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To Slang or Not To Slang: Defending authentic language in YA and children’s literature

Jewish Booklists, “Schindler’s List” Curriculum | New Resources to Counter Anti-Semitism

The Power of Apology: Teaching with Orbis Pictus Honor Book Thirty Minutes Over Oregon

For First-Generation College Students, More Peer Support, Scholarships, and Resources

How History (and Librarians) Inspire Freedom of the Press, a guest post by Mary Cronk Farrell

Author Bill Konigsberg Calls for Continued Conversation in Response to Hatred and Bigotry

WRITING YOUR OWN STORY (SORT OF), a guest post by Greg Howard

Let’s Co-Create | Editorial

Creating A Therapy Dog Program To Promote Reading, Reduce Stress

Tennessee Mothers Organization Creating Classroom Libraries

After #MeToo: Educators Seek Strategies To Teach Students About Consent

Card-Carrying Babies | First Steps

Rethinking I Kissed Dating Goodbye: What happens when a book on dating advice for teens is declared harmful years after the fact?

Of Race and Reprints

Sexual Assault Discussions | Scales on Censorship

Industry Diversity Survey, Sleep Study, and More | NewsBites

Happy Arguing, a guest post by Arwen Elys Dayton

A Student-Run Black History Month Celebration

Learning to Listen with Heart: Teaching with New York Times 2018 Notable Picture Book “The Rabbit Listened”

Wired for Stories

Rodent Rascals: From Tiny to Tremendous – 21 Creatures at Their Actual Size

Post-it Note Reviews of Elementary and Middle Grade Books

Post-Orbis Pictus Nonfiction Musings, Round Two

#ReadForChange: Courage in the face of a “Dystopian Reality” in Jennie Liu’s Girls on the Line

Holiday Hacks: Makerspace Crafts

Imagine! and Imagine

Alexie and Asher Redux | Scales on Censorship

Escape Wizards: Harry Potter-Themed Escape Rooms

Tweens and Tech: Engaging Kids With Litcraft, Digital Dancing, and Gamification

Hey, Wall

Tweens Love These Libraries

A Stitch in Time | Editorial

Books Exploring Privilege Are Part of the Diversity Discussion

MERGE Cube and Goggles | SLJ Tech Review

"Read Woke” Panel: Validating Girls’ Voices and Experiences | SLJ Summit 2018

Surviving Tween Readers' Advisory

Librarians on a Mission: Create Diverse Collections

George Takei To Keynote SLJ Summit 2018

The Digital Lives of Tweens

Turn an Old Book into a Pumpkin in 10 Easy Steps

Dear Substitute

Can Diverse Books Save Us?
In a divided world, librarians are on a mission

#ReadForChange: Women Conquer and Dragons Slay in Elana K. Arnold’s Damsel


Who Needs the MLS?  In a Fast-Changing Field, Librarians Consider the Investment.

Ocean Meets Sky

Watch: Behind the Read Woke Movement

Boys Who Boo Books

Writing Outside Your Own Life (and Not Chickening Out), a guest post by Jacqueline West

Wrestling with Some Truths After Seeing "The Hate U Give"

Censoring the Unsaid, OR, Damned If You Do, #%&*@ If You Don’t

Backpacks, Books, and Kindness: A Friday Feel Good Story

British Library Sends "Harry Potter: The History of Magic" to New York

Security Concerns Postpone Drag Queen Story Hour

Meet the Tiny Library | Editorial

Kids Help Kids Impacted by Hurricanes

How To Speak Administrator

Sunday Reflections: On Male Rage

Laurie Halse Anderson and Eric Devine Discuss Teaching "Speak"

Things I Never Learned in Library School: Can You Copyright a Dance Move?

Food Literacy Programs Teach More Than Cooking and Nutrition

The Trouble with Nagini: Accusations of Racism in the New "Fantastic Beasts"

Little Free Libraries: Pet Projects or Literacy Tools?

The Brain Science of Making

Questioning 'The Hate U Give' | Scales on Censorship

Sunday Reflections: Please Don't Touch

Nailed It: A New Logo for 100 Scope Notes

Helping Teens Prepare for College? Don’t Forget To Talk About Sexual Violence

Awesome Author Visits

Google Launches Dataset Search

Photography in the Maker Space: Instax Mini Fun

School Is in Session, and It’s Time To Get Fired Up About Reading and Writing

Introduce Little Ones to Coding, Screen-Free, with KUBO | Tech Review

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: Blueberries for Sal

YA Literature Too Dark! Why Don’t We Ask the Teens?

Kurt Hassler on Manga and Light Novels

Aligning our Standards: Two New Crosswalks

Five Ideas for the Teen Makerspace: DIY Games Edition

Kazu Kibuishi Stops by The Yarn to Talk 'Amulet'

Top Newbery Contenders So Far

Review of the Day: Jabberwalking by Juan Felipe Herrera

Eight Project-Based Learning Activities for Your School Library

3Doodler EDU, an Affordable Option for Fast Making | Tech Review

Educators Must Mind Tone Policing

This Year, Let Books and Children Be Your Guide

Educators and Race: A Conversation with Author Ijeoma Oluo on Tackling Systemic Racism in U.S. Education

8 Things you need to know to be…

Filtering, What Is It Good For?

How Much YA Gets Published Each Year? Discussing YA Collection Development Challenges

Bay Bridge Builder: Cassy Lee, SLJ's 2018 Champion of Student Voice

World Class: Michelle Carton, SLJ's 2018 Champion of Civic Engagement

Building Learning Playlists

A Stark Reminder that not all Schools Are Created Equal

ALA Rescinds Meeting Rooms Revision That Included "Hate Groups"

Joy, Self-Expression, and Celebration at Camp Drag

It’s a Novel! It's a Comic! It's—Both?

From Classroom to Circulation Desk: Lessons from a Teacher-Turned-Librarian

First Day Ready: For Librarians Starting at a New School, Tips from the Trenches

A Crisis in Communication: Building the skills we need to shape our society together | Editorial

Can We Talk? Librarians Lead New Push for Civics Education, Focusing on Discourse

#KidsNeedMentors Pairs Authors and Educators


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