal detracts from its use for classroom instruction. It's more suitable for public library collections focusing on grief recovery and personal growth.


While the material presented provides no new insight, the format makes this program useful in classrooms or in small group discussions.

Best of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Neighborhood Friends Collection

A beautiful collection that teaches the value of friendship, kindness, and imagination. Highly recommended for preschool and early elementary collections.

Caviar Dreams

Although touching on historical and environmental issues, the narrowness of the topic and the unsystematic presentation make this less than useful for a curriculum-related classroom application.

Lots & Lots of Really Big Trains: Giants on the Rails!

The prime audience is three to five years old, but other enthusiasts will certainly be entertained and enjoy learning how trains operate. A good addition to public library or school library collections.

The Real Story: Pirates of the Caribbean

A fast-paced, information-packed retelling of a colorful period in Atlantic history sure to engage students, and an entertaining supplement perfect for rainy days.

Iggy Peck, Architect

The scarcity of fiction at this level on the theme of architecture adds value to this selection. An optional purchase for elementary school and public library collections.

Charlie and the Curious Otters

This entertaining and informative film will be enjoyed by science classes and animal lovers and will win new otter fans.

Daughters of the Forest

This film will find its best use in humanities and social studies, rather than ecology or science, classes. Opportunities for discussing personal goals, persistence, disrupting a cycle of poverty, gender roles, and differing cultural values abound.

Why Are We Fat?

This may be useful in a health class, but at over two hours, its appeal will be limited to those hoping to make changes to their diet.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: It's a Beautiful Day Collection

Essential for all libraries in all neighborhoods.

PBS Kids: Ocean Adventures

The content and high-quality productions make this a recommended purchase for public and elementary school libraries.

Stories for African American History Month

This is a top-shelf collection of stories featuring characters who display courage, integrity, dignity, and strength while facing life's challenges, and it should not be saved just for African American History Month.

Chasing Life

A well-done and heartfelt look at the personal toll of addiction and what recovery for younger people involves. Good for starting a discussion and suitable for high school and public library collections.

Nature's Miniature Miracles

Science students will find this film engaging and enlightening for its outstanding photography of miniature creatures.

Teach Us All

A powerful overview suitable for education and library science studies and as a discussion starter for public libraries.

Safe Harbor

Perhaps of interest to schools on Cape Cod or in other Massachusetts towns on the coast to examine what happens in their own backyard, but not recommended for general purchase.

Princess Cora and the Crocodile

This DVD would pair well with such books as Tomie DePaola's Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile or Fred Marcellino's I, Crocodile for even more crocodilian amusement.

P. King Duckling: Discovery Duck

A worthy purchase for fans of the Disney Junior show; newcomers will be drawn in as well.

PBS Kids: Outer Space Adventures

The variety of popular series can help introduce younger children to space exploration. Recommended for elementary schools and collections serving younger viewers.

Stories for Women's History Month

This collection of reissued programs is inspired, and the bonus glimpses into their creation seal it as a good buy for elementary-aged students.

Fidel Castro: An Unauthorized Biography

There are too many things wrong with this documentary to recommend its purchase.


Dramatic and emotionally gripping, the heroic efforts to save baby elephant Naledi are paired with related information concerning the massive loss of African elephants to ivory poachers. Valuable for discussions on conservation and animal life.

Secrets of the Shining Knight

With excellent production value, this program will likely hold students' attention. There are also elements of interest for clothing and product design students as well.

Extreme Animal Weapons: Nature's Arms Race

A program that is of interest for general viewing and for those who devour materials on animals. However, it does take a while to get to the point, so classrooms where time is at a premium may want to skip this title.

Women's March

Though a moving collection of footage compiled about a movement that is still going strong, it lacks enough depth to make it a worthy resource.

Brillo Box (3¢ Off)

A personal and unusual, sometimes poignant, look at the history of a sculpture, ownership, and the art world. Most suitable for public library collections.

Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Black Colleges & Universities

An excellent tool to include in American history classes.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

An additional purchase only.

1.5 Stay Alive

This film would be useful in environmental studies, marine biology, and sociology classes, as well as of interest to those concerned about climate change or Caribbean life and cultures.

Dinosaur Stories

The inclusion of nonfiction as well as classic fiction titles in this repackaged collection was inspired. Perfect for dinosaur-themed programs.

Marijuana: Just the Facts Please

Schools and libraries in need of more drug prevention material will find this concise and information rich program a useful addition to their collections.

Titanic's Tragic Twin: The Britannic Disaster

Not recommended except where interest in the Titanic is insatiable.


This is an excellent film for any school library or collection for art students. Moreover, art lovers will most assuredly appreciate it and become inspired by Wong's tenacity and accomplishments.

Show Me Democracy

A moving, emotional snapshot of policy and protest in Ferguson, MO. Very timely and useful for inviting dialogue and inciting action. It would be appropriate for U.S. history, government, and political science classes.

Written Off

A compelling and highly recommended film about addiction that should be shared with high school students, parents, and others entrusted with the care of teens.

Before She Was Harriet

This is a solid purchase for elementary and public libraries and will likely be in demand as an example of a literary biography of high artistic quality about an important American woman.

Who Put the Klan into Ku Klux Klan?

A well-researched documentary focusing on the roots of the Ku Klux Klan up to the current day. Suitable for American history and civil rights classes, particularly where there is instructional time to process inflammatory statements.

Rescue in the Philippines: Rescue from the Holocaust

An unexpected addition to Holocaust studies, excellent for World War II history and ethics studies.

Ghosts of Stonehenge

Useful for anyone with an interest in Stonehenge or in seeing scientific methods at work as researchers use incomplete evidence to explore potential conclusions.

The Laurie Keller Library, Vol. II

Whether celebrating the sheer silliness of Keller's imagination or learning facts about teeth and good manners, this collection of rereleased videos will be a favorite among young viewers. Recommended for all elementary and public libraries.

The Secret Garden

Beautiful artwork and engaging narration help this retelling shine, hopefully inspiring viewers to explore this classic tale in its entirety.

Stories for Presidents' Day

These rereleased stories are an optional purchase for elementary school and public libraries.

Fletcher's Seasons

This high-quality selection will serve as a seasonal feast for the senses and provide inspiration for budding young artists and writers who love nature. Highly recommended.

Arctic Wolf Pack

An additional purchase for public libraries.

Caldecott Collection, Vol. III

In one convenient place, students, librarians, and teachers have access to superbly narrated Caldecott classics.

Caldecott Collection, Vol. II

These Caldecott favorites, whether shown together or independent of each other, will find a home in many elementary collections, thanks to their stunning artwork, engaging narratives, and informative bonus interviews.

Tipping Point

The involvement of a teenage student in the development and presentation of this summary of the causes and consequences of climate change makes this accessible to environmental science students.

Bird Brain

Not only is this nature film enlightening and educational but highly entertaining as well. This would make a valuable addition to any school library or science classroom collection.

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