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Alexie and Asher Redux | Scales on Censorship

Surviving Tween Readers' Advisory

Censoring the Unsaid, OR, Damned If You Do, #%&*@ If You Don’t

Banned Books Week 2018: The Titles, Data, Self-Censorship—and Crafts

Questioning 'The Hate U Give' | Scales on Censorship

Watch: School Librarians Janet Damon and Julia Torres Talk "The Hate U Give" | Banned Books Week 2018

Watch: Banned Books Week 2018, UK Teen Edition

Watch: K.C. Boyd & Matthew Winner Talk Banned Books

Filtering, What Is It Good For?

Get Crafty for Banned Books Week | Library Hacks

Summer Reading Challenged | Scales on Censorship

SC Police Union Challenges Summer Reading List with “The Hate U Give” and “All American Boys”

LGBT Pride Month Brings Extra Challenges for Librarians

Librarians Cannot Self-Censor or Capitulate To "George" Complaints | Opinion


Bully Principal Missed Opportunity | Scales on Censorship

When Cosby's 'Little Bill,' Alexie and Asher are on the Shelf: What Should A Librarian Do?

Edgar Awards, Ken Burns Classroom Q&A, and More | News Bites

Aurora Library Director on Controversial Poem: "This Was a Mistake That Does Not Represent Us."

"Thirteen Reasons Why" Tops Most Challenged List


Most Challenged: A Look Back at Books Some Wanted Off the Shelves


SLJ's Reviews of the 5 Most Challenged Books of 2016

School Librarians' Impassioned Response To Call To Be Armed

Comic About Students' Rights Released Ahead of "March for Our Lives"

Parental Demands and Accusations | Scales on Censorship

Celebrating Judy Blume—Her Work and Impact—on Her 80th Birthday

Professional Reading on Fandom, Library Spaces, & More

Foiled by Curses | Scales on Censorship

ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom Launches New Policy Toolkit

'The Hate U Give' Returns to H.S. Shelves in Katy, TX

Sunday Reflections: Seven Words

Pat Scales Special Collections Room Opens | Picture of the Week

Too Edgy for the Kids' Section? | Scales on Censorship

New Fuse 8 n’ Kate Episode: If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss

How Bill Cosby Ruined a Perfectly Good Banned Books Week

Getting Ready for Banned Books Week? Check Out SLJ's Updated Pinterest Board

New Resources for Banned Books Week

Offended at Open Mic | Scales on Censorship

Fusenews: Sit On a Tea Party a Spell

FL Schools Brace for Book Challenges

When Kids Share Banned Books | Scales on Censorship

Fusenews: Because it’s not like you can just buy a mitochondria dress anywhere

Age-Appropriate Reading? | Scales on Censorship

Art History Without Nudity?; Gay "Captain Underpants" | Scales on Censorship

Trigger Warnings and Emotional Distress

Defending Frequently Challenged Young Adult Books: A Handbook for Librarians and Educators by Pat R. Scales | SLJ Review

Black Lives Matter; Syrian Refugees | Scales on Censorship

Criticism, Boycotts, Free Speech and Censorship – Oh My

Self-Censorship, More | Feedback

SLJ Controversial Book Survey: Data and Findings

Banned Books Are Often Diverse Books. Check the Stats.

Celebrate Banned Books Week with Nonfiction

SLJ Controversial Books Survey Responses: Weighing Subject Matter

D.I.Y. Censorship: An Infographic

SLJ Controversial Book Survey: Comments About Age-Appropriateness

SLJ Controversial Books Survey: Word Clouds

All Schools Need Book Challenge Policies

Unnatural Selection: More Librarians Are Self-Censoring

Comparing Librarians' and Teachers' Self-Censoring Patterns

SLJ Controversial Books Survey: Comments About Book Challenges

A Censorship Simulator and Lesson | "Westport Independent"

When Book Sharing Backfires|Scales on Censorship

Hear No Evil | Listen In

When a Volunteer Oversteps | Scales on Censorship

When the censorship comes from within: Reflections on Kate Messner being dis-invited to a school

“This One Summer” Restored to Henning, MN, School District Library, with Restrictions

"Looking for Alaska" Stays in Curriculum in Lebanon, KY

Courting Controversy? | Scales on Censorship

Experts Focus on Censorship at Bank Street Conference

Virginia Bill Requires Educators to Offer Alternative Book Option Upon Request

Florida High Schools Restrict Access to “This One Summer”

Assessing Controversial Books | Scales on Censorship

You Don’t Show the Sweet Without the Bitter | Up for Debate

We Will Continue to Raise Our Voices: Survival, Slavery, Censorship | Up for Debate

So People Disagree. Is This a Problem? | Up for Debate

"When I Was The Greatest" Book Cover Provokes Concern From Brooklyn Parents

SLJ Columnist Pat Scales Wins ALSC Distinguished Service Award

Fresh Alternatives Build Engagement | Scales on Censorship

FL School District Lets Parents See What Kids Are Reading

Facing Adversity: 72 Hours in the Life of a Librarian | Consider the Source

Beyond the Pluto Problem

Celebrate the Freedom to Read: Helping Michelle crowd source this great BBW resource

Banned Books Week 2015: What Librarians Are Planning

Charleston Library Hands Out "Some Girls Are" After School Bans Book

A guest post from AASL’s Banned Websites Awareness Day Committee

"Comics Connector" Finds Comics Professionals for School Visits

CA College Says "No" to Trigger Warnings About Graphic Novels

ALA Addresses its Challenged Book List After Questioning by FiveThirtyEight

Tintin Book Back On Winnipeg Library Shelves, but in Adult Section

2015 Banned Books Week to Focus on YA Lit

ALA’s Most Frequently Challenged Books; Teen Read Week Grants; Springtime Giveaways | SLJTeen News

Critics Sound off on "Clean Reader" App | Storify

"Clean Reader" App Strips Ebooks of Profanity

ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom Wants to Know About Your State's Challenged Books

Cartoonists Talk About "Charlie Hebdo"

Diversity, Intellectual Freedom, and Innovation | Professional Reading

Appoquinimink School District Board Battles Over Permission Slips for YA Reading


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