February 18, 2018

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Social Media Makes Me a Better School Librarian | Feedback


Social media makes me a better teacher librarian. Through Twitter (and “Nerdy Book Club”), I finally found people who love books as much as I do. My Twitter/Instagram accounts are public, so students can follow me. I use FB for close friends and family. I also use Vine (always showing books). I feel the same about Pinterest and Tumblr.

Sara Ralph comments on “I Tried, I ‘Liked,’ I Shared: How Travis Jonker handles social media” 

SLJ1412w-Feedback-LibJob-wanted-AdThe salaries seem crazy low, but I put them into the CPI inflation calculator and guessed the “average” year as 1960 and came up with some very comfortable salaries. $6,000 had the same buying power as $48,213.24 today. If only librarians could hope for that kind of money, at least where I live.

Emily responds to “Throwback Thursday: Are librarians the authors of their own stereotype?” 

SLJ1412w-Feedback-HealingSLJ-ArticleI teach college writing, and in my developmental courses [I] have always used Speak, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. These books connect with students who have endured similar circumstances—and as importantly—foster compassion in those who may not share these experiences. Thanks on behalf of all those teen readers you’re helping.

Steve on “Bibliotherapy for Teens: Helpful Tips and Recommended Fiction”


“Where are those elves when I need them?”

Shirley Hebert Lukenbill’s Facebook response to a vintage children’s book illustration on katinthecupboard’s Flickr photostream 

While some schools I have taught at have been terrible, I’m proud to say my current school is very accepting. The winner of our fashion design class for this years was an amazing, talented boy who is very out and accepted by his progressive Islander parents, who were with him when he won his award. I love that this can happen in a conservative small town!

Erin Geddes (via Facebook) comments on “Hostile School Environments the Norm for LGBTQ Youth, Says GLSEN Report”SLJ1412w-Feedback-cutesmalltown

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  1. Some really good information on the broader subject of social media, and I just would like to add that social media itself – and the relevant platforms being used – need to be aware of the HIPAA and broader healthcare privacy implications. More important, many of these platforms – particularly the end-users – should pay particular attention in not releasing Protected Health Information (PHI) on these sites, as it can constitute severe HIPAA violations, resulting in possible fines and other legal issues. From social security numbers to dates of birth, medical identifier numbers – anything that falls under the broader umbrella of PHI – should never be disclosed. Make sure your organization has a very strong social media policy, one that includes critical provisions around HIPAA security.