April 24, 2018

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A Call to Action in Canada | Picture of the Week

LauraReed_Ontario_ret2Laura Reed, the manager of children’s and teen services at the Kitchener Public Library in Ontario, found the perfect use for the poster by artist Calef Brown that was included in the February issue of SLJ: A “Call to Action” book display in the children’s area.

“I saw the poster on Twitter, and made sure to track it down as soon as our copy of SLJ arrived,” shares Reed. “I was impressed with the content and message of the poster. We are very interested in U.S. politics up here, and are following and participating in the protest and resist movements. I knew that we had a good collection of activism themed books for children, so I made an impromptu decision to put up the display on Thursday. I am lucky to have the freedom to make decisions, and know that I have the support of the [library] administration. We have received lots of compliments and comments, especially on the poster. Staff and customers love it! I have even received a request to have a program where kids and adults can make their own protest signs. Makes me love my community!”

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  1. I hung mine on the door frame so everyone will see it when leaving the library. Love it – thanks SLJ!

  2. Protest signs are a great program idea!