February 21, 2018

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Free Tablet Giveaway on Read an Ebook Day, September 18

readebookdaySeptember 18 will mark the first annual Read an Ebook Day, an occasion to celebrate and raise awareness for reading on digital devices. According to a press release from OverDrive, a digital distributor of ebooks that initiated the idea for Read an Ebook Day and is supporting it with free tablet giveaways using social media, readers around the world are encouraged to take part in this digital reading day by borrowing from their library’s ebook selection or purchasing an ebook from an online retailer.

The Pew Research Center study conducted a survey “Tablet and E-Reader Ownership Update” among a sample of 6,224 Americans last year, and it showed “the number of Americans ages 16 and older who own tablet computers has grown to 35 percent, and the share who have e-reading devices like Kindles and Nooks has grown to 24 percent. Overall, the number of people who have a tablet or an ebook reader among those 16 and older now stands at 43 percent.”

Reading device ownership is growing. To participate in OverDrive’s tablet giveaway, where the company “will be giving away a tablet every hour via social media,” according to Heather Tunstall, a public relations specialist at OverDrive, use the hashtag #eBookDay on Facebook or Twitter to share your story about what ebooks mean to you. Or comment directly at www.readanebookday.com.

“We have seen very enthusiastic responses so far, and look forward to a fun-filled holiday,” says Tunstall over email.



  1. Deanna Peterson says:

    I just recently downloaded my first ebook, World Without End by Ken Follett, from the OverDrive app and I love it! I can read the book from the browser on the PC, but when I download it to my phone I can read it anywhere. I like the bookmarks and the easy way I can tap and get any information I need. Life is good.

    • I agree, I have downloaded the set of 3 Ken Follett novels in this series, and it is awesome to have them on my ipad or phone instead of a heavy book. Large 900 page books are hard to carry in your purse. I can take advantage of every unexpected wait to read this series that I am totally hooked on! I also download cookbooks with OverDrive, pick out what I want and copy and paste it for later. The available ebooks have quadrupled in the last couple years.

  2. I download free e-books from Overdrive from my library’s website all the time. I love e-books because I can read book reviews online and instantly download any book that interests me. Instant gratification!

  3. I love eBooks because I can get it any time and any wear

  4. Ebooks are wonderful! Especially the ones I can check out through my local library. I can read any time day or night, they are so light weight , and no pages to turn. I am on avid reader so I keep several in my queue. Very convenient!

  5. pat wheeler says:

    I have always been an avid reader and lover of books. I can recall an incident back in the 3rd grade (I am 64 now) when our teacher would not allow our once a week trip to the library unless all of our work was finished. To my dismay one week that is just what happened to me. I cried for a week and never forgot it. So last year when I was having car trouble and unable to drive to the library for my monthly reading material I was browsing through our local library website looking at all the books I was not going to be able to check out to read…..when I discovered a wonderous thing….Overdrive ebooks I could down load right unto my laptop….Oh Happy day!