Treasures of the Earth | SLJ DVD Review

redstarTreasures of the Earth. (NOVA). 3 hrs. Dist. by PBS. 2017. $24.99. ISBN 9781627898546.

DVD-TreasuresoftheEarthGr 7 Up –This program contains three hour-long episodes (“Power,” “Gems,” and “Metals”), which examine the earth’s geological resources. Each focuses on the natural forces that have created them and the human manufacturing processes that transform them into products. For example, viewers learn about different metals used in jewelry, warfare, and modern electrical wiring. Through computer animation, the program details atomic composition, production techniques, and more. The picture and sound quality is excellent throughout, and the male narrator speaks clearly and conveys the content well. Male and female scientists, experts, and producers of goods from around the world are interviewed and filmed working their craft, making this an inclusive insight into some of the earth’s most valued minerals. VERDICT An awe-inspiring glimpse into the applications of chemistry and the resources’ impact on the world. Each episode should have a place in science classrooms and also among general viewers.–Ryan Henry, Daviess County Public Library, Owensboro, KY

This review was published in the School Library Journal March 2017 issue.

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Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones

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