March 20, 2018

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A Good Look Around: Geography | Series Nonfiction

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SMS1511Geo“Put that phone down and look around you.” That common refrain reminds us how often we encourage students to be more aware of and engaged with the world around them, from the rhythms of their own daily life and of those in faraway places to the geographic wonders of the Earth. This group of nonfiction series, which includes a number of books about international topics, covers a variety of subjects: the very foundation of geography, visits to countries near and far, introductions to daily life all over the globe, and tours of some of the most scenic and interesting places in the United States. These series provide readers that “good look around” that will broaden their outlooks and help them learn about the basics of geographic terms and themes.


Adamson, Thomas K. Learning About South America. ISBN 9781467780216.

Baxter, Roberta. Learning About Europe. ISBN 9781467780193.

Koontz, Robin. Learning About Africa. ISBN 9781467780131.

Owings, Lisa. Learning About Australia. ISBN 9781467780223.

Petersen, Christine. Learning About Antarctica. ISBN 9781467780148.

––––. Learning About North America. ISBN 9781467780209.

Wang, Andrea. Learning About Asia. ISBN 9781467783477.

ea vol: 40p. (Searchlight Books™—Do You Know the Continents?). ebook available. glossary. index. maps. photos. Lerner. 2015. lib. ed. $29.32.

Gr 3-5 –From the striking full-color satellite cover images to the engaging text, informative maps, and high-quality illustrations, every aspect of these titles conveys the basic themes of geography to introduce the continents. Each volume opens with an interesting fact and locator map, followed by chapters about the continent’s countries and cities, landforms, climate, and animals, natural resources, peoples and cultures, and economies. Coverage isn’t comprehensive; rather, the authors use iconic examples, such as Carnival for South America, emperor penguins for Antarctica, and the pyramids for Africa. Topics are illustrated with large color photos, and there are at least five informative maps per book, a major strength. Captions provide information or ask comprehension or critical thinking questions. VERDICT Solid choices for elementary collections.

Alberti, Theresa Jarosz. Russia. ISBN 9781634070553.

Bailer, Darice. Australia. ISBN 9781 634070379.

––––. India. ISBN 9781634070478.

Conley, Kate. Cuba. ISBN 9781634070416.

––––. South Africa. ISBN 9781634070560.

Edgar, Sherra G. Egypt. ISBN 9781 634070423.

––––. Ireland. ISBN 9781634070485.

––––. Israel. ISBN 9781634070492.

––––. Kenya. ISBN 9781634070522.

Kemper, Bitsy. France. ISBN 9781634070430.

––––. The Philippines. ISBN 9781634070546.

––––. Sweden. ISBN 9781634070577.

––––. United Kingdom. ISBN 9781 634070591.

Miller, Susan Hoskins. Canada. ISBN 9781634070393.

––––. Germany. ISBN 9781634070447.

Qaiser, Annie. China. ISBN 9781634070409.

Robinson, Joanna J. Brazil. ISBN 9781 634070386.

––––. Greece. ISBN 9781634070454.

––––. Guatemala. ISBN 9781634070461.

––––. Italy. ISBN 9781634070508.

––––. Mexico. ISBN 9781634070539.

––––. Turkey. ISBN 9781634070584.

Winter, Max. Japan. ISBN 9781634070515.

––––. Vietnam. ISBN 9781634070607.

ea vol: 32p. (One World, Many Countries). further reading. glossary. index. maps. photos. websites. The Child’s World. 2015. lib. ed. $28.50.

Gr 4-6 –Each of these titles welcomes readers to each country with a description of celebrations or places, followed by chapters about land, government and cities, and people and cultures as well as a “Global Connections” section that describes the nation’s interactions with other countries. “Daily Life,” the final chapter, emphasizes family life, daily and holiday foods, and celebrations and religious observations, supplemented with a sidebar page on children’s lives. The books provide considerable detail, and the coverage is generally positive, focused on people and customs, but they also discuss problems and challenges, such as communism in Cuba and the legacy of apartheid in South Africa. Illustrations are outstanding and include three maps (locator, physical, and political); large, attractive photos; and sidebars that look like postcards and that offer information about unique places, animals, plants, and culture. Content is basic, but it is enlivened by clear writing and an appealing format that underscores the diversity of life in countries of our “one world.” VERDICT Pleasing additions to most collections in need of fresh, new titles.

Allen, Nancy. Everyone Eats. ISBN 9781634303637; ISBN 9781634304634; ISBN 9781634305600.

––––. Everyone Has a Home. ISBN 9781 634303651; ISBN 9781634304658; ISBN 9781634305624.

Hord, Colleeen. Everyone Uses Technology. ISBN 9781634303613; ISBN 9781 634304610; ISBN 9781634305587.

Popalis, Amy. Everyone Plays Games. ISBN 9781634303606; ISBN 9781634304603; ISBN 9781634305570.

––––. Everyone Plays Sports. ISBN 9781634303620; ISBN 9781634304627; ISBN 9781634305594.

Robertson, J. Jean. Everyone Goes to School. ISBN 9781634303590; ISBN 9781634304597; ISBN 9781634305563.

––––. Everyone Travels. ISBN 9781634303668; ISBN 9781634304665; ISBN 9781634305631.

ea vol: 24p. (Little World Everyone Everywhere). glossary. index. maps. photos. websites. Rourke. 2015. lib. ed. $25.64. pap. $7.95. ebk. $25.64.

K-Gr 2 –With controlled vocabularies and word counts of less than 300, this set takes early elementary students on a journey around the globe. Each spread has two to three simple sentences about an aspect of daily life, frequently focusing on themes with which readers will already be familiar, and examples are drawn from all parts of the world. Pages are illustrated with colorful photos that are well matched to the text, and locator maps on each spread are a major strength. Eats, School, Games, and Sports are the best of the group, since they cover subjects that are most interesting to children. The remaining topics are occasionally generic (housing and modes of transportation) and are less likely to capture and hold student attention. VERDICT Written for a slightly younger audience than the stronger “My World Your World” (Ruby Tuesday, 2015), this set is a good supplemental read-aloud or beginning reader selection.

Bjorklund, Ruth. China. ISBN 9781 502605924.

––––. Mexico. ISBN 9781502605894.

Gordon, Sharon. Canada. ISBN 9781 502605863.

Shoup, Kate. Egypt. ISBN 9781502605832.

––––. India. ISBN 9781502605801.

ea vol: 32p. (Exploring World Cultures). ebook available. glossary. maps. photos. Cavendish Square. 2015. lib. ed. $28.50.

Gr 3-5 –This set offers “just the facts” information about each nation’s history, geography, people, government, religions, languages, arts and entertainment, and food. Spreads contain four to five short paragraphs about each topic, resulting in some overgeneralization and superficial coverage. Most of the material is positive, but authors address pollution and environmental challenges in developing nations, as well as religious repression in Egypt. Covers feature an attractive image of a child, but most of the photos, generally one per spread, are often stock images of buildings, city and rural landscapes, foods, and leaders. All books have a country map that varies in type (physical or political) and quality. One-to-two-sentence-long “Fact!” text boxes and other sidebars add interesting trivia. VERDICT These materials provide standard introductory content but don’t improve on the many extant choices available and should be considered supplemental choices for reports.

Connors, Kathleen. Acadia National Park. ISBN 9781482416749.

––––. Everglades National Park. ISBN 9781 482416787.

Hunt, Santana. Grand Canyon National Park. ISBN 9781482416824.

––––. Great Smoky Mountains National Park. ISBN 9781482416862.

Nagle, Frances. Yellowstone National Park. ISBN 9781482416909.

––––. Yosemite National Park. ISBN 9781 482416947.

ea vol: 24p. (Road Trip: National Parks). further reading. glossary. index. maps. Gareth Stevens. 2015. lib. ed. $22.60.

Gr 2-5 –Essentially tourist guides for kids, these titles introduce some of America’s most-visited national parks. They cover each park’s natural and human history and provide information about its most prominent geographic features, flora and fauna, park transportation, and things to see and do on a park visit. The volumes open with a good locator map and close with a special interest map of the park or its surrounding area. An “All About” page provides statistical information, and brief “Pit Stop” sidebars add unusual or interesting facts. However, some unique park features, such as Yellowstone’s geysers and the Everglades’s complex water system, aren’t explained clearly, and several of the many colorful photographs are generic or not well matched with the text, factors that weaken the books’ effectiveness. VERDICT Supplementary choices for reports or pleasure reading.

Ganeri, Anita. Celebrating Birth Around the World. ISBN 9781410980151.

––––. Celebrating Weddings Around the World. ISBN 9781410980175.

––––. Coming of Age Around the World. ISBN 9781410980168.

––––. Remembering the Dead Around the World. ISBN 9781410980182.

ea vol: 32p. (Cultures and Customs). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Heinemann-Raintree. 2015. lib. ed. $29.32.

Gr 3-6 –All humans commemorate life’s milestones, and this set takes emerging readers to celebrations around the world. Double-page chapters describe how a wide variety of religious groups, subcultures, and nations mark important events, but books are short on background. Some spreads provide limited information about a culture or nation, including locator maps, but others merely describe ceremonies or rites, such as Hindu and Sikh weddings, with little explanation of their religious or cultural significance. The books don’t explain the central tenets of world religions such as Islam or Hinduism, reducing the likelihood that readers will understand the importance of these ceremonies and customs. Sidebars, arts and craft projects, and large, average-quality photos supplement the text. VERDICT These volumes demonstrate the universality of celebrations, but there are many extant titles about specific countries, cultures, and religions that cover them in a fuller context, making the series a supplemental purchase.

Kaur, Ramandeep. The Bird’s Nest. ISBN 9781629205618; ISBN 9781629205601.

––––. One World Trade Center. ISBN 9781629205557; ISBN 9781629205540.

Lee, Michelle. Burj Khalida. ISBN 9781629205588; ISBN 9781629205571.

––––. The Guggenheim Museum. ISBN 9781629205649; ISBN 9781629205632.

ea vol: 32p. (How Did They Build That?). chron. glossary. photos. Scobre Educational. 2015. lib. ed. $27.99. ebk. $8.99.

Gr 4-6 –These titles take students on a tour of some of the world’s most unique buildings, with short chapters about each edifice’s history, reasons for construction, construction materials and techniques, architects, and current uses. Time lines illustrate construction schedules, and “Did You Know?” factoids provide interesting details about the buildings and their locations. Unfortunately, the set has several weaknesses. The chronology in One World Trade Center (which opened in 2014) ends in 2013 and refers to tenants in the future tense. Texts describe numerous architectural and building techniques, some quite complex, but there are no diagrams, cutaways, or exploded drawings to help readers understand them. Colorful photos are attractive but generic and not always well coordinated with the accompanying text. VERDICT These volumes are unlikely to draw a general audience and will not be especially useful to report writers.

Lawrence, Ellen. Celebrations and Special Days. ISBN 9781910549001; ISBN 9781910549018.

––––. The Clothes We Wear. ISBN 9781910549148; ISBN 9781910549155.

––––. Everybody Needs Water. ISBN 9781910549087; ISBN 9781910549094.

––––. The Food We Eat. ISBN 9781910549100; ISBN 9781910549117.

––––. How We Get Around. ISBN 9781910549124; ISBN 9781910549131.

––––. A Place to Call Home. ISBN 9781910549025; ISBN 9781910549032.

––––. Time for School. ISBN 9781910549049; ISBN 9781910549056.

––––. Time to Play. ISBN 9781910549063; ISBN 9781910549070.

ea vol: 24p. (My World Your World). further reading. glossary. index. maps. photos. websites. Ruby Tuesday. 2015. lib. ed. $23.93. ebk. $37.27.

Gr 1-3 –As the series title suggests, this set invites readers to compare their own lives to those of a diverse group of children from all around the globe. The books focus on topics that are of interest and will be familiar to kids. Bright, attractive photos (often four to six per spread) are the strongest element. The texts are comprised of simple paragraphs with basic content and well-written captions, supplemented by circular sidebar insets. A “Where in the World” map locates all mentioned cultures. The tone is cheerful, but sections about children who lack safe food, water, or the opportunities afforded to American children will encourage readers to empathize with those who are less fortunate. These volumes introduce other cultures even as they emphasize the universality of the needs for shelter, clothing, food, education, and celebrations and play. VERDICT Strong choices for early readers.

Longworth, Holly. The Philippines. ISBN 9781627248556; ISBN 9781627249201.

Markovics, Joyce. China. ISBN 9781 627248587; ISBN 9781627249140.

––––. El Salvador. ISBN 9781627248594; ISBN 9781627249157.

––––. India. ISBN 9781627248570; ISBN 9781627249171.

––––. Vietnam. ISBN 9781627248600; ISBN 9781627249218.

Rudolph, Jessica. Guatemala. ISBN 9781627248563; ISBN 9781627249164.

––––. Mexico. ISBN 9781627248532; ISBN 9781627249188.

––––. South Korea. ISBN 9781627248549; ISBN 9781627249195.

ea vol: 32p. (Countries We Come From). further reading. glossary. index. maps. photos. websites. Bearport. 2015. lib. ed. $26.60. ebk. $39.93.

Gr 1-3 –Large, vibrant photos, many of children, are the strongest element of this attractive series. Clean layouts feature captioned double- or full-page photos and two to three sentences of simple text. Books open with a locator map and population statistics, and while topics vary somewhat by country, they generally include landforms, interesting animals, cities, crops, history, foods, and celebrations. The titles also feature a page with two simple words or phrases in the nation’s language and conclude with a brief “Fast Facts” summary page. Coverage is upbeat and emphasizes the country’s land, people, and animals rather than governments and institutions. VERDICT These offerings celebrate diversity and introduce nations that have strong ties with our own, making them good purchase choices.

Roumanis, Alexis. Africa. ISBN 9781 489630223; ISBN 9781489630230; ISBN 9781489630254.

––––. Antarctica. ISBN 9781489630261; ISBN 9781489630278; ISBN 9781489630292.

––––. Asia. ISBN 9781489630308; ISBN 9781489630315; ISBN 9781489630339.

––––. Australia. ISBN 9781489630346; ISBN 9781489630353; ISBN 9781489630377.

––––. Europe. ISBN 9781489630384; ISBN 9781489630391; ISBN 9781489630414.

––––. North America. ISBN 9781489630421; ISBN 9781489630438; ISBN 9781 489630452.

––––. South America. ISBN 9781489630469; ISBN 9781489630476; ISBN 9781 489630490.

ea vol: 24p. (Exploring Continents). maps. photos. Weigl. 2015. lib. ed. $27.13. pap. $12.95. ebk. $38.95.

Gr 1-3 –Large, appealing photos are the dominant feature of this series, which uses a controlled vocabulary of basic sight words. Books begin with a locator map and briefly describe landforms, animals and plants, history, and prominent cities and places. Layouts are attractive, with a combination of full-page shots and thematically grouped collections of smaller photos. Text is generally limited to a single-sentence caption about a place, animal, or plant. Some full-page background photos depict beautiful or remarkable sites but have no captions; some images identify the city where they were taken but not the country. Continents may not be the most obvious choice for early elementary students, but these volumes focus on noteworthy aspects and introduce basic geographical concepts while reinforcing readers’ command of sight words. VERDICT Good supplemental purchases for libraries that need interesting choices to encourage nonfiction reading required to satisfy the learning standards.

Middle to High School

Aykroyd, Clarissa. Egypt. ISBN 9781 422234402; ISBN 9781422284339.

––––. Pakistan. ISBN 9781422234457; ISBN 9781422284384.

Carew-Miller, Anna. Jordan. ISBN 9781422234440; ISBN 9781422284377.

––––. The Palestinians. ISBN 9781 422234488; ISBN 9781422284414.

Garfinkle, Adam M. Israel. ISBN 9781 422234433; ISBN 9781422284360.

Gelletly, LeeAnne. The Kurds. ISBN 9781422234549; ISBN 9781422284476.

Habeeb, William Mark. Iran. ISBN 9781422234419; ISBN 9781422284346.

Harmon, Daniel E. Turkey. ISBN 9781422234525; ISBN 9781422284452.

Keating, Susan Katz. Saudi Arabia. ISBN 9781422234501; ISBN 9781422284438.

McDaniel, Jan. Lebanon. ISBN 9781422234464; ISBN 9781422284391.

Sullivan, Anne Marie. Syria. ISBN 9781422234518; ISBN 9781422284445.

Thompson, Bill & Dorcas Thompson. Iraq. ISBN 9781422234426; ISBN 9781422284353.

Whitehead, Kim. Afghanistan. ISBN 9781422234396; ISBN 9781422284322.

ea vol: 144p. (Major Nations of the Modern Middle East). chron. further reading. glossary. index. maps. photos. websites. Mason Crest. 2015. lib. ed. $25.95. ebk. $32.95.

Gr 7 Up –Previously published in two editions as “Modern Middle East Nations and Their Strategic Place in the World” (2003) and “Major Muslim Nations” (2010), this set has been minimally revised. Changes include some new information about the momentous events and changes that have roiled the region and its governments in the last decade, updated statistics, and new photos. Books are objective and well written and cover standard geographic topics such as history, land, peoples, religions, political organizations, economic structures, foods, and celebrations. Each has several maps, which is a plus, and the large photos are attractive. War, terrorism, and political turmoil have radically altered the customs, religions, and populations of many Middle Eastern countries. Because the revisions don’t reflect many of those changes, this set’s content is rapidly becoming dated, reducing its value as a report resource. VERDICT Of limited use.

Centore, Michael. India. ISBN 9781 422233450; ISBN 9781422285855.

––––. Italy. ISBN 9781422233467; ISBN 9781422285862.

––––. Japan. ISBN 9781422233474; ISBN 9781422285879.

––––. Mexico. ISBN 9781422233481; ISBN 9781422285886.

––––. Russia. ISBN 9781422233498; ISBN 9781422285893.

Garratt, Richard. France. ISBN 9781 422233436; ISBN 9781422285831.

––––. United Kingdom. ISBN 9781422233511; ISBN 9781422285916.

Perritano, John. Australia. ISBN 9781 422233405; ISBN 9781422285800.

––––. Brazil. ISBN 9781422233412; ISBN 9781422285817.

––––. China. ISBN 9781422233429; ISBN 9781422285824.

––––. Germany. ISBN 9781422233443; ISBN 9781422285848.

––––. South Africa. ISBN 9781422233504; ISBN 9781422285909.

ea vol: 64p. (Major Nations in a Global World: Tradition, Culture, and Daily Life). further reading. glossary. index. photos. reprods. websites. Mason Crest. 2015. lib. ed. $23.95. ebk. $29.95.

Gr 6-8 –Through a six-chapter format, this set offers readers largely positive overviews, covering history, family and social relationships, food, school and work, art and recreation, and major cities and regions. The history chapters are abbreviated, relegating important topics, such as Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, to one or two paragraphs. Content is standard fare for country books aimed at middle school readers, but the vocabulary is stilted and too advanced for the intended audience; students may be unfamiliar with words such as verdant and purloined. The photos that appear on every page appear to be stock images, and they are not well coordinated with the texts. There are no maps. VERDICT Readers are likely to find these titles difficult to read, and they don’t improve on extant materials. At best, supplemental report choices.

Frisch, Nate. Badlands National Park. ISBN 9781608186044.

––––. Big Bend National Park. ISBN 9781608186051.

––––. Grand Teton National Park. ISBN 9781608186068.

––––. Rocky Mountains National Park. ISBN 9781608186075.

ea vol: 48p. (Preserving America). bibliog. glossary. illus. index. maps. notes. photos. websites. Creative Education. 2015. lib. ed. $38.50.

Gr 5-9 –These series continuations offer comprehensive coverage of the nation’s most scenic wonders. In four chapters, each volume discusses the park’s history (geological and natural, as well as human), major features and ecosystems, the often difficult path to park status and protections for land and resources, and scenic areas and interesting wildlife and plants. A “Notes” section adds paragraph-length information about animals, suggested itineraries, side trips, and safety tips. Stunning, large color photos of locations and flora and fauna illustrate each park’s unique beauty, but the books each contain only one map, provided by the National Park Service, which doesn’t always include places mentioned in the texts. VERDICT These titles could be used as travel guides, and they also explain the challenges and importance of preserving some of the country’s most beautiful and geographically important places, making them good report choices.

Krasner, Barbara. Native Nations of the Great Basin and Plateau. ISBN 9781634070317.

––––. Native Nations of the Northeast. ISBN 9781634070324.

––––. Native Nations of the Southwest. ISBN 9781634070362.

Naber, Therese. Native Nations of California. ISBN 9781634070294.

––––. Native Nations of the Southeast. ISBN 9781634070355.

Powell, Marie. Native Nations of the Arctic and Subarctic. ISBN 9781634070300.

Yasuda, Anita. Native Nations of the Northwest Coast. ISBN 9781634070331.

––––. Native Nations of the Plains. ISBN 9781634070348.

ea vol: 40p. (Native Nations of North America). ebook available. further reading. index. maps. photos. websites. The Child’s World. 2015. lib. ed. $32.79.

Gr 3-6 –This set looks at contemporary circumstances of Native tribes throughout the United States and parts of Canada. Each volume begins with a brief introduction, accompanied by a map of North America, and a general pre- and post-European contact history of the tribes that live there. Each title profiles about eight tribes in two-to-four page chapters that discuss ancestral and current lands, interactions with white settlers, current population, livelihoods, and efforts to keep the culture, traditions, and language alive. Most pages feature an attractive period or contemporary photo that doesn’t always reflect the adjacent text, and there are no maps that illustrate contemporary tribal locations. These titles are on the dry side, and much of the information is superficial and can be found in reference sources or sections about contemporary tribal life in books about specific tribes. VERDICT Supplemental report purchases.

Silverman, Elisa. Benjamin Netanyahu: Leading the Way for Israel. ISBN 9781612286808; ISBN 9781612286891.

––––. Working Together: Economy, Technology, and Careers in Israel. ISBN 9781612286792; ISBN 9781612286884.

Weiss, Eva. I Am Israeli: The Children of Israel. ISBN 9781612286853; ISBN 9781 612286945.

Zohar, Gil. Cultures, Customs, and Celebrations in Israel. ISBN 9781612286846; ISBN 9781612286938.

––––. The Experience of Israel: Sights and Cities. ISBN 9781612286822; ISBN 9781612286914.

––––. Israel and the Arab World. ISBN 9781680200003; ISBN 9781680200010.

ea vol: 64p. (Voices from Israel). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Mitchell Lane. 2015. lib. ed. $33.95. ebk. $33.95.

Gr 7 Up –Varying subjects and viewpoints make this series on modern-day Israel comprehensive and informative. Benjamin Netanyahu, a biography of the country’s current prime minister, along with Working Together, I Am Israel, and Cultures, Customs, and Celebration, examine history, leadership, and everyday life. Coverage is generally positive and includes Arab perspectives and criticism of Israeli policies and actions. Experience and Arab World, written by journalist and tour guide Zohar, are by far the strongest of the group. Arab World is a thoughtful and generally objective look at Israel’s past and contemporary relations with its nearest neighbors and the Palestinians that live in and outside its borders. Experience is a fascinating country tour written by a lively and well-informed guide. Bright color photos and sidebars are a plus. VERDICT The entire set is a sound choice for libraries that need in-depth report information about Israel. For libraries that don’t need all volumes, Zohar’s strong writing makes Experience and Arab World good standalone purchases.

Spilsbury, Louise. Brazil. ISBN 9781 599209883.

––––. Indonesia. ISBN 9781599209906.

Steele, Philip. China. ISBN 9781599209876.

––––. Russia. ISBN 9781599209890.

––––. Turkey. ISBN 9781599209913.

Vaughan, Jenny. India. ISBN 9781599209869.

ea vol: 48p. (Emerging Nations). further reading. glossary. index. maps. photos. websites. Smart Apple Media. 2015. lib. ed. $37.10.

Gr 5-8 –These revisions of the previously published “Developing World” (Franklin Watts) set look at each nation’s history, regions, populations, economy, and culture, with an emphasis on how development affects its largest city. The books are objective about the mixed effects of rapid economic growth, including increases in population and income, environmental degradation, and income inequality. The titles are well organized and attractive, with maps and large photos, but the language is stilted and dry, and reading levels are high for the intended audience. The volumes are dated, with no coverage of events or updated statistical information after about 2013. Russia, for instance, doesn’t mention Russian annexation of the Crimea or aggression in Ukraine, and Indonesia identifies Susilo Bambang, who left office in 2014, as its president. VERDICT The premise of examining how developing nations and their cities manage rapid growth in the global era is a good one, but out-of-date content and difficult vocabulary will limit the audience.

Readers will see lots of interesting things when they “look around” in these books. Lerner’s “Do You Know the Continents?” is the best of the group. Beginning readers will learn about the commonalities of life around the world in Ruby Tuesday’s “My World, Your World” and about the customs and cultures of countries whose people have immigrated to the United States in Bearport’s “Countries We Come From.” Mitchell Lane’s “Voices from Israel” provides enough information for the most comprehensive research. Four other sets are good enough to warrant supplemental purchase for specific needs. Weigl’s “Exploring Continents” uses a low word count and controlled vocabulary to teach beginning readers about the continents. The titles on food, education, games, and sports in Rourke’s “Little World, Everyone Everywhere” are good supplemental read-aloud or reading practice choices. Creative Education’s “Preserving America” and Gareth Stevens’ “Road Trip: National Parks” have plenty of information about national parks for secondary and elementary researchers, respectively.

Mary Mueller, Rolla Public Schools, MO

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