April 26, 2018

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Pick of the Day: Carnivores | Audio

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Carnivores audio

Carnivores. By Aaron Reynolds. CD. 15 min. Recorded Books. 2013. ISBN. $15.75; hardcover book: 9780811866903. $16.99.
K-Gr 2–“They’re not bad. They’re carnivores. Eating meat is just what they do.” Putting together a beautifully illustrated picture book with engaging narration is like watching a movie in 3-D. In this case no special glasses are necessary, you just need the right device and a little imagination. Narrator L.J. Ganser creates humorous personalities for three of nature’s fiercest predators through voice and tone. Listeners meet calm and concerned Lion, frantic and worried Shark, and Wolf, a laidback surfer who just wants to hang ten. Of course they feel the stigma of their lifestyles; being at the top of the food chain can be lonely, and they have feelings too. In an effort to fit in they try in vain to be vegetarians and wear disguises. When all else fails they consult the wisest carnivore, the Great Horned Owl. Owl reminds them that “eating meat is just what they do.” The journey to self-discovery isn’t always easy, and it is okay to seek out advice. Listeners will connect with these comically drawn characters as they learn to be true to themselves and accept who they are. This set is a worthwhile addition for all public and school libraries.–Terri Norstrom, Cary Area Library, IL