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Stellar Outer Space Board and Video Games


Missouri Libraries Offer Maker Camp Tailored for Families. Here's What They Recommend.

Tech Leaders: Good Citizenship & Social Justice

Tech Leaders: Amplifying Reading & Research

Tech Leaders: STEM & STEAM Dreamers

Osmo's Detective Agency Offers Geography, Culture, and Mysteries to Solve | Tech Review

Sphero Creates BOLT of Excitement | Tech Review

Under Leaves | Touch and Go


Omnigraphics’ The Teen Resource Center | Reference Database Review

Picture Books, Novels, and Nonfiction To Foster Digital Citizenship

Kano's Harry Potter Kit Makes Coding Magic | Tech Review

Major League Baseball and Discovery Education Partner to Bring Science To Students

CoSpaces Edu Offers Powerful Mixed Reality Platform for the Classroom | Tech Review

Get On Board with LEGO's Coding Express| Tech Review

Tweens and Tech: Engaging Kids With Litcraft, Digital Dancing, and Gamification


MERGE Cube and Goggles | SLJ Tech Review

George Takei To Keynote SLJ Summit 2018

Talking to Cyberbullied Kids—and to Bullies

5 Ways To Remix Your 2018 Teen Read Week


Florence | Touch and Go

Happy 90th Birthday, Oxford English Dictionary

OASIS: An integrated worldwide search for OER

DBQuest and Case Maker: Two more critical thinking tools from Library of Congress

Awesome Author Visits


Documenting Community with Google Tour Creator | Tech Review

Finding Empathy Through Games

Google Launches Dataset Search

Teens and Social Media Survey Says: It's Complicated

Introduce Little Ones to Coding, Screen-Free, with KUBO | Tech Review

Five Ideas for the Teen Makerspace: DIY Games Edition

Technology That Sparks Creativity, Inspires Interactive Literacy Projects

3Doodler EDU, an Affordable Option for Fast Making | Tech Review

Filtering, What Is It Good For?

World Class: Michelle Carton, SLJ's 2018 Champion of Civic Engagement

Online Courses, TED Partnership, and More from ISTE 2018 | News Bites


Nosy Crow's "Hansel and Gretel" | Touch and Go

Microsoft Offers Mixed Reality Headsets, PD to School and Public Libraries  


"Black Panther"-Inspired Lesson Plans Leverage Hit Film to Teach Tech

Gorogoa: A Thought-Provoking, Elegant Puzzle | Touch and Go

KIBO, a Screen-Free Coding Set for Young Kids | Tech Review


Fab Lab Makes Impact on Special and Alternative Education Students

On immersive technologies and the library: a visit with author Jamie Donally

An Appealing Slice–of Fractions | Touch and Go


Video: Toy Take-Apart with Kristin Fontichiaro and Ben Rearick

Alto's Odyssey | Touch and Go

Adobe Offers $5 Student Access to Creative Cloud


Engage Students in Inquiry Based-Learning with Discovery Education’s STEM Connect

Axel Scheffler's Flip Flap Ocean | Touch and Go

Apps for #EarthDay | Touch and Go

Frankenstein200: An Interactive Story & STEM Experience | Touch and Go

Don't Stress About Coding: Focus Shifts To Teaching Problem Solving Not Computer Skills


Poetry Tools to Put in Your Pocket: Activities, apps, and online resources for National Poetry Month


In Time for Spring: "Bloom" | Touch and Go

Cue: A Robot for Middle Schoolers Offers Advanced Coding Capabilities | Tech Review


The Astute Miss Fisher Goes Interactive | Touch and Go


Trolling An Underwater Ecosystem: Tinybop Inc.'s "Coral Reef" | Touch and Go

Cubetto: A Wooden Robot That Teaches Toddlers How to Code | Tech Review

Artie's Magic Pencil | Touch and Go

Fiete Puzzle | Touch and Go

Fox and Sheep's Movie Creator | Touch and Go

How To Make Electricity | Touch and Go

My favorite tools: Trello

I've Got Cardboard and a Sphero. Now What?


Top 10 Apps | 2017


Top Tools for Computer Science Learning, AR/VR, and Game Design


For Budding Coders, the Micro:bit Promises to Grow with a Learner’s Skill Level | Tech Review

Sim Cell by Touch Press | Touch and Go

A DIY Computer, plus Minecraft: The Piper Computer Kit teaches perseverance as well as engineering

Just In Time for Día de los Muertos: The "Little Skeletons" | Touch and Go

Fiete Cars & Sports: Way To Go! | Touch and Go

Thinkrolls: Kings and Queens | Touch and Go

TPiB: Ollie Robot Challenges for Teens by Michelle Biwer

Virtually There: Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Drawnimal, Miximal, and Loopimal: A Trio of Skill-Building Apps | Touch and Go


Robot Dad | Touch and Go


Listen Up! (Con Le Orecchie Di Lupo) | Touch and Go

Framed: Spy Caper Meets Animated Graphic Novel | Touch and Go

Gotham's Most Wanted | Touch and Go

The Game of Life | Touch and Go


#flipgridfever: New features for fall

Coding Made Inventive: LittleBits’ Code Kit | SLJ Review

Here Comes the Sun | Digital Resources for the Solar Eclipse

Anchor: for painless podcasts

The King's Ears | Touch and Go


Nine Chrome Extensions (and a Google Add-On) too good to miss

Test-Driving the Starling: Can a word-tracking device make babies smarter? | SLJ Review

Meditative Gaming: Prune | Touch and Go

Natural Reader and other free text-to-speech tools

Monument Valley II | Touch and Go

A "Creature Garden" | Touch and Go


An "Old Man's Journey" | Touch and Go

Eric Carle's Brown Bear & Friends at 50 | Touch and Go

AASL Best Apps and Best Websites

Touch Press's "Word Runners" App | Touch and Go


Maker Apps? Why not? | Touch and Go


Kids Create Video Games with Bloxels, no Coding Required | SLJ Review

Mortimer Redux | Touch and Go

Build Your Own Speaker: SLJ Reviews BOSEbuild Speaker Cube


Curiosity Machine: Science Tied to the Curriculum and the Maker Movement | SLJ Review

MI District Adopts “Mixed Reality” Technology for Students


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