February 20, 2018

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Judy and Lawrence Blume, Amy Jo Johnson at World Premiere of ‘Tiger Eyes’ Film

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Director and co-writer Lawrence Blume, author and co-writer Judy Blume, and actress Amy Jo Johnson (Gwen Wexler) answer questions after screening of Tiger Eyes, the first motion picture adaptation of one of the author’s novels. Photos by Chelsey Philpot.

On June 7,  Tiger Eyes (PG-13) premiered in select theaters nationwide and was also released simultaneously on Video On Demand and iTunes. Co-written by Judy and Lawrence, who also directed, this film is the first adaptation of one of the iconic author’s novels. Actress Amy Jo Johnson, who plays the main character’s mother in the film, joined the Blumes in a panel discussion and Q & A session with the audience at the movie’s premiere at the AMC Theaters in Times Square, New York City.

Lawrence and Judy Blume

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