February 22, 2018

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Book Review: Preschool to Grade 4 Fiction | November 2013

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Deep in the Sahara (Cunnane)
©2013 by Hoda Hadadi

Preschool to Grade 4

redstarCUNNANE , Kelly. Deep in the Sahara. illus. by Hoda Hadadi. 40p. glossary. Random/Schwartz & Wade. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9780-375870347; lib. ed. $20.99. ISBN 9780375970344. LC 2011050245.

Gr 2-4 –”In a pale pink house the shape of a tall cake,/you watch Mama’s malafa/flutter as she prays./More than all the stars in a desert sky,/you want a malafa so you can be beautiful too.” Mama cautions Lalla that a malafa is for more than beauty. The pattern continues as Lalla envies her sister’s sense of mystery, the market ladies’ femininity, and her grandmother’s air of ancient tradition until she gets a malafa of her own, “as blue as the ink in the Koran” so she can take her place beside her mother for the evening prayer. Cunnane has a strong connection to Africa, having lived in both Kenya and Mauritania, the setting of this lovely original story. Like For You Are a Kenyan Child (S & S, 2006), this book incorporates authentic cultural details in both the poetic text and the evocative illustrations. Local Hassaniya words, for example, appear naturally in the text, and are helpfully defined in a glossary. Cut-paper collage illustrations feature boys in turbans, men hurrying to prayers, and women dressed in brightly colored swaths of cloth, enlivening the browns, greens, and adobe brick of the desert background. An author’s note acknowledges that she’d believed the wearing of the veil was repressive to women until she understood it was a “relaxed and colorful expression of…faith and culture.” Perhaps this upbeat picture book about a mother welcoming her daughter into their community of faith will engender a more positive attitude toward women who choose traditional dress in the modern world.–Toby Rajput, National Louis University, Skokie, IL

redstarKHAN , Rukhsana. King for a Day. illus. by Christiane Krömer. 32p. glossary. Lee & Low. 2013. RTE $17.95. ISBN 9781600606595. LC 2013007506.

PreS-Gr 2 –Spring has arrived in Lahore, Pakistan, and the celebration of Basant ushers it in with an annual kite-flying contest. Young Malik plans to win the self-proclaimed title of “king of Basant” by capturing and/or setting free more kites than anyone else. He puts all his faith in his small handmade kite, Falcon, and enters the competition. Thus ensues the story of how Malik, who, incidentally, is in a wheelchair, sits on his balcony and, with assistance from his sister and brother, wins the coveted designation and defeats the bully next door. Mixed-media collage illustrations consist of an intriguing combination of cut paper, floss, yarn, cloth, and pencil sketches. Varying perspectives include ground level, balcony level, and kite’s-eye views of the action. The breezy conditions are evident in the soaring kites, billowing curtains, and Malik’s sister’s clothing. An author’s note gives a historical view of the spring festival and its traditions in the ancient city.–Maryann H. Owen, Children’s Literature Specialist, Mt. Pleasant, WI

redstarKHERDIAN, David. Come Back, Moon. illus. by Nonny Hogrogian. 32p. S & S/Beach Lane. 2013. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9781442458871; ebk. $12.99. ISBN 9781442458888. LC 2012037038.

PreS-K –The moon looms large in children’s literature: Frank Asch, Eric Carle, Kevin Henkes, and countless others have paid homage to that fascinating round face in the night sky. In Come Back, Moon, Kherdian and Hogrogian have collaborated on an original story that has the simplicity and resonance of a folktale. Bear is stretched out uncomfortably, head in hand, as a smiling golden moon floats over the blue night and the just-perceptible forest. The accompanying text is refreshingly direct: “Bear couldn’t sleep and blamed the light of the moon. So Bear stole the moon.” Fox, Skunk, Opossum, Raccoon, and Crow are on the case, consulting wise Owl and using their particular skills to effect a rescue. Hogrogian captures the character of each animal, mood, and scene with disarming expertise. Readers know that it’s night, but the darkness has many colors. The brilliant orange of the fox and the dramatic patterning of the skunk add extra contrast to every page. Even the opossum is endearingly drawn. Kherdian is at his poetic best, gracing the tale with few, carefully chosen words. The artwork is beautifully balanced and radiates personality. The combination of great talent, elegant restraint, and exceptional creative decisions has produced a timeless book that will still be enjoyed by the great grandchildren of those who read it today.–Susan Weitz, formerly at Spencer-Van Etten School District, Spencer, NY

redstarSCIESZKA , Jon & Mac Barnett. Battle Bunny. illus. by Matthew Myers. 32p. S & S. 2013. Tr $14.99. ISBN 9781442446731. ebook available. LC 2012025515.

Gr 1-3 –Alex is clearly too old for the sappy picture book that his Gran Gran gives him for his birthday. Originally entitled Birthday Bunny, about a bunny who thinks his friends have forgotten his birthday, he spices it up by changing the title to Battle Bunny and making the main character an evil carrot-eating mastermind that is trying to take over the world. The boy also changes the dialogue frequently. For example, the crossed out text says, “Everybody needs a Special Thinking Place where they can think their best thoughts. Where is your Special Thinking Place?” The new, much-improved and hilarious text reads, “Everybody needs an Evil Plan Place where they can launch their Evil Plans. Where is your Evil Plan Place?” The tweaks to the oil and pencil illustrations, such as adding an eye patch and WWF wresting belt to the bunny, are priceless. This is a perfect book to give independent readers who are looking for something a little different. The unique layout and design will inspire creativity in readers.–Brooke Rasche, La Crosse Public Library, WI

redstarSTEPHENS , Helen. How to Hide a Lion. illus. by author. 32p. Holt. 2013. RTE $16.99. ISBN 9780805098341. LC 2013001930.

PreS-Gr 2 –Purchasing a hat on a hot day is a perfectly ordinary errand–unless you’re a lion. When this particular shopper is chased off the premises by understandably terrified townspeople, he finds refuge in the playhouse of a little girl. Being the brave and practical sort, Iris determines that due to her fugitive’s large size, he must be hidden indoors. She combs his mane, tends to a wounded paw, and comforts and conceals him because, as everyone knows, “moms and dads can be funny about having a lion in the house.” Readers get the impression that this arrangement could go on indefinitely if it weren’t for the fact that lions are difficult to move when sleeping–which they do “a lot.” The lion is roused by the shrieks of Iris’s surprised mother and is forced to find a new hiding spot masquerading between two stone lions in front of the town hall. His watchful nature, and ability to pin down burglars, ultimately makes him a town hero. He proudly marches in a parade held in his honor and claims his reward: the hat he was searching for in the first place. Bright, cheerful sketches accompany this engaging plot filled with pluck, tenderness, and just a dash of English whimsy. Without the slightest bit of treacle and a great deal of humor, Stephens weaves a story about bravery and kindness that adults and children will reach for again and again.–Jenna Boles, Greene County Public Library, Beavercreek, OH

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BARCHERS , Suzanne I. , retel. The Boy and the North Wind: A Tale from Norway. illus. by Laura Jacobsen. ISBN 9781937529727; ISBN 9781937529567; ISBN 9781936163885. LC 2012951558.

––––. The Brave Servant: A Tale from China . illus. by Yu-mei Han. ISBN 9781937529734; ISBN 9781937529574; ISBN 9781936163892. LC 2012951559.

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––––. The Lute Player: A Tale from Russia. illus. by Viktor Sluzhaev. ISBN 9781937529758; ISBN 9781937529598; ISBN 9781936163915.

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