April 19, 2018

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Preschool to Grade 4 Fiction | September 2013

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redstarBĂDESCU, Ramona. Pomelo’s Opposites. tr. from French by Claudia Zoe Bedrick. illus. by Benjamin Chaud. 120p. (Pomelo the Garden Elephant Series). Enchanted Lion. 2013. Tr $15.95. ISBN 978-1-59270-132-2.

K-Gr 3–Filled with whimsy, surprise, and pure fun, this French import extends the idea of opposites far beyond the basics. More than 100 pages are packed neatly into the small, square-shaped frame, with contrasting words and images facing on each spread. Many, but not all, feature Pomelo, a big-eyed, long-trunked pink elephant demonstrating each example. The book begins with fairly standard word pairs, but the art is anything but predictable. For example, “morning/evening” features identical scenes with the skies reversed. Further page turns lead to even more imaginative interpretations. The words stray from direct opposites in playful ways, such as “something”/“whatever” and “handsome”/“weird.” The cartoon drawings are often funny: one shows a red piece of food going “in” the elephant’s mouth, then coming out his opposite end, having turned brown after digestion. Some are thought-provoking: a flower losing its petals represents “fleeting,” then the same flower is captured in a painting for “permanent.” When the word pairs require an extra bit of stretching to fit as opposites, such as “on snailback”/“by turtle,” it’s in keeping with the creative, carefree tone that permeates the book. Rich vocabulary (“stalagmite,” “concave,” and “gastropod,” for example) and deceptively subtle visual interpretations make this a great choice for parent-child sharing and discussion, but solo children will have no problem immersing themselves in the clever, playful, and deftly imagined illustrations.–Steven Engelfried, Wilsonville Public Library, OR

redstarBEST, Cari. Beatrice Spells Some Lulus and Learns to Write a Letter. illus. by Giselle Potter. 40p. Farrar/Margaret Ferguson. 2013. RTE $16.99. ISBN 978-0-374-39904-7. LC 2012015337.

Gr 1-3–Once Beatrice figures out how to spell, she doesn’t want to stop. With the support of her grandma, she spells everywhere and anywhere. Around town she spends her time correcting the myriad spelling errors she finds. At school she tries to start a spelling club, but her friends aren’t interested. A disheartened Beatrice stops spelling for a whole week, until she comes up with a clever plan. She turns the class Show and Tell into Show and Spell, and then tells the class about her pet T-A-R-A-N-T-U-L-A Rose. Show and Spell takes the school by storm and soon Beatrice and her friends are spelling anywhere, at any time, and correcting errors together. Beatrice then writes a letter to Nanny Hannah, thanking her for giving her the spelling bug. This wordy picture book will introduce children not only to the joys of spelling but also to words like “lulu” and “crackerjack.” Potter’s folk-arty illustrations depict the story’s action and emotion well, but feel a little dated. This book will find a ready audience among the spelling crowd and might encourage others to join them.–Catherine Callegari, Gay-Kimball Library, Troy, NH

redstarGRAHAM, Bob. The Silver Button. illus. by author. 32p. Candlewick. Oct. 2013. RTE $16.99. ISBN 978-0-7636-6437-4. LC 2012947825.

PreS-Gr 2–In his inimitable, deceptively simple style, Graham celebrates what can happen in a single moment and reminds readers to pause and observe. The text begins before the title page: “At 9:59 on Thursday morning, Jodie drew a duck.” Next her baby brother takes his first step. As he does so, Graham cinematically pulls back farther and farther, showing other things happening at that instant: a jogger puffs by, a soldier hugs his mother, a blackbird finds a worm, a baby is born, and so on, until the story comes full circle. Jonathan falls down, Jodie tells her mother about his first step, and the clock strikes 10:00. Graham’s detail-filled ink and watercolor illustrations are in full force here. Initially, Jonathan fills the page, but rapidly the view pulls back, expanding the point of view: the jogger is seen through a window, the block from above, then a bird’s-eye view of the city, with the block, the hospital, and the beach visible, and finally a close-up of Mom hugging her baby boy. While the story is minimal, there is a lot to see and absorb. The detailed pictures bear repeated inspection, the characters are appealing, and the story is very child-oriented. This unusual offering will enhance collections and work equally well in classrooms or one-on-one. A worthwhile addition.–Amy Lilien-Harper, The Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT

redstarHOLUB, Joan. Little Red Writing. illus. by Melissa Sweet. 36p. Chronicle. Oct. 2013. Tr $16.99. ISBN 978-0-8118-7869-2.

K-Gr 2–Written with wit, humor, and puns galore, this fractured fairy tale features Little Red, a pencil in search of a story. Given a writing assignment by her teacher Ms. 2, Little Red travels down the story path with a basket of red nouns looking for the kind of tale that will allow her to display bravery and fight evil, “because red is the color of courage. But what would a brave pencil do?” As she journeys around the school, she encounters action words at the gym, descriptive words at the library, etc., until she comes across a long tangly tail that is up to no good. Brave Little Red follows it into Principal Granny’s office where she comes upon the Wolf 3000, “the grumpiest, growliest, grindingest pencil sharpener ever made!” This is a book so rich in words and wry humor–written and visual–that one reading just isn’t enough. Imagine kids running to the dictionary to look up “bosky” and “tenebrous” after getting bogged down in the dark, descriptive forest (the school library) or poring over Sweet’s characteristically engaging watercolor, pencil, and collage illustrations for delicious details, such as the pencil school newspaper with the motto “We get to the point.” These pictures don’t merely enhance Holub’s clever text, they become a part of it through the use of layered papers upon which the dialogue is literally written in pencil. Little Red’s classmates run the gamut of childhood types, each distinguished by its individualized eraser. Creative and fun, this book works equally well for storytime or story writing. Pair it with Janet Stevens’s The Little Red Pen (Houghton, 2011) for the full gamut of school-supplies silliness.–Teri Markson, Los Angeles Public Library

redstarLUDWIG, Trudy. The Invisible Boy. illus. by Patrice Barton. 40p. further reading. Knopf. Oct. 2013. Tr $16.99. ISBN 978-1-582-46450-3.

K-Gr 2–Brian feels invisible. His teacher hardly notices him, the other kids never invite him to play, and he eats lunch alone. But he loves to draw, so at recess, he creates comics about greedy pirates, battling space aliens, and superheroes with the power to make friends everywhere. One day, a new boy, Justin, joins the class. The other children make fun of him for eating Bulgogi, a Korean dish, but Brian slips him a friendly note. When it is time to find partners for a class project, Justin asks Brian to join him and another boy. Brian’s artistic talents come in handy, and finally he is no longer invisible. This is a simple yet heartfelt story about a boy who has been excluded for no apparent reason but finds a way to cope and eventually gains acceptance. Barton’s scribbly illustrations look like something Brian may have made. Pencil sketches painted digitally are set against lots of white space, and sometimes atop a background of Brian’s drawings on lined notebook paper. At the start of this picture book, Brian is shown in shades of gray while the rest of the world is in color, a visual reminder of his isolation. Color starts to creep in as he is noticed by Justin. Once he becomes part of the group, he is revealed in full color. The thought-provoking story includes questions for discussion and suggested reading lists for adults and children in the back matter. Pair this highly recommended book with Jacqueline Woodson’s Each Kindness (Penguin, 2012) for units on friendship or feelings.–Martha Simpson, Stratford Library Association, CT

redstarMACLACHLAN, Patricia. Snowflakes Fall. illus. by Steven Kellogg. 32p. Random. Oct. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 978-0-385-37693-8; lib. ed. $20.99. ISBN 978-0-375-97328-4; ebook $10.99. ISBN 978-0-375-98219-4. LC 2013008622.

PreS-Gr 3–A gentle picture book created as tribute to the victims of the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. In his dedication, Kellogg expresses his hope that this book “celebrates the laughter, the playful high spirits, and the uniqueness of the children of Sandy Hook and of children everywhere.” And indeed, the image of falling snowflakes–“Flake/After flake/After flake/Each one a pattern/All its own–/No two the same–/All beautiful”–makes an affecting metaphor. MacLachlan’s lyrical and understated poem describes snowflakes swirling “together/Like the voices of children” to blanket backyards and sleeping gardens, rolling countryside, and the town’s familiar sites. Though a nighttime storm may bring shadows that “darken dreams,” morning always comes again, revealing a shining world and the opportunity to play outdoors. In springtime, “when the flowers bloom/The children remember the snowflakes/And we remember the children–/No two the same–/All beautiful.” Throughout, Kellogg’s paintings dazzle with brightly clad kids joyfully romping through winter scenes. As flowers bloom, some of the youngsters dance into a still-snowy sky, and the back endpaper shows a row of 20 snow angels taking flight from a moonlit hillside and soaring into the heavens. Accentuating the rebirth found in nature’s cycle, text and images depict the process of healing and renewal, the comfort of memory, and the power of hope. Adults can share this book to address tragic events, discuss grief and the recovery process, and remind children of the precious beauty of life.–Joy Fleishhacker, School Library Journal

redstarNAKAWAKI, Hatsue. Wait! Wait! tr. from Japanese by Yuki Kaneko. illus. by Komako Sakai. 24p. Enchanted Lion. 2013. Tr $14.95. ISBN 978-1-59270-138-4.

PreS–The nearly incidental minimalistic text (the titular refrain) serves as an outline for Sakai’s inspired illustrations, which capture tiny moments of a toddler’s exploration of the world. On the first page, the youngster chases a butterfly, to the words, “Wait! Wait!” On the next, the butterfly flies away, “fluttering up in the air.” And so it goes as the child discovers a lizard, some pigeons, and two cats, and finally is swung up onto Daddy’s shoulders, to the words, “Here we go!” The spare text gives the illustrations room to shine and a child’s imagination room to roam. The acrylic and oil pencil illustrations use simple lines and colors to capture both motion and emotion. The backgrounds are mostly white, with only the most important details sketched in, but the black of the pencil manages to give the earth and rocks and grass both texture and immediacy. The small details ground the illustrations in reality, and the blurred wings of the pigeons capture the movement in almost photographic reality. Sakai is a wizard with the medium, capturing the child’s emotions with simple lines and bringing the animals fully to life. The limited use of color and paint emphasizes the texture of the cats’ fur, the birds’ wings, and the flowers’ petals. Parents and toddlers will see themselves in these pages and delight in Sakai’s ability to bring them to life. A quiet gem.–Amy Lilien-Harper, The Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT

redstarRASCHKA, Chris. Daisy Gets Lost. illus. by author. 32p. Random/Schwartz & Wade. Oct. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 978-0-449-81741-4; lib. ed. $20.99. ISBN 978-0-449-81742-1; ebook $10.99. ISBN 978-0-449-81743-8.

PreS-Gr 2–The lovable pup from A Ball for Daisy (Random, 2011) is back. Nearly wordless like its predecessor, this evocative story depicts another misadventure in the park. While playing fetch with her human and her new blue ball, Daisy sees a squirrel. In typical doggie fashion, she merrily chases the critter into the woods and gets lost. Frantic, she howls and looks for the child while the youngster searches for her. The two find each other in the end, though Daisy is still eyeing that pesky squirrel. A clever mix of layouts–mostly full spreads, occasionally changing to two to eight panels across two pages–propels the action. As in his previous work, Raschka masterfully imbues his ink, watercolor, and gouache illustrations with a stunning range of emotions. With a few brushstrokes, he captures the excitement in the lolling canine tongue, the alarm and anguish of being lost, the relief and joy of the cozy reunion. Whether a cautionary tale or one familiar to any pet owner, this book is a must for Daisy fans everywhere.–Yelena Alekseyeva-Popova, formerly at Chappaqua Library, NY

redstarWIESNER, David. Mr. Wuffles! illus. by author. 32p. Clarion. Oct. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 978-0-618-75661-2.

K-Gr 4–Mr. Wuffles ignores all his fancy cat toys. Still sporting price tags, they line the hallway as he strolls by. But resting quietly among the feathers, balls, and mice is a tiny metal spaceship, and this catches his attention. His playful batting knocks around the alien explorers inside, causing bumps but no injuries. The ship’s flying disks do not survive, however, and the aliens set out to explore the house and repair their craft. Barely escaping Mr. Wuffles’s claws, they dash behind the radiator and discover primitive art of the cat’s previous battles and make friends with the house’s insects. The bugs help the aliens repair the spaceship, avoid capture, and fly away. Nearly wordless, the story is told through pictures and the languages of the ants and aliens, depicted by dashes and symbols. The book is fairly complex, best suited for elementary students, who will enjoy decoding the aliens’ cryptographic alphabet. Wiesner humorously captures the curiosity and confusion of Mr. Wuffles and his human, who remains oblivious to the drama underfoot. The idea of a separate, tiny world next to ours makes a great premise, and Wiesner’s engaging art and lively pacing carry the day. Visual storytelling at its best.–Suzanne Myers Harold, Multnomah County Library System, Portland, OR

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Preschool to Grade 4

ALBOROUGH, Jez. Nat the Cat’s Sunny Smile. illus. by author. 32p. websites. Kane Miller. Sept. 2013. RTE $12.99. ISBN 978-1-61067-177-4. LC 2012955332.

ANDERSEN, Hans Christian. The Snow Queen: A Retelling of the Fairy Tale. illus. by Bagram Ibatoulline. 40p. HarperCollins/Harper. Oct. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 978-0-06-220950-4. LC 2012011533.

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BEAN, Jonathan. Big Snow. illus. by author. 32p. Farrar. Sept. 2013. Tr $16.99. ISBN 978-0-374-30696-0.

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––––.Baby Goes…Baaaaa! ISBN 978-1-4052-5830-2.

ea vol: illus. by author. 24p. websites. Egmont USA. 2013. pap. $7.99.

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