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The Latest Series Nonfiction | Series Made Simple Spring 2018

It’s a STEM World: U.S. & World History Series

Winning Sports Nonfiction for Kids & Teens

14 Arts & Activities Series for Makerspaces, Clubs, & Classrooms

Biomes, Genetics, & Hurricanes: 16 Life Science Series for Students

15 STEM Series for Budding and Seasoned Scientists

11 Biography Series To Hook Students on Politics, World Events, and More

15 Spanish Language Nonfiction Series for Kids & Teens

Sharks to Super Ants: 15 Animals Series for Elementary & Middle Schoolers

15 Series To Strengthen Social Emotional Learning for Kids & Teens

13 Series To Introduce Toddlers & Preschoolers to Nonfiction

Coding Leads the Way: 10 Nonfiction Career Series

12 Series That Prove Geography is More Than Just Studying Maps

History Meets Engineering: 15 Series on World History and Culture

Rebels and Landmarks: 15 New U.S. History Series

21 Series for Crafters and Maker Spaces

Hunting and Figure Skating: Off-Beat Sports Series To Get Kids in the Game

Extreme Weather, Global Warming, & More: 15 Life Science Series

To the Moon and Back: STEM Series with High Interest

Students Interested in a Career in Tech? We’ve Got You Covered

13 Series To Foster Social Awareness Among Young People

Pop Culture Meets History: 15 Biography Series To Hook Kids

15 Spanish Language Nonfiction Series for Elementary Schoolers

Kittens & Deathstalker Scorpions: 14 Animal Series Sure To Pique Interest

Steps in the Right Direction | Series Nonfiction Editorial

Series Nonfiction Publishers Try Their Hands at Early Learning

New Mythology Series To Engage Reluctant Readers

Fostering Sustainability | Series Nonfiction Editorial

Visions, Past and Present: World History | Series Nonfiction

Connecting with One Another: Social Science | Series Nonfiction

Problem-solving Techies: Careers & Skills | Series Nonfiction

Helpers and Hunters: Animals | Series Nonfiction

Classic and Trending: Biography | Series Nonfiction

Technology, Pure and Simple: General Science | Series Nonfiction

Make It!: Arts & Activities | Series Nonfiction

Natural Wonders: Life Science | Series Nonfiction

Piecing Together Our Past: U.S. History | Series Nonfiction

The Name of the Game: Sports | Series Nonfiction

All Work—and Play!: Geography | Series Nonfiction

Whistling in the Graveyard: Mythology | Series Nonfiction

Catching Up: 30 Recent YA Series Entries

Taking Action and Reading Orwell | Nonfiction Series Update

Stock Your Shelves! | Middle Grade Series Update

Young People First | Series Nonfiction Editorial

The Limits of Nonfiction | The Last Word

Ever-Changing Forces: World History | Series Nonfiction

Fascinating Past (and Present) Lives: Biography | Series Nonfiction

Science Is Everywhere: General Science | Series Nonfiction

Innovation on the Move: Science & Technology | Series Nonfiction

Eye of Hansel and Toe of Bigfoot: Myth | Series Nonfiction

Wide, Wide World: Life Science | Series Nonfiction

Global Citizens: Social Science | Series Nonfiction

Learn by Doing: Arts & Activities | Series Nonfiction

It’s a Big Place: Geography | Series Nonfiction

Apply Today! Careers & Skills | Series Nonfiction

Game On!: Sports | Series Nonfiction

Creatures Large and Small, Far and Near: Animals | Series Nonfiction

From Antiquity to Zuckerberg | Nonfiction Series Update

Melissa Grey’s “The Shadow Hour,” the Latest Sci-Fi, and More | YA Series Update

Goofy Pets, Daring Detectives, and a Drama Queen| Chapter Books Series Update

From Summer Camp to the Far Reaches of the Galaxy | Middle Grade Series Update

Bug Burgers to Black Holes: General Science | Series Nonfiction

Their Lives Are an Open Book: Biography | Series Nonfiction

All Natural: Life Science | Series Nonfiction

Drop-in Visits: Geography | Series Nonfiction

Helping and Healing: Social Sciences | Series Nonfiction

For the Win: Sports | Series Nonfiction

Into the Wild: Animals | Series Nonfiction

Ever-Changing History: World History | Series Nonfiction

Calling All Heroes! Careers & Skills | Series Nonfiction

Creatures Near and Far: Animals | Series Nonfiction

Make Me! Arts & Activities | Series Nonfiction

The Whole Story: Editorial | Series Nonfiction

Spring Ahead! | Chapter Books Series Update

Storytellers, Animals, and History Makers | Nonfiction Series Update

Funny, Action-Packed, Poignant | Middle Grade Series Update

Zombie Fiction, Bone-Chilling Horror, and Genre-Defying Dystopians | YA Series Update


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