March 18, 2018

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David Wiesner on Visual Storytelling | video


Simply put, “The pictures tell the story,” says David Wiesner. The three-time Caldecott Medal winner Wiesner shared his thoughts on visual storytelling,—along with fellow panelists, Lizi Boyd, Oliver Jeffers,  Matt Phelan, and Chris Raschka—at School Library Journal’s 2013 Day of Dialog held May 29 at Columbia University.

Starting with early sketches of his books, notably Flotsam, Wiesner demonstrated his method and how every inch of the book can be used, from endpapers to the spine. It’s “all a part of the storytelling process,” he says.

In this 12-minute clip, Wiesner gives us a peek at his upcoming picture book Mr. Wuffles, whose title character is an inscrutable feline—who encounters the world’s greatest cat toy.

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