March 24, 2018

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Tough and Tiny | Board Book Roundup

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Thick pages and rounded corners make board books nearly indestructible—and perfect for the tiniest of pre-readers. Familiar concepts, animals, cool transportation, and eye-popping artwork distinguish the latest crop of offerings for babies, toddlers, and young preschoolers.


Abbot, Judi. Train! illus. by Judi Abbot. Tiger Tales. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781589255425.

Toddler –Little Elephant has a one track mind. He’s obsessed with trains and wants to play with nothing else. His parents arrange for a ride on a real train as a special treat, and he has the opportunity to interact with other youngsters. He meets a cat, a penguin, and a bunny, each of whom advocates for a different toy vehicle. Little Elephant wants none of it until the toddlers and the toys get mixed up as the train races through a tunnel. The resulting spread includes the repeated chant “Train–plane–digger–digger! Train–plane–car!” Little Elephant learns new words on the outing, including “Friends!” This is a colorful, fun selection for those who love their machines. Whoo! Whoo!

ASCH, Frank. I Can Roar! illus. by Frank Asch. Kids Can. 2015. Board $14.95. ISBN 9781771385473.

Toddler –The distinguishing feature of this foot tall board book is the large die-cut circular hole, just right for toddlers to hold up and have their faces shine through. The pages are bedecked with Asch’s signature simply outlined animal shapes (17 in all) and declarative sentences, such as “I can squeak like a mouse” and “I can oink like a pig.” The very last page for little ones to peek through depicts a flower accompanied by the empowering message “I can be anything!” Something to roar about.

Baby Loves Sports: A High-Contrast Action Book. illus. by R.D. Rojas. 2014. ISBN 9781938093296.

Hello, Ocean Friends: A High-Contrast Book. illus. by Violet Lemay. 2015. ISBN 9781938093418.

ea vol: Duo Pr. Board. $7.95.

Baby/Toddler– Tana Hoban’s Black on White and White on Black (both Greenwillow) are beloved by parents and librarians for their ability to captivate the attention of babies. Like the Hoban titles, these new offerings from DuoPress feature high-contrast images ideal for the developing eyes and brains of infants under six months old. Hello, Ocean Friends pairs simple shapes with greetings such as “Hello, fish”, “What’s up, turtle?” and “Hola, jellyfish.” Except for “3 2 1 GO!” on the first spread, Baby Loves Sports is wordless; each spread shows a ball on one side paired with the silhouette of the related athlete on the other. Visually enticing for the teeniest library patrons.

BAUER, Marion Dane. Toes, Ears, & Nose! illus. by Karen Katz. Little Simon. 2015. Board $11.99. ISBN 9781481419543.

Baby/Toddler –Katz’s sweet-faced babies are front and center in this oversize board book that reinforces body parts and the concepts of inside, under, over, beneath, and behind. On each page, little ones are asked to lift the large flaps to discover what is inside a girl’s mittens, under a hat and scarf, and inside her mouth. The last page is a favorite blanket with the whole child hiding beneath. A perfect lapsit choice for getting dressed and undressed.

Blomgren, Jennifer. Where Do I Sleep?: A Pacific Northwest Lullaby. ISBN 9781632170194.

––––. Why Do I Sing?: Animal Songs of the Pacific Northwest. ISBN 9781632170200.

ea vol: illus. by Andrea Gabriel. Sasquatch. Aug. 2015. Board. $9.99.

Baby/Toddler– This tender pair should make lovely bedtime additions. Gentle verses describe the sleeping and singing habits of various animals. Each of the illustrations contains the name of the animal in question. Soft and sweet yet beautifully textured, the images are lovely and will have readers poring over them.

Carle, Eric. What’s Your Favorite Animal? illus. by Eric Carle. Holt. 2015. Board $8.99. ISBN 9781627793032.

Baby/Toddler– From Tom Lichtenheld and Lucy Cousins to Mo Willems and Chris Raschka, renowned children’s book artists and authors share the particular appeal of their chosen creature and lovingly illustrate it in their signature style.

Cohen, Laurie. A White Butterfly. illus. by Barbara Ortelli. Minedition. 2015. Board $12.99. ISBN 9789888240968.

Toddler/PreS– This splashy, artful presentation repeats a series of collage shapes forming butterflies that are as blue as the sea, pink like candy, and as yellow as the sun. The array of colors also includes gray “as a stone” and white like a snowflake that virtually disappears on the white glossy page. The introduction of a silver drop of water then reflects the hues of the rainbow. Two die-cut pages are perfect for tracing patterns and creating butterflies of one’s own.

Corderoy, Tracey. No! illus. by Tim Warnes. Tiger Tales. Sept. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781589252080.

Babies/Toddler– Otto is an adorable little rhino, who is showered with loving attention, until he learns a new word—No!—and nearly wears it out. The familiar toddler phase of knee-jerk negativity is playfully portrayed even when Otto’s stubborn refusals have unwanted consequences at school and at home. After one tantrum too many, he realizes his behavior has led to his having a rotten time. With a hug and some support from his dad, Otto learns the power of Yes! The cute cartoon art and bright colors will be a hit with kids just learning to express themselves verbally.

1507-Board-Books-3Doyle, Elizabeth. ABSee. illus. by Elizabeth Doyle. S. & S./Little Simon.2015. Board $8.99. ISBN 9781481436991.

PreS –This handsome and rich abecedarian has a single alliterative line of text for each letter, which boldly appears center stage on the page. Each uppercase letter is formed by an assemblage of stamps, woodcuts, and marginalia showcasing words that begin with the featured letter. For example, “Bear bounces a basketball” appears on the “B” page, which is comprised of images for 39 “B” words to identify (they are all listed at the back). This search-and-find vocabulary-builder will provide hours of fun poring over images and possibly inspire young makers to craft assemblages of their own.

Fletcher, Corina. Small Smaller Smallest. ISBN 9781454915591.

––––. Up Down Across. ISBN 9781454915621.

ea vol: illus. by Natalie Marshall. Sterling. 2015. Board. $8.95.

Baby/Toddler Lovely, dynamic works that explore often overlooked concepts, such as measurement and location. In Small Smaller Smallest, land animals of various sizes interact in their natural habitats. Each pull of the flap will delight unsuspecting readers. In Up Down Across, little ones are introduced to creatures living in watery environments. The lush colors and masterful paper engineering set these titles apart and invite repeat viewing and tugging. Must-haves for early learning collections.

Follett, Ross C. Beebear Board. illus. by Lee Sievers. OddInt Media. 2015. Board $9.99. ISBN 9780991596164.

Toddler– Bee and bear are inseparable. They navigate seating arrangements at the movies (the seats are too high for bee) and frolic in the park, fly a kite, and even go skiiing. Little ones will delight in the pair’s hilarious high jinks and appreciate the full-color, sketchy illustrations. Each spread features an image that is accompanied by a short, rhyming verse. Share this title during lapsit programs or one-on-one reading all year-round.

Foster, Jane. Jane Foster’s ABC. ISBN 9781499800746.

––––. Jane Foster’s 123. ISBN 9781499800739.

ea vol: illus. by Jane Foster. Bonnier/ Little Bee. Jul. 2015. Board. $5.99.

Baby/Toddler– Illustrations featuring bold colors and thick black lines characterize these cheery concept books that depict familiar items and critters from monkeys and lions to kites and umbrellas. Large letters and numerals prominently placed offer reading readiness support.

Gaiman, Neil. Chu’s First Day of School. illus. by Adam Rex. HarperFestival. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9780062371492.

Baby/Toddler– Chu, a little panda with a disproportionately big sneeze, is all set for his first day of school. Like most kids, he’s more than a little nervous, especially when the other kids seem to have talents and interests that make them shine. But Chu quickly realizes he’s just as special. Rex’s quaint, old-fashioned–type paintings place exotic animals into sweetly domestic settings, adding a slight irony and pairing well with Gaiman’s spare but fun text.

Gillingham, Sara. On My Beach. illus. by Lorena Siminovich. Chronicle. 2015. Board $8.99. ISBN 9781452106403.

Baby/Toddler The latest in this series in which animals take young readers on a tour of their habitats (previous titles include In My Tree and On My Leaf) blends information and play splendidly. A finger puppet of a cheery orange crab is placed in a die-cut hole in the center of the book. As the crab describes his adventures on the beach, in a tide pool, and on the sand, readers are treated to a variety of settings and will enjoy making their winsome little crustacean guide squirm and wiggle along the way.

Global Fund for Children. Global Baby Bedtimes. Charlesbridge. Aug. 2015. Board $6.95. ISBN 9781580897082.

Baby/Toddler– As any parent can attest, infants are fascinated by certain kinds of objects and patterns—but nothing holds their gaze as much as the human face. In a series of lovingly photographed images, babies from around the world are shown, napping, yawning, and deeply slumbering. Sing a soft lullaby while turning these pages to encourage sweet dreams.

Harper, Charise Mericle. Go! Go! Go! Stop! illus. by Charise Mericle Harper. Random. Jul. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9780553533910.

Toddler– Harper cleverly uses a busy construction site to introduce action words and traffic signals. The story begins with Little Green, who knows just one word—Go! When he arrives at spot where a new bridge is being built, his rousing shout, “Go! Go! Go!” accelerates the lifting, pulling, mixing, and scooping to the point that things “[get] a little crazy.” Little Green doesn’t know what to do until Little Red rolls along and brings everything to a screeching halt. With a bit of trial and error, they figure out how to work together and get the job done. Fun mixed-media artwork and personified lights and vehicles guarantee that this title will Go! Go! Go!

Haworth, Katie. Around the World. ISBN 9781499800753.

––––. Through the Town. ISBN 9781499800760.

ea vol: illus. by Craig Shuttlewood. Bonnier/ Little Bee. 2015. Board. $6.99.

Baby/Toddler –A die-cut trail through various landscapes encourages toddlers to move their finger along the pages in these interactive rhyming books. Around the World depicts bright and busy natural settings, such as the mountains, the sea, and the desert, while Through the Town shows a cheerful and bustling city filled with tall buildings, vehicles, and underground tunnels. In addition to having toddlers trace the trail, encourage them to count various objects in these cheerful offerings.

HEO, Yumi. Red Light, Green Light. illus. by Yumi Heo. Scholastic. 2015. Board $6.99 ISBN 9780545744638.

Toddler –A clean, graphic introduction to basic traffic symbols, reinforced with lift-the-flap signs. The simple conceit is a car ride from home, down a one-way street, through three traffic lights (green, yellow, and red) and a stop sign, across some railroad tracks, past a school, and on to the playground. Kids can trace the car’s route with their fingers and open the sturdy, appropriately shaped signs. A fun and practical presentation.

Hills, Tad. Duck & Goose Colors! illus. by Tad Hills. (Duck & Goose). Random. 2015. Board $6.99. ISBN 9780553508062.

Baby/Toddler– A string of similes offers an introduction to the colors as seen by Hills’s endearing birds on a wonder-filled trip outdoors. Yellow equals buttercups, and green, an inchworm and leaves, while the end of Goose’s beak is black, “like ants,” and Goose’s feathers are white, “like the clouds.”

Horácek, Petr. A Surprise for Tiny Mouse. illus. by author. Candlewick. Sept. 2015. Board. $8.99. ISBN 9780763679675.

Baby/Toddler– Through richly textured, collage mixed-media illustrations and short, simple sentences, pre-readers meet Tiny Mouse, who loves nibbling wheat in the sunshine. Children learn about the other things Tiny Mouse enjoys, such as watching the crackly leaves blow. Carefully placed die cuts that offer a glimpse into the next spread make for an effective transition between pages. A surprise awaits Tiny Mouse (and readers) when she emerges from her hiding place after some splashy rain: a rainbow on a wheel, which children can turn, making the rainbow appear and disappear. A winning addition to all board book collections.

Hutchins, Pat. Titch. illus. by Pat Hutchins. (Classic Board Books). S. & S./Little Simon. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781481430272.

Baby/Toddler –This classic tale of three siblings—one who is little (Titch), one a bit bigger (Mary), and one a lot bigger (Peter)—sweetly explores the family dynamics of birth order and the challenges and satisfaction of reaching developmental stages. Titch’s persistent attempts to follow in his siblings’ footsteps as they play, make music, and build are rewarded when the older kids dig some dirt and fill a flowerpot. Titch plants a tiny seed, and the threesome watch it grow and grow. A lovely reassuring metaphor for the youngest among us.

Light, Steve. Boats Go. illus. by Steve Light. Chronicle. 2015. Board $9.99. ISBN 9781452129006.

Toddler –No one captures vehicles in motion quite like the masterful Light. The author/artist of Trucks Go, Trains Go, and Planes Go here introduces eight seaworthy vessels and their sounds in this elongated board book. A fireboat, a tugboat, a cruise ship, a paddle boat, a gondola, a speedboat, a sailboat, and a submarine glide and bob and sail across the pages. The loose watercolors and saturated palette suit the subject to a tee, and even the splashy typography rides the waves to deliver the trailing sounds.

Ljungkvist, Lara. A Line Can Be. illus. by Lara Ljungkvist. POW! 2015. Board $9.95. ISBN 9781576877531. LC 2014948086.

Toddler/PreS –Ljungkvist uses a single black line printed across colorful, patterned backdrops to explore opposites on facing pages. Concepts include: hard/soft, up/down, simple/complicated, thick/thin, straight/curvy, and clean/messy. The versatile line even suggest happy/sad and facial expressions. A smart and savvy exploration of form and function.

Long, Ethan. Good Night! Sept. 2015. ISBN 9781419713668.

––––. Hi! 2015. ISBN 9781419713651.

ea vol: (Animal Sounds). Abrams Appleseed. Board. $7.95.

Baby/Toddler Wide-eyed animals call and answer in these brightly colored volumes, giving kids ample opportunity for learning and trying out animal sounds. In Good Night!, baby creatures and their grownup counterparts get ready for bedtime by saying good night in their own animal sound. In Hi!, they greet each other. Each volume’s penultimate spread presents all of the creatures interacting with a human child. The last page features a toddler and a parent. Pleasant offerings.

Low, William. Daytime Nighttime. illus. by William Low. Holt. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781627791724.

Baby/Toddler– Low’s luminous, larger-than-life digital paintings answer the straightforward question “What do you see in the daytime?” Butterflies, robins, bumblebees, grasshoppers, beavers, rabbits, puppies, and the sun are among the light-dappled images. “What do you see at nighttime? Fireflies, owls, frogs, raccoons, teddy bears, and the moon appear, and all are bathed in warm moonlight. A lush and gorgeous intro to the natural world.

McPhail, David. I Get Dressed. ISBN 9781626721470.

––––. I Play. ISBN 9781626721487.

ea vol: illus. by David McPhail. Roaring Brook. Jul. 2015. Board. $5.99.

Baby/Toddler– McPhail brings back the enchanting animals from his My Mother Goose in these simple yet satisfying volumes. In I Play, action verbs are accompanied by images of a winsome bear cub running, jumping, and singing. Pairing words describing articles of clothing with pictures of different creatures, I Get Dressed features a sly but gentle sense of humor (a rabbit wearing an improbably large pair of shoes, a shy looking pig sporting underwear). Cuddly but never cloying and with a vintage flavor that readers will love, these characters are all real winners.

Manceau, Édouard. LOOK. tr. from French by Karen Li. illus. by Édouard Manceau. Owlkids. 2015. Board $19.95. ISBN 9781771471022.

Toddler/PreS– A rectangular die-cut hole in this oversize interactive board book is right at eye-level for curious preschoolers, providing a window to the larger world and the encouragement to gaze through it. “Why don’t you take a look through the hole, too? Do you see anything red? Orange? Blue? Green?” The text on the otherwise black pages suggests that viewers find things of various sizes, shapes, sheens, and textures, as well as different letters and numbers. A creative and fun way to literally see the world through the pages of a book.

Marley, Cedella. Every Little Thing: Based on the Song “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. illus. by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. Chronicle. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781452142906.

Baby/Toddler This fun book by Bob Marley’s first-born daughter, Cedella, pairs her father’s beloved song with images that explore the ups and downs of a child’s typical day. An adorable preschooler, sporting a Bob Marley T-shirt, shares a message of peace, love, and harmony. Rainy weather, a lonely child in need of comfort, and a baking project gone awry are opportunities for the boy to remind himself and to reassure those around him that “Every little thing/is gonna be/all right.” This lyrical and positive board book will strike a chord with worrywarts and loving children everywhere.

MOORE. L ilian. My First Counting Book. illus. by Garth Williams. ISBN 9780553522235.

SCARRY, Richard. Just Right Word Book. illus. by Richard Scarry. ISBN 9780553509021.

ea vol: (Little Golden Board Book). Random. Jul. 2015. Board. $7.99.

Baby/Toddler– Two classic Golden Books are now available in durable board book editions. In the first title, Moore’s rhyming verses count to 10 and are graced with Williams’s timeless artwork. And speaking of engagement, Scarry’s Bunny family and the bustling streets of Busytown have entertained and informed young listeners for generations. The fun vehicles alone are worth the price of admission. Welcome additions to any board book collections.

Musgrave, Susan. More Blueberries! illus. by Esperança Melo. Orca Book. 2015. Board $9.95. ISBN 9781459807075.

Baby/Toddler– In short rhyming sentences, this book features two siblings who eat their way through several bowls of blueberries, earning “blueberry fingers, blueberry nose./Blueberry lips, blueberry toes.” When the bowl is empty, the typeface increases with the demand for “MORE BLUEBERRIES!” The lack of a “please” will be overlooked, as the sheer joyfulness of the text and the vibrant acrylic paintings (appropriately smeared with bright blue) is infectious. Pair with Vera B. Williams’s More, More, More Said the Baby (HarperCollins, 1990) while teaching babies and their caregivers the American Sign Language word for “more.”

Nagara, Innosanto. Counting on Community. illus. by Innosanto Nagara. Seven Stories. Sept. 2015. Board $8.99. ISBN 9781609806323.

Toddler-PreS– In this powerful concept book follow-up to A Is for Activist (Triangle Pr., 2013), Nagara tackles counting. Typical urban neighborhood pastimes are depicted with verve and vibrant colors, including working in community gardens and drawing with sidewalk chalk. Young readers will have fun trying to locate an ever-present duck on each spread. Racial and ethnic diversity is celebrated on every page, and the lyrical text will inspire budding and longtime activists alike.

Richardson, Justin & Peter Parnell. And Tango Makes Three. illus. by Henry Cole. (Classic Board Books). S. & S./Little Simon. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781481446952.

Toddler/PreS– It’s been a decade since Richardson, Parnell, and Cole told the true story of Roy and Silo, two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo who became inseparable. When zookeepers gave the pair a motherless egg, they successfully hatched baby Tango. Commemorating the book’s 10-year anniversary, this edition gives even younger readers the opportunity to enjoy this pioneering picture book, which was among the first to offer an example of a same-sex family.

1507-Board-Books-2Riggs, Kate. On the Farm. illus. by Fiammetta Dogi. ISBN 9781568462721.

––––. Time to Build. illus. by Laszlo Kubinyi. ISBN 9781568462714.

ea vol: Creative Editions. 2015. Board. $7.99.

Baby/Toddler –These striking titles feature distinguished artwork, destined to appeal to curious young minds. On the Farm gives a familiar subject renewed life through Dogi’s wonderfully expressive animal faces rendered in liquid acrylics with airbrushing. Calves and cows, chickens and chicks, foals and horses, and other adult-baby creature pairings are accompanied by one simple sentence per page and the onomatopoeic word for each. In Time to Build, simple sentences explain what a tape measure, saw, wrench, drill, screwdriver, and hammer do, while carefully detailed pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations depict a variety of people using the tools. On the final spread, readers see their results: a tree house. Solid selections.

Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Little Pea. illus. by Jen Corace. Chronicle. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781452142890.

Baby/Toddler– The adorable picture book about picky eating has been adapted for the smallest noshers. Happy Little Pea leads a content life with Mama and Papa Pea. His only gripe is having to eat the worst thing ever for dinner—candy! As in the original, the use of white space in contrast with the bright, pea green of the main characters makes this tale visually appealing to young readers. A counting element and a twist ending will have them coming back for seconds and thirds.

Savage, Stephen. Little Tug. Roaring Brook/Neal Porter Bks. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781626721241.

Baby/Toddler– This charming story with its simple text and soothing graphic-style artwork makes a graceful transition from picture book to board book format. Little Tug may not be the tallest, fastest, or biggest boat in the harbor, but he proves his worth in multiple ways, and the other vessels appreciate his efforts. The sweetly personified boats and the message that small can still be mighty is a satisfying one to share over and over again.

Scanlon, Liz Garton. All the World. illus. by Marla Frazee. (Classic Board Books). S. & S./Little Simon. Aug. 2015. Board ISBN 9781481431217.

Baby/Toddler– Scanlon’s beautiful, award-winning ode to a child’s universe is a picture book classic in the making. This shrunken-down board book includes the poetic text in its entirety and Frazee’s appealing spot art and stunning spreads. The simple joys and wonder of childhood are tenderly captured as well as the inevitable challenges. “Slip, trip, stumble, fall/Tip the bucket, spill it all/Better luck another day/All the world/goes round this way.” A perfect, portable bit of family life to take along on any journey, easily tucked into a backpack or diaper bag.

Surovec, Yasmine. I See Kitty. illus. by Yasmine Surovec. Roaring Brook. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781626720930.

Baby/Toddler– Little Chloe is kitten obsessed. She loves everything about them and, after a visit to a pet adoption facility, sees them everywhere she looks—including in the stars and in her dreams. One day, she hears something outside her bedroom door and finds her heart’s desire waiting for her on the other side. The bright cartoon artwork is engaging, and the story is sweetly satisfying.

Tullet, Hervé. The Game of Lines. ISBN 9780714868738.

––––. The Game of Tops and Tails. ISBN 9780714868745.

––––. The Good Morning Game. ISBN 9780714868752.

––––. The Trail Game. ISBN 9780714868769.

ea vol: illus. by Hervé Tullet. Phaidon. 2015. Board. $12.95.

PreS– The author/illustrator known for his innovative, interactive books offers a group of titles that will have preschoolers flipping pages to create new trails and imaginative combinations of color and line or figures at play. In Good Morning Game, a story, readers’ fingers become one of the characters as it pushes through the hole in the page. Sturdy pages and bindings guarantee long use.

Verdick, Elizabeth. Voices Are Not for Yelling. illus. by Marieka Heinlen. Free Spirit. 2015. Board $7.95. ISBN 9781575425009.

Toddler/PreS– This gentle reminder that there’s an appropriate volume for indoor activities also addresses the emotions children might be feeling when they yell (excitement, anger) and how to quiet them, while also explaining how they can still be heard. Bold, colorful artwork features a diverse group of preschoolers.

Yonezu, Yusuke. Moving Blocks. $11.99. ISBN 9789888240708.

––––. Squares. $9.99. ISBN 9789888240685.

ea vol: illus. by Yusuke Yonezu. (Yonezu Board Books). Minedition. 2015. Board.

Baby/Toddler– These impeccably designed concept books are deceptively simple and pack lots of opportunity for an engaging reading experience. Yonezu artfully uses die cuts to introduce questions that will inspire burgeoning imaginations. In Squares, he asks, “What can three small squares be?” At the flip of the page, readers are met with a bus or a train. In Moving Blocks, each page turn introduces vehicles that kids will recognize. The bright primary and secondary colors against white backgrounds are just right for toddlers.

Yuly, Toni. Early Bird. illus. by Toni Yuly. Feiwel & Friends. 2015. Board $7.99. ISBN 9781250057068.

Baby/Toddler– Up before the sun, a little red bird likes to head out and get a jump start on the day. She hops across the grass, through the flower bed, under a spiderweb, up the path, and around the cat to get to the garden, where she meets—an early worm. Being hungry after her journey, she picks the worm up in her beak and carefully places it on a big, fat strawberry, and “together they share an early breakfast.” The bold graphic design and simple appealing images make this a satisfying choice any time of day, but a particular favorite for early risers everywhere.

This roundup features a sampling of the diverse and ever-growing crop of titles produced in a board book format. They were selected and annotated by the SLJ Reviews editors.

Photos by Josephine Marc-Anthony.

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  1. Lovely list and thorough reviews! Thank you – will be scooting off to get some of these for by book loving 15mo!