February 25, 2018

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Readers Sound Off on “Teaching Black Lives Matter” and “Ditch Holiday Programming”| Feedback




“Feeding Minds and Bodies: Libraries, Nonprofits, and Authors Offer Food Education”

What a neat idea for those children who are unable to get the required nutrition during summer months to both brain and body…. I think I will…approach our library to see if this is something they can do.—Barbara

Excited to see #weneeddiversebooks panels at #BookCon15. I might actually extend my #BEA15 trip




“ABDO Changes Series Title After Seven-Year-Old Champions Gender Neutrality”

“Way to go, girl! Why should boys get to read all the cool stuff?” —Jennifer Gardner


“Ditch Holiday Programming”

SLJ1501-FB-HolidayProgramChristianity in America is not just an Anglo or Caucasian thing. It’s presently being transformed into a majority Third World religion, though why Anglos/Caucasians shouldn’t be served as a constituency, I don’t know. The majority of America is diverse and a majority identify themselves as Christian. My public library is not too far away from a very large and active Hispanic church, where they’d be really surprised to hear that Christianity is about white people. Likewise the Christians in the African American community, and the Christians in the Arabic community at my church, and the Korean American Christians at my friend’s church.—Cynthia Lewis-Jessup

Librarians are not religious or cultural experts, but we are good at research and collaboration…Holidays are just an excuse, like a movie release, to explore books and resources on a topic. Religious practice should be separate from a government institution for sure, but we should encourage public education on any topic.—Amanda Grace Hua

SLJ1501-FB-GenderNeutrality“Teaching Black Lives Matter: SLJ Talks to Educator, Author Renée Watson”

“I love this lesson. I am planning on wrapping up my semester using the structure you outlined….”—Orlando Villeda


SLJ1501-FB-CorrectionsCorrection: In the September 2014 Fiction Series Update of new young adult titles, Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Revealed (p.156) was incorrectly recommended for grades nine and up. It should have been for grades five to eight.

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