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David Bowles on Writing for Border Kids in the Age of Trump

Luann Toth's “Great Adventure” | Editorial


From Inspiring People to Persistent Challenges, SLJ’s Most Popular Posts of 2019

Escaping from Reality Shows Us How to Change It, a guest post by Ryan La Sala

The Problem with Picture Book Monkeys: Racist imagery associating simians with Black people has a long history


Fuse 8 n’ Kate: A Kiss for Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik, ill. Maurice Sendak

Teachers, Please Stop Giving Kids Homework Over School Breaks

Matthew Cordell and Sophie Blackall: A Caldecott Conversation

RevolTeens: The Lies We Tell and the Teens We Hurt

A School-Public Library Partnership Creates Boundless Potential | Editorial

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

When the Teacher’s a Climate Change Denier | Scales on Censorship


"But Where Are You Really From?" Julissa Arce On Writing for and About Latinx Youth in the Trump Era

Samira Ahmed Challenges Librarians: “Use Your Power” | Writing and Reading in the Trump Era


Sunday Reflections: What I’ve Been Learning about Childhood Trauma and Librarianship

Healing Is Not a Journey We Take Alone, a guest post by Bree Barton

As Inequities in Higher Ed Grow, So Does the Need To Address Them | Editorial

Water, water, everywhere, a guest post by London Shah

“The People Who Helped Me the Most Were the Librarians” — Rep. Elijah Cummings


Betsy Doesn’t Have Time for Your Nostalgia Today

The Fallacy of Colorblind Justice: Larry Dane Brimner Shows How History Influences the Present

First Aid for Librarian Burnout


With Her Nose Stuck in a Book, a guest post by Jessica Burkhart

The Building Blocks to Change, a guest post by Nancy Richardson Fischer

“We Are Better Than This” | SLJ Talks to George Takei

Maybe He Just Likes You: #MeToo Comes to Middle Grade, a guest post by Barbara Dee

Education Influencers, Please Disclose Your Partnerships with Vendors | Opinion


Update: The NYT Best Illustrated/Caldecott Overlap

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss, ill. Crockett Johnson

The Newbery is Not For….

Why Teens Need the Arts for Self-Expression; OR, Creating a Successful a Social/Emotional Workshop for Teens a guest post by author Rayne Lacko

Who Will Win One of the Richest Literary Awards in the World?

Shaun David Hutchinson Is Taking a Break | Writing and Reading in the Trump Era


New Year, Past Winners | Pondering Printz


Why Do We Build the Wall, My Children, My Children?

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Powering College Readiness | Editorial

To the Barricades | Writing and Reading in the Trump Era


Library Workers Need Support for their Emotional Labor | Editorial


NaNoWriMo Helps Kids Jump into Writing with ‘Brave the Page’

“Today, I’m Going to Talk About Hope” | M.T. Anderson Accepts the 2019 Margaret A. Edwards Award


School Libraries Are Vital to Black and Latinx Students


Guest Post: What to Do When Disaster Destroys Your Books and How to Harness Social Media for Good

What Do We Read Next? – Add Your Newbery Picks to the List

‘I think it starts with just cracking jokes’ Dan Santat Visits The Yarn

A School Librarian's Philosophy of Lost Books


A Parent Says No to 'Malala' | Scales on Censorship


Tell Us Your Story: Have You Experienced Bigotry?

Fired Up About Learning Through Play | Editorial

A Teen Feminist Reading List | Read Woke


Kickin It Old School in the New School Library

Kicky’s Post It Note Reviews: In which a teen reader tells us what they think about several new books including Girls of July, Hot Dog Girl, Poet X, 10 Blind Dates, Stepsister and The Serpent King

ALA highlights: What I saw and what I missed (Banquets not included)

Twitter Talk: What Do You Think is Missing from Today’s YA?

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: Shrek! by William Steig with Special Guest Lucy Knisley

How Can Libraries Support Children and Immigrant Families? By Doing What We Do Best. 

Easy Readers and Early Chapter Books: Some of the Best of 2019

Sparking Summer Reading, a guest post by M.G. Hennessey

Controversy Report: Hello, Here’s Your Negative Review

Sunday Reflections: Stand Up for Children

School Librarians Should Be Required, Not Fodder for Short-Term Cuts | Editorial


If Kids Can’t Read What They Want in the Summer, When Can They? | Opinion


‘Everything we do shapes us’ Todd Parr shares his journey to publication

Do We Expect Nonfiction to Be Serious?

Teen Services 101: What Do We Know About Teen Programming?

Sunday Reflections: I Could Not Stop for Death, on the emotional labor of teen librarianship

Read Woke Special Edition: Gifts for Grads


Writing Myself a New Story, a guest post by Jasmine Warga

Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb

Dear Society: Sheltering Teenagers Helps No One (Thoughts from a Young Adult), a guest post by Zack Smedley

Poetry Month Ain’t Over Till I Sez It’s Over: The Shockingly Good Verse of 2019

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Virginia Lee Burton

Cordelia Anderson : Harnessing the Power of Story to Promote Libraries

Amanda MacGregor: Social Justice Presentation at Twin Cities Teen Lit Con

Sunday Reflections: The Living History Museum Project Taught Me It’s Harder to Smash the Patriarchy Than I Thought

The Translation Conundrum: What to Do? What to Do?

Author Molly E. Lee stops by to talk about hackers, coding, gender bias, and her new book, ASK ME ANYTHING

Paying Attention | Editorial

Let’s Talk About Sex…Positivity in YA, a guest post by Jenn Bennett

Author Heidi Daniele Guest Post: The House Children

Kids Can Handle Big Decisions . . . If the Adults Get Out of the Way (But Also Don’t), a guest post by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Feminist AF: Internal Revolutions: Books + Emotional Literacy a guest post by Emma Fernhout

Sunday Reflections: How the Language of Deconstructing One’s Faith Helped Me Understand Adolescence

Guest Post: Jim McClain on How to Go to a Comic Con

Sunday Reflections: Let’s Update Those YA Lit Articles with Current Titles, and more suggestions for how we talk about YA lit in the media

Sunday Reflections: Let’s Update Those YA Lit Articles with Current Titles

Monsters united can never be defeated: sentimental queer horror YA, a guest post by Hal Schrieve

A Future Worth Living | Editorial

Sunday Reflections: The Okay Sign, a Game of Gotcha, and a Symbol of Hate, Why It’s Important to Stay Informed

The Where of it All: Place and Story, a guest post by Kathi Appelt

Writing with a Trigger Warning, a guest post by Victoria Lee

A Secret Corner, a guest post by Tehlor Kay Mejia

Written Across My Skin, a guest post by Lizzy Mason

Sunday Reflections: Are Teens Reading Less?

The Life Saving Slogan: You are Not Alone, a guest post by Shelley Sackier

Sunday Reflections: My Wild and Weird YA Librarian Resume

How History (and Librarians) Inspire Freedom of the Press, a guest post by Mary Cronk Farrell

Author Bill Konigsberg Calls for Continued Conversation in Response to Hatred and Bigotry

WRITING YOUR OWN STORY (SORT OF), a guest post by Greg Howard

Let’s Co-Create | Editorial


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