April 27, 2018

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Pick of the Day: Love, Concord | DVD

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Love, Concord. DVD. 1:30 hrs. Prod. by Optificer Media. Dist. by FilmWorks Entertainment. 2012, 2013 release. ISBN unavail. $19.98.
Gr 7 Up–Gerry is a likable, goofy high school student who spends more time playing basketball and video games than he does studying, but he dreams of majoring in computer design one day. Money is tight in his single-parent family, and Gerry’s future seems limited to local junior colleges. No one really takes him seriously, including himself, until he meets bookish Melinda, who helps him realize that he has more to offer than being the class clown. As graduation nears, their romance falters, but in the end, his time with Melinda has given Gerry the confidence to pursue his dreams. Although the opposites attract trope is fairly standard in teen movies, it works well here, thanks to strong acting, believable characters, and snappy dialogue. Written and directed by Gustavo Guardado, Jr., the film is sincere and, at times, bittersweet. Jorge Diaz’s Gerry is the emotional core of the story, and the actor imbues him with both bravado and uncertainty, characteristics teens can relate to when it comes to first love. He’s funny without being obnoxious, sweet-natured without being cloying, and he speaks and acts like a typical teen boy. Angelina Leon’s Melinda is engaging and driven, but at times she seems self-conscious when speaking, which could be attributed to her acting inexperience. The strong supporting cast, especially Miguel Angel Caballero as Gerry’s older brother Miguel, and the catchy soundtrack round out this heartwarming, charming film.–Audrey Sumser, Cuyahoga County Public Library, Mayfield, OH