February 22, 2018

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Chasing It | SLJ DVD Review

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redstarChasing It. 46 min. Dist. by Dreamscape. 2015. $19.99. (PPR) $199.99. UPC 857063005769. Chasing It  by Dreamscape

Gr 9 Up –Addicts, a grieving father, and a medical doctor describe in detail the power of heroin over youth from all socioeconomic brackets. Dr. Marc Fishman, from Mountain Manor Treatment Center and associate professor at John Hopkins Medicine, explains how the first experience with heroin is unlike any previous feeling and that users are destined to chase that euphoria, which can never be duplicated. He also states that taking opioids in pill form, sniffing them, and injecting them are all equally addictive. Addicts at the treatment center explain how their addiction started and how they were able to acquire drugs to keep the habit going and growing. Doug Greenwich, father of Chris, an overdose victim, recalls how his son’s addiction started with the medical treatment for an injury and ended with Chris dying with a needle in his arm. Doug did everything he could to help his son, including sending him to treatment, but the addiction was too strong for Chris to overcome. The addicts who testify here are presented as likable kids next door, and the story of Chris is heartbreaking. VERDICT This program convinces viewers that there is no such thing as “just once” when taking opioids for a high. Recommended for all high school students.–Ann Weber, Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, CA

This review was published in the School Library Journal April 2016 issue.