April 21, 2018

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Curators, Lurkers Top SLJ Online Persona Quiz

The results of SLJ‘s Participatory Online Persona (POP) Survey are in! Self-identified Curators dominated, with 37.5 percent of responding librarians labeling themselves as such. At the other end of the spectrum, a mere .7 percent—a single respondent—chose the Self-Promoter moniker. Lurkers were the second largest group, with 26.5 percent outing themselves in this category, while Digitally Discreet folks made up the third. See full results below, along with descriptions of what all these terms mean.


Adventurer: Always at the edge of the digital frontier, Adventurers try out the latest and greatest but don’t always follow up once the trend becomes the norm.

Amplifier: Because they spend so much time tearing through Tumblrs and perusing Pinterest in order to move info down the Internet pipeline, Amplifiers often don’t create anything of their own.

Charmer: Kind and supportive, Charmers sometimes neglect chiming in on controversial issues when their reasonable voices might make a big difference.

Creator: Risk takers who are viewed as leaders in the field, Creators are the ones who make the Internet interesting, even if they don’t always get the credit.

Curator: Cautious collectors who amplify content, Curators also create their own.

Dabbler: Easily distracted social networkers who leave a trail of log-ins wherever they go, Dabblers are an invaluable resource when it comes to comparing online media outlets.

Digitally Discreet: DDs commit to the online world in small but consistent ways, not because they love it but because they feel like they should for professional reasons.

Immersive: Serial monogamists, Immersives insist on completely mastering one ed tech tool before moving on to the next.

Lurker: Strict observers who use social networking platforms to discover what’s going on in the field, Lurkers never actually participate in the conversation.

Provocateur: Opinionated social networkers, Provocateurs have the potential to be both voices for change and troublemakers.

Self-Promoter: Carefully branded personas, Self-Promoters only send out one message, which has value if their audience thinks it does.

What’s the Big Deal (WTBD): Nonusers who values face time over screen time.

About the POP typology creators and poll authors:

Stacy Dillon is the Lower School Librarian at Little Red Schoolhouse & Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI). She can be found at @mytweendom and Welcome to My Tweendom.

Jennifer Hubert Swan is the Middle School Librarian & Library Department Chair at LREI. She can be found at @ReadingRants and Reading Rants! Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists.

Jesse Karp is the Early Childhood Librarian at LREI. He can be found online at Beyond Where You Stand.

Karyn Silverman is the High School Librarian & Educational Technology Department Chair at LREI. She can be found online @InfoWitch and at the SLJ blog Someday My Printz Will Come.

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