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Study Shows Large Print Books May Benefit All Students

School Librarians’ Wish Lists for Teaching Information Literacy

Sunday Reflections: Everything I Learned About Advocating for My Dyslexic Child I Learned by Being a Teen Librarian

Native Stories: Books for tweens and teens by and about Indigenous peoples

Post-It Reviews: Elementary and middle grade summer reads part 2

Fall Movie Read-Alikes

Post-It Note Reviews: Elementary and middle grade summer reads part 1

First Book Grant Funds Books for Migrant Children | News Bites

On the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing, the Best Resources, Books for Young Readers


Kid Lit Authors (Re)Make History

What A. S. King Means to Me, a guest post by The Teen

"It was important for me to write about loss and grief in a way that didn’t feel exploitative." | Allison Mills on "The Ghost Collector"


Dylan Meconis's "Left-Handed History"

The Heat Is On | Summer Reading for Tweens and Teens

Best Tabletop Games for the Library


When Pride is Said and Done: Teen Contributor Elliott Shares Their Post Pride Thoughts

News and Highlights from ISTE 2019

Pride for Tweens | Great Books

Read Woke Special Edition: Gifts for Grads


Erin Entrada Kelly Talks Netflix, Trust, and Her Perpetual State of Wonder

A Michigan Library’s Summer Program Has Gone to the Dogs—and Engaged Families Along the Way


G.O.A.T.: LeBron James: Making the Case for Greatest of All Time


How Technology Works

Crossing on Time: Steam Engines, Fast Ships, and a Journey to the New World

Disaster Strikes!: The Most Dangerous Space Missions of All Time

Pan's Labyrinth: The Labyrinth of the Faun

Facing the PTA | Scales on Censorship


Checking out Checkology

Global Read Aloud Books Announced


Post-It Note Reviews: Books for younger readers featuring a psychic, an alien cat, scientists, a girl with ADHD, a homeschooled girl, and campers

Teachers-Turned-Authors Keep Middle Grade Lit Real


Anthony Perry on "Chula the Fox," an #OwnVoices Chickasaw Story

Women and the Vote | By the Book


Rabble Rousers and Rebels

Women in STEM

"The Next Great Paulie Fink" | A Conversation with Ali Benjamin


Hi-Lo Roundup

Post-It Note Reviews: Books for younger readers featuring a biracial protagonist, homeless kids in India, babysitters, and more

"In the Margins" 2019 Book Awards Announced

More Than an Identity, by Teen Contributor Elliot

Shout! Laurie Halse Anderson Continues to be the Voice We Need Shouting in the World About Sexual Violence in the Life of Teens

Consensus, Fantasy, and the Dark Horse | Pondering Printz

Book Review: The Whispers by Greg Howard

Carmen Sandiego Returns, Rowley Gets a Say, and More | NewsBites

Above and Beyond: 4 Nonfiction Titles About Exploring Space

WRITING YOUR OWN STORY (SORT OF), a guest post by Greg Howard

Heavy Medal Finalist: "The Faithful Spy" by John Hendrix

Creating a Therapy Dog Program To Promote Reading, Reduce Stress


Review: ‘The Cardboard Kingdom’

Plan Ahead for Major Anniversaries

Guest Review: ‘The Scarlet Letter’

All the World’s a Stage: Bringing Improv To Your Library

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Spring 2019 Showcase

This Week’s Comics: Imbalance in the Resistance

Top Ten Episodes of 2018: Number 9: Andrew Clements

Review: ‘Shazam!’ #1

Cardboard Castles and Three-Headed Cats

Review: ‘Hex Vet: Witches in Training’

The Mission That Changed Everything | Apollo 8

Preview: ‘Archie and Me Jumbo Comics Digest’ #13

Review: ‘Crush’

Tween Read-alikes: Books for kids who like these shows and movies

Will a Middle Grade Title or a Sequel Win the Printz? | Pondering Printz

2019 Collection Development Resources, a handy list of resources to help you buy new books in the new year

Apps and Sites for Creating Healthy Habits | Mix It Up

Powerful, Gripping, Important, and Timely—But is It Distinguished?

Tweens, Teens, & Zines at the Library

This Week’s Comics: Green-Haired Nightmare

Preview: ‘Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest’ #268

Review: "Phoebe and Her Unicorn in Unicorn Theater"

Review: "Lafayette"

Review: "Mickey and Donald’s Christmas Parade"

Damaged Families, Resilient Girls

Escape Wizards: Harry Potter-Themed Escape Rooms

Curriculum, Discussion Guides Help THUG's Important Lessons Not Get Lost on Film

Tweens and Tech: Engaging Kids With Litcraft, Digital Dancing, and Gamification


Tweens & Teens Review Girl-Powered Middle Grade & Thrilling YA

After-School Efforts To Teach Digital Citizenship Lessons a Drag? Some Tips for Public Youth Services Librarians

Tweens Love These Libraries

Review: "Usagi Yojimbo/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Complete Collection"

Ghosts: A Not-So-Scary Roundup

Goblins, Elves, and a Different Kind of Book

MERGE Cube and Goggles | SLJ Tech Review

Surviving Tween Readers' Advisory

Review: The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy’s Big Day"

X Marks the Spot (In My Heart)

What to Read Next: Scary Story Edition

The Digital Lives of Tweens

Horses, Houdini, & Haunted Theme Parks: 10 Favorite Fall Graphic Novels for Tweens & Teens

Just for Reference: Must-Have Databases for School Research

Angela Dominguez Visits The Yarn: Episode #80

Latest New and Forthcoming YA and MG To Know

First Look: "The Great Wiz and The Ruckus"

Talking to Cyberbullied Kids—and to Bullies

Book Trailer Premier: "Silver Batal and the Water Dragon Races" by K.D. Halbrook

Sequel to Shannon Hale's "Real Friends" Announced

Collecting Comics: Comics Take On Addiction, STEM, Space, and more

Next Up in Newbery Talk: "Hey Kiddo"

20 Middle Grade Books About Ghosts, Witches, and More

Save the Animals! Books About Endangered Species & Conservation Efforts


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