James Patterson Pledges $2.5 Million for Classroom Libraries

The bestselling author announced today that he is giving $2.5 million to help teachers build their classroom libraries.

Photo by Stephanie Diani

James Patterson has done it again. The bestselling author announced today that he is giving $2.5 million to help teachers build their classroom libraries.

Over a six-year partnership with Scholastic Book Clubs, Patterson has gifted $8.5 million to school and classroom libraries. The just-announced donation brings that total to $11 million.

“Parents are more appreciative of teachers right now perhaps more than ever. In the past month of homeschooling, teachers have become heroes to many, who are seeing just what it takes to teach kids day in and day out," says Patterson.

The Patterson Partnership will award 5,000 teachers with $500 in individual grants matched by 500 Bonus Points from Scholastic Book Clubs to acquire books and other materials needed to enhance their classroom libraries.  Grant applications are now being accepted through July 31, 2020, and winners will be announced in September. The grant program is open to all teachers in Pre-K through grade 12 in U.S. schools.

As part of the application, teachers are asked to say in 50 characters or less how they plan on using $500 and 500 Bonus Points to help build their classroom libraries. Participants are invited to share their experiences using #PattersonPledge.

"Teachers are always at the front lines of educating all our children and introducing them to books and reading—no matter what else is going on in the world," says Judy Newman, president of Scholastic Book Clubs. “As the COVID-19 crisis has shown, the hard work and dedication of America’s teachers—and what is demanded of them—cannot be overstated."

To learn more about the program, and to apply for a grant, visit scholastic.com/pattersonpartnership.






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Stella Bromley

We love you James Patterson! Thank you so much for supporting public schools and children!

Classrooms are definitely in need of up-to-date collections! (School libraries contain the whole array of selection of books, while classroom collections are small and are only a sampling of what is available in the school library. School librarians support the whole curricullum and fills the library with books for every type of reader.)

Posted : Apr 22, 2020 07:47

Kim Dove

Every year I see our high school students become less and less interested in reading books and it is such a shame. My classroom library is basically non-existent because we moved our freshman campus to the high school and were not allowed to have classroom libraries. Now the pendulum has swung and we are able to have classroom libraries again. I will dedicate class time every day to select books and get my students READING!

Posted : Apr 21, 2020 04:20

Macy Poston

I am a first year teacher in the second grade! Being a first year teacher, I do not have many books for my classroom library. Anything is greatly appreciated!

Posted : Apr 20, 2020 07:53

Ekhlass Miqdad

I teach 5th graders math and science, I believe that reading is the key to a successful learning. Adding more books to the class library helped my students to be more excited about reading and explore more .

Posted : Apr 20, 2020 02:34

Alyse Cordova

I would love a new class library for the special needs kids I teach. Thank you for the opportunity.

Posted : Apr 18, 2020 01:14

Vallola Abbott

Thank you for the opportunity for a classroom library. My K-5 English as a Second Language students would love to access new books.

Posted : Apr 17, 2020 10:04

Joe Ludeman

I teach Middle school art, It is a balance between of purchasing art making materials, against classroom literature. I am only able to supplement with scholastic magazines every three years that cost about $220 for a class set of 24 magazines over six issues. "How to Draw" books are another resource whose price range from $7 to $14 per book. Many of my current ones are falling apart, and missing pages.

Posted : Apr 17, 2020 03:47

Geraldine Pono

I am a special educator teaching in self contained class with multi grade levels from grades 1- 3. This is a great opportunity for my students having a classroom library and having books that is suitable and accommodate their needs. I want to design my corner with a beautiful and engaging classroom library that will enticed my students and motivated to get books and read.

Posted : Apr 17, 2020 01:45

David Walters

I will be starting to teach in Special Education classroom next year. I do not know what will be left and will not have much funds to spend on a library. This grant will help get new books for a more variety for students to read.

Posted : Apr 17, 2020 01:05

hroum@ayatampa.com hroum@ayatampa.com

What a great opportunity for poor teachers who spent all their money on other things that they need for their class. I would love to have a fabulous library for my kids. They say that a great mind begins with grabbing a book from the shelf.

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 10:08

Kiera Adams

If granted the $500 to rebuild my classroom library, I will be sure to provide the students with ready-level & challenging books that they understand, as well as a comfortable and relaxing reading environment.

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 10:06

Danielle Aylor

I would love to be able to buy more on level books to support the topics I teach. I have found that students love to see real world books related to the topics I am teaching. They suddenly become more interested in the topic when they can pick up a book on their own to read about it!

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 02:35

Diane Lang

Expanding our library helps to fuel the imagination and curiosity of my preschoolers. It would open the door for a greater variety of teachable moments and PLAY!

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 01:39

Heather Johnston

This is my third year as a teacher, and soon to be my first year in Reading/Language Arts. I have been moved every year to a new subject due to flexibility, but I have not had the ability to build up resources. I would GREATLY appreciate this opportunity and put it to good use.

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 12:42

Jenny Bassett

I am a third grade teacher at a small community school. I would like to create a new, improved classroom library where kids could borrow across many different types of literature to get them reading and keep them reading!

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 10:57

Deanee Miller

I teach kindergarten and I was a reading coach. I know the importance of literacy for early learners. Filling my classroom library with more books would be a great way to get books in my students’ hands and love in their hearts for literacy.

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 01:37

Leah Jones

I teach PreK in Thibodaux, Louisiana. I love books! I love the stories in them. I love the stories not told. Four year olds have plenty of stories to add to the world.

Posted : Apr 16, 2020 12:58

Kim Sardegna

Fill class library with varieties of genre for my students.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 11:54

Amalia Savala

Books are a must for this School Counselor who works in an elementary school. The children who have anxiety, trauma, stress, depression, or are grieving can relate when a book is read to them and that book talks about the subject area they are experiencing that moment. Sometimes I tutor students and reading is their weak area and they trust the Counselor, so any book given is a gift well received by any educator. Thank you!!!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 11:15

Nastaja Poole

I am just starting out in education and need some books to start my classroom library! They kids will love it. I have started buying a book and will like to have more variety of books included.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 09:06

Gloria Jackson

I will use the $500.00 and 500 bonus points to update my classroom library. Reading is an essential necessity in my class. My students love to go to the library and read either alone or in pairs. With this additional aid I will be able to purchase different genres of books which will encourage them to read more.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 06:27

Allison Sipes

I would love to provide my students with books to help enrich their learning in the classroom. I believe it is important to have a wide variety of books in the classroom library to meet the needs of all students. As a first year teacher, this would mean a lot to me because I am always looking for books to help build my library. Thank you!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 04:47

Allison Sipes


I would love to provide my students with enriching and exciting books in the classroom library. Students love to dive into great books and it is so much fun to see the excitement on their face!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 04:37

Allison Sipes

I would love to expand my classroom library to help enrich students’ learning. I think it is important to offer a wide range of varieties to meet the needs of all students.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 04:31

Allison Sipes

I would love to add new books to my classroom library to help enrich students’ learning. I love watching students dive into great books and seeing their excitement when they finish a book. I think it is important to offer a wide range of books to fit the needs of all students!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 04:29

Donna Roberts

A classroom library should be inviting visually to the students. It should have things that appeal to the differentiated needs of students and their interest. I would use the the points and the grant to create a library environment that is comfortable and inviting with a range of materials that students can relate to and learn from.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 04:06

Christine Regan

Hi there!
As a first year educator, I’m determined to provide a variety of texts for my students. I want them to feel empowered by the pages they read, illustrations that provide windows and mirrors and most importantly, books that inspires my students to continue reading. Cheers to life long readers!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 03:49

Loretta Register

I am a second grade teacher in Florida and would use the $500 for enriching our classroom library. I have donated many books to my classroom library - mostly bought for my own children over the years - and would love to be able to update our library with newer topics and reading material in different genres. Thank you for offering this opportunity to educators!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 03:41

Nekita Shipmon

I am a special education educator. I encourage my students to read daily to gain fluency as well as encouraging them to travel through the world of books.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 03:03

Kami Gillespie

Student choice is key to success! I would use this to develop my book clubs for 8th grade! Please allow me to share more books and choices.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 02:07

Kami Gillespie

Student choice is key to success! I would use this to develop my book clubs for 8th grade! Please allow me to share more books and choices.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 02:07

Kami Gillespie

I teach 8th grade Reading in a very small town. I would use this to develop and enrich my “book clubs”. Student choice is key to sparking that interest In reading. Through choices, the student is able to read what they want in a small group, analyze the text and share. I am always struggling to find enough sets of 4-6 books of the same title and genre. This would truly help me create to reading environment for ALL students!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 02:02

Gaye Renfrow

As a 6th grade ELA teacher, I try to instill a love of reading in my students. One of the best ways to do that is to provide a wide range of books for them to read. Many of my books are damaged and worn from years of use. I’d love to be able to update my classroom library to include more choices. I need more books that will appeal to young men. I also need more selections that offer cultural diversity. I’d also love to have more books that will pique the interest of students who don’t enjoy reading.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 01:53

Mindy Klosowski

I would use the money to purchase multiple numbers of various leveled novels to add to my reading classes genre unit novel studies.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 12:37

Renae Aman

As an educator, instilling a love for reading within my children is imperative. Expanding my classroom library will help provide my students with a plethora of genres and books to help foster this lifelong love of learning.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 07:24

Tammie Richardson

I would love to enrich my students with new books that have spines and paved that are not taped and taped over again. My students are from a rural, Title 1 school, who never have the opportunity to order new books from book orders. Please choose me, so I can give the gift of reading!

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 05:24

Melody Anderson

I teach 7th/8th grade Resource ELAR classes; building a classroom library to address various reading abilities and interests can be challenging. I am always on the lookout to grow our library.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 02:33

Jody Decker

I will use the $500.00 and 500 bonus points to fill the self-selected reading book bins with fiction and non fiction easy readers for my kindergarten students.

Posted : Apr 15, 2020 02:28

Jamie Triplett

I plan to use $500 and 500 bonus points to build my art classroom library. My K-5th grade art students love learning through reading. I often introduce new art skills through text and illustrations in children's books. Thank you for this opportunity to hwlp our kids and families grow!

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 10:49

Karen Behr

karenb@susd12.org To provide excitement through literature in these trying times!

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 10:36

Rose Coon

I teach in a small rural school system with little to no funding options available to build a library of modern literature that students 'want' to read. I would use the money to purchase books my students would help choose for our classroom reading.

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 08:06

Rebecca Chick

I would like to update our classroom library for our students. We are a small Title I school with limited resources.

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 07:51

Kimberly Roberts

When I moved from Texas to Oklahoma I left all of classroom reading novels for the new teacher that was taking my place. It was her first year teaching and I wanted to help anyway I could. I would like to spend the money to replenish my library so my 8th graders can have books to chose from.

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 06:31

Katie Boos

I have been an Assistant Librarian for 20 years at Notre Dame College Prep in Niles, Illinois.
We are in serious need of updating our library resources and design. This generous and selfless grant would let our students know we believe in them. To support them and their academics beyond yesterday. To give them a library they deserve to compete and succeed in the world today and beyond.
Thank you for this opportunity.

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 05:30

Teresa Martinez

First, I wanted to say much thanks to Mr. Patterson for his generosity and providing books to students. I work in a small school district of 10 elementary schools, 3 high schools, and 2 middle schools, but our schools are pretty full with around 8000 students and budgets that get smaller every year. Please if possible we would like to know how to apply for Mr. Patterson's funding. I can be reached at tmartinez@llschools.net. Thank you, Teresa Martinez

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 04:32

Julie Mahaffey

My plan is to use the $500 and 500 bonus points to custom fill my classroom library with rich books that promote culture and diversity thus will foster a love and enjoyment for reading. Having a rich library will also help me promote greater amounts of reading which in return will increase fluency and give students an experience of enjoyment which will help grow them to be successful readers!

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 04:20

Katie Haymore

I plan to spend the money building a classroom library that creates wonders, thinkers, creators, authors, illustrators, adventurers, scientists, historians, humanitarians, etc...because I believe, through the right books, you can go anywhere, learn anything and be anyone you want to be.

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 04:15

Brittany Seawell

It's my first year at a new school in a new state. I'm working on building a library for my English students while splitting resources to also plan for my math students. I swear they're eating those pencils. I want books they will love, and I want as many as I can get for them!

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 03:35

Sophia Verros

I would plan on updating my classroom library to include more diverse books. I am passionate about my students finding themselves represented in their classroom libraries. We have a very unique school with over thirty languages spoken. Students need to see themselves in the characters they read about. We have students in our school with diabetes, visual disabilities, auditory impairments, and many other health impairments. All students need to see themselves reflected in books.

Posted : Apr 14, 2020 01:44



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