February 22, 2018

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Pictures of the Week | Ezra Jack Keats 2016 Bookmaking Winners

EJK Bookmaking 2016 citywide winners_closedThe city-wide winners of the 30th annual Ezra Jack Keats Bookmaking Competition were Some Skyscrapers Are…, written and illustrated by Roberto Quesada, a fifth grader at P.S. 63 in Queens; A–Z Inventions Through History, written and illustrated by Sarah Cheung, an eighth grader at I.S. 141 in Queens; and My Life as a Dandelion, written and illustrated by Crystal Ng, a 10th grader at Brooklyn Technical High School.

Robert traje_300-2

Roberto Quesada

“I‘ve always loved skyscrapers, so I decided to create a book about them. I decided to give them emotions, so I drew one with a sad face because he was getting demolished and another with a happy face because he was under construction,” Quesada said in a press release. “My favorite page shows old and new skyscrapers together and how they both affect the skyline. I drew in colored pencils, and then my teacher suggested I also try collage. It was hard to do, but worth it! I’m thinking about working on a sequel about my new interest, oceans and ships!”


Sarah Cheung

“I’ve always been curious about how things came to be, so I decided to write a book about inventions,” said Cheung. “Coming up with this idea was easier than all the online research it took to choose and write about each invention. Constructing the book and integrating the pop-ups (to appeal to kids) required imagination and the ability to think outside the box. I never thought I’d win, but it shows that the patience, creativity, and persistence it takes to express an idea through writing and illustration is worth it—as long as you enjoy what you’re doing!”

Crystal 300

Crystal Ng

“When we think of dandelions, we usually think of someone blowing the seeds away,” Ng noted. “To me, this is symbolic of freedom, and I wanted to write a book about that. I made the book small because it’s something fun for kids to carry around. I used construction paper, pens, colored markers and pencils, and put a cotton ball in the middle of the dandelion on the cover. There are three pages where you can see the dandelion seeds being blown away, little by little. It shows Michelle, the protagonist, is slowly letting go of her loved ones, and is my favorite part of the book.”

EJK Bookmaking 2016 citywide winners_open

The awards, open to New York City public school students in grades 3–12, are organized in partnership with the New York City Department of Education,  and the winners, honorable mentions, and all school-wide-winning books are on exhibit at Brooklyn Public Library Central Library through May 27. City-wide winners receive $500 and borough winners are awarded $100.

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