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Exclusive Preview: ‘Archie 1000 Page Comics Shindig’

The Archie Comics folks have 75 years worth of comics in their library, and they don’t let them sit idle: Every so often they collect a big chunk of them into a giant digest. The latest one is the Archie 1000 Page Comics Shindig. It’s going to be released on Wednesday (and you will be […]

Sunday Reflections: Wrestling with A Birthday Cake for George Washington as a Mother and a Librarian

Chances are you are not unaware of the controversy surrounding the book A Birthday Cake for George Washington, which was recently recalled by Scholastic Publishers. If you need some context, you can begin here, here and here. If you Google, and I recommend that you do, you will find a plethora of posts presenting many […]

More Yarn! Gary D. Schmidt: Orbiting Jupiter Unravelled

We’re continuing our new series called The Unraveller, where an author or illustrator brings us behind the scenes of one of their books. The latest episode is up, with author Gary D. Schmidt talking about Orbiting Jupiter. If you’re not sure how to download a podcast to your phone, allow Ira Glass and his friend […]

Preview: ‘World of Archie Winter Annual’ #56

It’s preview time again, and today we have a preview of Fernando Ruiz’s lead story in the World of Archie Winter Annual #56. While the Archie folks have revamped their flagship line of single-issue comics with a new look and slightly more mature storylines, they continue to run new stories in the traditional Archie style […]

USC Shoah Foundation Announces 2016 IWitness Video Challenge

The IWitness Video Challenge gives middle and high school students a chance to give back to their communities while honing their digital skills. Inaugurated in 2013 by Steven Spielberg, the competition was designed around the same premise as “Schindler’s List,” that one person can make a difference.

CDW-G Launches Collaboration Nation

CDW-G’s second annual Collaboration Nation video contest kicks off February 1, offering cash and product prizes to K–12 schools.

Sprucing Up My School Library for Less than $600

Taking inspiration from the thrifty library design hashtag #macgyverlibrarianship, a high school librarian freshened up her space on a tight budget. Check out what she did and how much she spent.

To Support Teen Parents, Libraries Build Trust and Unique Programs

Public libraries reach out to teenage parents and their children by offering specialized services ranging from tips on reading with babies to free car seats.

Friday Finds – January 29, 2016

This Week at TLT Sunday Reflections: Thinking About Flint Middle School Monday – Me and Miranda Mullaly by Jake Gerhardt – Guest Post and Review How Libraries Can Help Teens, by Librarian Dawn Abron Life Lessons from Gayle Forman Book Review: The Year We Fell Apart by Emily Martin 10 Things I Wish You Knew […]

Thanks for the Trouble by Tommy Wallach | SLJ Review

Wallach, Tommy. Thanks for the Trouble. 288p. S. & S. Feb. 2016. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9781481418805.

Gr 9 Up –After his father tragically died before his eyes five years prior, Parker Santé was left mute. Angry and a bit lost, he spends most of his days alone. He frequently ditches school to hang out in random hotels where he writes in his journal and steals from unsuspecting hotel guests. On one of these typical days, he […]

This Week’s Comics: Brilliant Fairy’s Tale

January ends with a tempest of titles from plenty of publishers. IDW Publishing starts a new story arc in their ongoing Jem and the Holograms #11. BOOM! Studios has the second volume of their Magical Girl series Bee and Puppycat, and Vertical Comics releases the second volume of their Complete Chi’s Sweet Home, with more […]

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown | SLJ Review

Brown, Peter. The Wild Robot. illus. by Peter Brown. 288p. Little, Brown. Apr. 2016. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9780316381994; ebk. $9.99. ISBN 9780316382014.

Gr 3-5 –The crate containing ROZZUM unit 7134 wasn’t meant to be shipwrecked on an island. Roz is baffled by the wildness of the environment, but her robot brain is programmed to learn and master tasks. She camouflages herself as clumps of seaweed, meadow flowers, and fallen logs to quietly observe and learn from […]

#MHYALit: On Narrative Expectations and the Reflection of Truth, by author Stephanie Kuehn

Our goal for the month of January was to have a post a day on Mental Health in YA Lit, which we basically met thanks to the help of a lot of intelligent, creative and amazing people. Today is our last post for January, but it is not the end of the #MHYALit Discussion, we […]

One Star Review Guess Who? (#40)

Can you guess the classic children’s book by its scathing one-star review on Goodreads or Amazon? I found this to be the singular most irritating gift upon graduation day…and while I like [Author] okay and all, I don’t necessarily find wisdom in his rhymes upon graduating from college. When [Author] can find me a job, then […]

Fashions That Jar: Children’s Book Characters Stuck in the 80s

Boomers, I have a question for you. As a child of the 80s who by that very definition is neither Generation X nor Millennial, I have a very complex relationship with the fashions of my youth. When you grow up in an era where hot pink and black are a desirable color combination and ponytails […]

Sprout Pro by HP Does Triple Duty in Classrooms

New product offering from HP may have potential for streamlining tech education in schools.

Shakespeare Documented

This year marks the 400 anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. One way to celebrate this significant commemoration is to explore Shakespeare Documented, the largest and most authoritative resource for learning about primary sources surrounding the life and career of William Shakespeare.  A collaboration among more than 30 partners including the Bodleian Libraries at […]

Book Review: Burn by Elissa Sussman

Publisher’s description Burn is the thrilling companion to Elissa Sussman’s masterful and original fairy tale, Stray. This engaging and imaginative continuation of the original fairy tale begun in Stray will appeal to readers of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and fans of the musicals Wicked and Into the Woods. After helping to rescue Princess Aislynn, […]

Full Steam Ahead for Sixth Grader Gathering Books with Black Girl Protagonists

Tired of reading assigned books about “white boys and dogs,” 11-year-old Marley Dias decided to collect 1,000 books with protagonists who are black girls and send them to Jamaica. The hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks has spread the word and spurred donations.

Update: AASL’s Infographic on Standards and Guidelines Research

Earlier this week, Marcia Mardis, Chair of AASL’s Standards & Guidelines Editorial Board shared an update on their work on our  Standards project. Our Standards for the 21st Century Learner debuted in 2007, followed in 2009 by Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs, what Marcia calls a cornerstone of many school librarians’ practice. The […]