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Collecting Comics: July 2018 edition by Ally Watkins

Check out these comics, out in July, that your teens and tweens will want! Cottons: The Secret of the Wind by Jim Pascoe, illustrated by Heidi Arnhold (First Second, July 3). The first in an epic trilogy, volume 1 of Cottons follows the story of Bellebridge, a rabbit who seems ordinary, but who actually has […]


YA A to Z: O is for Outsider, a guest post by author Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Today for #YAAtoZ we are honored to have author Kirstin Cronn-Mills talking about being an Outsider. My mom swears I knew how to read at three. I know my dad was teaching me about Roman numerals and the Valley of the Kings at four. I had no idea these things were even slightly unusual. Nobody […]


Sunday Reflections: These is no one right way to be an American

I am what they used to call a military brat (do they still call it that?). I’ve moved around. A lot. I’ve lived on the West Coast, about 45 minutes away from Los Angeles. I lived in the South. I lived in the Midwest. I’ve visited the East Coast and Chicago and Florida. I have […]


Sunday Reflections: Reproductive Rights ARE Teen Issues

When I brought my teenage daughter into this world, I suffered from a horrific pregnancy ailment known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I would not, however, unfortunately know this fact until late into my second pregnancy, when I almost died. It was during this pregnancy that I stood at the edge of the abyss and looked death […]


As I Try Desperately to Get Home Again, Not All Children Can. Here’s why it matters.

The news is full of horrific stories of young children being taken away from their families for the sin of wanting to come to a new country to flee the extreme poverty, violence, and whatever else it is that one flees from. There are pictures of babies crying, audio of children wailing and crying out […]


MakerSpace: Rhonna Designs Photo and Collage App Review

Behold, I have found a new photo app! As I mentioned last week, a friend fell into a button maker group and they talk a lot about two things: 1) The Canon Selphy printer, which I reviewed last week and 2) The Rhonna Designs app, which a lot of people in the button making community […]


MakerSpace Tech Review: Canon Selphy 1300 Printer

When I began thinking of creating a Teen MakerSpace, I knew that one of the things I wanted to include was a digital media lab or station. My goal was to teach my Instagram and meme loving teens how to create their own Instagram worthy pics or memes. And given the number of super cool […]


Celebrating 7 Years of TLT: 7 Years, 7 Books Giveaway

Seven years ago today, Teen Librarian Toolbox began. Throughout the past 7 years, I have been humbled, honored, proud and a lot of other amazingly positive things to be able to do this blog. Let me tell you about 7 of them, because it seems like 7 is the appropriate number. 1. Heather Booth, Amanda […]


Sunday Reflections: In Which The Teen Writes a Poem About Sexual Harassment

TRIGGER WARNING: THIS POST TALKS ABOUT SEXUAL HARASSMENT I know it’s been a rough week in a lot of ways for us all between the mix of politics and loss, but it was also a really rough week at the Jensen household because of everyone’s arch nemesis: sexual harassment. On Friday, I received a text […]

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