February 22, 2018

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Occupational Success: Careers | Series Made Simple Fall 2012

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Students, whether they are just learning about different jobs within a community or older readers exploring a variety of interests, think about the careers they might choose as adults. These books give them places to begin and expand their research, covering everything from community helpers to exciting, glamorous jobs and digital entrepreneurship. The information ranges from specific details about particular occupations to overviews of industries. Color photos illustrate most titles, and glossaries, indexes, and additional resources expand the information provided.

Preschool-Grade 4

GUILLAIN, Charlotte. Animals. ISBN 978-1-4329-6803-8; ISBN 978-1-4329-6814-4. LC 2011031921.
. Art. ISBN 978-1-4329-6804-5; ISBN 978-1-4329-6815-1. LC 2011031923.
. Building Things. ISBN 978-1-4329-6805-2; ISBN 978-1-4329-6816-8. LC 2011031925.
. Computers. ISBN 978-1-4329-6806-9; ISBN 978-1-4329-6817-5. LC 2011
. History. ISBN 978-1-4329-6807-6; ISBN 978-1-4329-6818-2. LC 2011031927.
. Math. ISBN 978-1-4329-6808-3; ISBN 978-1-4329-6819-9. LC 2011031928.
. Music. ISBN 978-1-4329-6809-0; ISBN 978-1-4329-6820-5. LC 2011031929.
. Reading and Writing. ISBN 978-1-4329-6810-6; ISBN 978-1-4329-6821-2. LC 2011031930.
. Science. ISBN 978-1-4329-6811-3; ISBN 978-1-4329-6822-9. LC 2011031931 .
. Sports. ISBN 978-1-4329-6812-0; ISBN 978-1-4329-6823-6. LC 2011031932.
ea vol: 32p. (Jobs If You Like… Series). chart. photos. glossary. index. websites. CIP. Heinemann. 2012. PLB $26.65; pap. $7.99.
Gr 2-4
–Highlighting multiple careers within each title, this series introduces vocations that go beyond the usual professional athlete or coach position, encouraging students to consider becoming occupational therapists, sports-development officers, or equipment designers. The range of occupations in each title provides more breadth than depth; only a spread is devoted to each position. A chart in every title compares the best part of each job as well as the skills needed. The clear color photos, large font, and bright, uncluttered designs might make these volumes appealing to ESL students. The indexes will help to locate initial information when beginning a unit on careers, providing a starting point for further research.

MURRAY, Aaron R. Dentists Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4043-4. LC 2011031073.
. EMTs Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4050-2. LC 2011031045.
. Firefighters Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4047-2. LC 2011031046.
. Nurses Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4044-1. LC 2011031047.
. Police Officers Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4048-9. LC 2011037461.
. Sanitation Workers Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4049-6. LC 2011037462.
. Teachers Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4045-8. LC 2011031048.
. Veterinarians Help Us. ISBN 978-0-7660-4046-5. LC 2011031049.
ea vol: 24p. (All About Community Helpers Series). photos. further reading. index. websites. CIP. Enslow Elementary. 2012. PLB $21.26.
K-Gr 2–
This series shows beginning and emergent readers how different jobs function and help society. Each book starts with a few “Words to Know” and ends with suggestions of other titles about the same career along with some pertinent websites and a short index. The titles are illustrated with crisp, color photos, which are paired with a few simple sentences describing the part of the job portrayed. The print is large and cleanly spaced. The books present some basic facts about each career with an emphasis on how it contributes to communities. For example, students learn that “Sanitation workers take away garbage. They help keep our streets and homes clean.” Since no prior knowledge is necessary for understanding the information, this set will be useful in introductory career and/or society units.

Grades 5 & Up

BURLINGAME, Jeff. The Story of Bad Boy Entertainment. ISBN 978-1-4222-2111-2; ISBN 978-1-4222-9463-5. LC 2011035325.
Terri. The Story of Cash Money Records. ISBN 978-1-4222-2112-9; ISBN 978-1-4222-9464-2. LC 2011035326.
Robert. The Story of Aftermath Entertainment. ISBN 978-1-4222-2110-5; ISBN 978-1-4222-9462-8. LC 2011035324.
Trey. The Story of Death Row Records. ISBN 978-1-4222-2113-6; ISBN 978-1-4222-9465-9. LC 2011035323.
ea vol: 64p. (Hip-Hop Hitmakers Series). photos. chron. further reading. glossary. index. websites. CIP. Mason Crest. 2012. PLB $22.95; ebook $28.95.
Gr 6-9–
This series details the growth of four major record companies. Each title is illustrated with color photos of popular musicians and chronicles the ups and downs of the often violent hip-hop music industry as well as the difficulties of building a business (i.e.,“Dre was also feeling the pressure of helping others succeed, especially since he was now running a record label.”). The pages are packed with text, colorful borders, and lots of “Fast Fact” boxes. Almost every chapter has a sidebar of additional information; frequently, it contains a portrait of an artist produced by the company such as Teena Marie, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur. The books lend themselves more easily to skimming for facts than start-to-finish reading.

CHAMBERS, Catherine. Living Forever: The Pharmaceutical Industry. reprods. ISBN 978-1-4339-7755-8; ISBN 978-1-4339-7758-9. LC 2012006406.
Nick. Energy for Everyone?: The Business of Energy. ISBN 978-1-4339-7751-0; ISBN 978-1-4339-7754-1. LC 2011052138.
. Showtime!: The Entertainment Industry. ISBN 978-1-4339-7759-6; ISBN 978-1-4339-7762-6. LC 2012000473.
. Social Networking: Big Business on Your Computer. ISBN 978-1-4339-7767-1; ISBN 978-1-4339-7770-1. LC 2012002829.
Sarah. Dollars and Sense: The Banking Industry. ISBN 978-1-4339-7747-3; ISBN 978-1-4339-7750-3. LC 2012006408.
Angela. Skin Deep: The Business of Beauty. reprods. ISBN 978-1-4339-7763-3; ISBN 978-1-4339-7766-4. LC 2012002830.
ea vol: 48p. (Big-Buck Business Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. websites. CIP. Gareth Stevens. 2012. PLB $31.95; ebook $31.95.
Gr 5-8–While,
focusing more on the financial end of big business than on careers, this set briefly touches on jobs in several different industries. The timely and topical books explain the ins and outs, history, and future of different areas of commerce and highlight successful people in the various fields. This makes the volumes valuable right now for current material, but given the fast-changing nature of technology, entertainment, and other industries, some of them may not have a very long shelf life. Color photos, fact boxes, and text crowd the pages and the design features an ever-present image of money in the upper left corner. The set will be helpful for further research, for learning about an industry as a whole, and/or as an introduction to a study of economics.

COLSON, Mary. Being a Makeup Artist. ISBN 978-0-7613-7777-1; ISBN 978-1-4677-0095-5. LC 2011052672.
Cindy. Being a Snowboarder. ISBN 978-0-7613-7780-1; ISBN 978-1-4677-0092-4. LC 2011052664.
Lisa & Matt Anniss. Being a DJ. ISBN 978-0-7613-7775-7; ISBN 978-1-4677-0089-4. LC 2011051928.
Adam. Being a Formula One Driver. ISBN 978-0-7613-7781-8; ISBN 978-1-4677-0090-0. LC 2011052666.
. Being a Model. ISBN 978-0-7613-7782-5; ISBN 978-1-4677-0091-7. LC 2011052665.
Isabel. Being a Fashion Stylist. ISBN 978-0-7613-7778-8; ISBN 978-1-4677-0094-8. LC 2011052675.
. Being a Photographer. ISBN 978-0-7613-7779-5; ISBN 978-1-4677-0096-2. LC 2011052671.
. Being a Stunt Performer. ISBN 978-0-7613-7776-4; ISBN 978-1-4677-0093-1. LC 2011052663.
ea vol: 32p. (On the Radar: Awesome Jobs Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. websites. CIP. Lerner. 2012. PLB $26.60; ebook $19.95.
Gr 5-8–
This set looks at glamorous, exciting, and artistic jobs. Information is arranged in brief paragraphs that seem to bounce around the pages, mimicking a fashion-magazine layout. Each title has a glossary near the beginning listing pertinent vocabulary called “The Lingo.” In the spirit of the magazine feel, there are “Real-Life Story” features and “Poster Page” sections that highlight notable people from that career. The final “Get More Info” page in every title lists useful and entertaining print and Web resources. Given the somewhat scattered format, the brief index in each book give helps to find information. Good selections for browsing and for students who might be considering out-of-the-box careers.

GOODMAN, Michael E. The CIA and Other American Spies. ISBN 978-1-60818-226-8. LC 2011035789.
. The KGB and Other Russian Spies. ISBN 978-1-60818-227-5. LC 2011035790 .
. The Mossad and Other Israeli Spies. ISBN 978-1-60818-228-2. LC 2011035792 .
. The SIS and Other British Spies. ISBN 978-1-60818-229-9. LC 2011035791.
ea vol: 48p. (Spies Around the World Series). photos. reprods. bibliog. index. notes. websites. CIP. Creative Education. 2012. PLB $35.65.
Gr 8 Up–
Focused more on the histories of spying organizations, each title looks at a different agency, making references to popular culture (e.g., the work of the CIA is compared to the “Bourne” trilogy) and showing the difference between reality and movies. While not adding career how-to’s, the volumes showcase famous spies from history, going back to the origins of each agency, as well as “Tools of the Trade” and major cases. The design mimics files folders, and large archival and color photographs correspond well to the texts. Sidebars deliver additional information and extensive indexes make the titles easy to use for quick facts. Strong beginning-to-end reads.

GREGORY, Josh. Aircraft Pilot. ISBN 978-1-61080-444-8; ISBN 978-1-61080-618-3; ISBN 978-1-61080-531-5. LC 2012001719.
. Avionics Technician. ISBN 978-1- 61080-445-8; ISBN 978-1-61080-619-0; ISBN 978-1-61080-532-2. LC 2012

. Information Systems Technician. ISBN 978-1-61080-447-9; ISBN 978-1-61080-621-3; ISBN 978-1-61080-534-6. LC 2012001722.
. Special Ops. ISBN 978-1-61080-446- 2; ISBN 978-1-61080-620-6; ISBN 978-1-61080-533-9. LC 2012001721.
Wil. Helicopter Crew Chief. ISBN 978-1-61080-449-3; ISBN 978-1-61080-623-7; ISBN 978-1-61080-536-0. LC 2012002153.
. Motor Transport Operator. ISBN 978-1-61080-450-9; ISBN 978-1-61080-624-4; ISBN 978-1-61080-537-7. LC 2012003754.
Nancy Robinson. Drone Pilot. ISBN 978-1-61080-448-6; ISBN 978-1-61080-622-0; ISBN 978-1-61080-535-3. LC 2012010756.
. Pararescue Jumper. ISBN 978-1-610
80-451-6; ISBN 978-1-61080-625-1; ISBN 978-1-61080-538-4. LC 2012010225.
ea vol: 32p. (Cool Military Careers Series). photos. further reading. glossary. index. websites. CIP. Cherry Lake. 2012. PLB $28.50; pap. $9.95; ebook $28.50.
Gr 4-7–
Covering more than just the well-known Special Forces, the books in this series include a look at some unfamiliar military professions. Each overview contains some of the same information (with similar wording), so taken as a whole, the series becomes repetitive. Job requirements and training are discussed in general terms (with required skills highlighted in text boxes), and titles mention retirement, salary expectations, and civilian careers after service. The captioned, full-color photographs of machines and professionals in action and the clean white pages make the texts approachable and will be helpful for easily distracted readers. Individual volumes will work for those looking for general information about pursuing a military career.

HOLLANDER, Barbara Gottfried. The Next Big Thing: Developing Your Digital Business Idea. ISBN 978-1-4488-6926-8; ISBN 978-1-4488-6932-9. LC 2012003029.
Suzanne. Increasing Your Tweets, Likes, and Ratings: Marketing Your Digital Business. ISBN 978-1-4488-6928-2; ISBN 978-1-4488-6935-0. LC 2012006836.
Colin. Going Live: Launching Your Digital Business. diag. ISBN 978-1-4488-6927-5; ISBN 978-1-4488-6933-6. LC 2012004245.
. Growing Your Digital Business: Expanding Your Social Web. diag. ISBN 978-1-4488-6929-9; ISBN 978-1-4488-6934-3. LC 2012006968.
ea vol: 64p. (Digital Entrepreneurship in the Age of Apps, the Web, and Mobile Devices Series). photos. bibliog. further reading. glossary. index. websites. CIP. Rosen. 2012. PLB $31.95; ebook $31.95.
Gr 9 Up–
These how-to titles lead teens through building a digital business. Each volume uses real-world examples from current Internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix to explain the various steps involved in building a website, blog, app, etc. The set follows a natural pattern of conceiving an idea, development, marketing, and growing a business but each one could be read as a stand-alone title. Sidebars contain anecdotes, even more examples of products and innovations, practical advice, and “Myths and Facts.” The captioned color photos are a mix of profiled entrepreneurs in action and stock images. The extensive bibliographies offer an array of resources for enthusiasts. The listings of pertinent organizations where readers can learn more are also helpful.

NARDO, Don. Special Operations: Paratroopers. map. reprods. ISBN 978-1-59935-360-9. LC 2012019107.
. Special Operations: Training. map. ISBN 978-1-59935-356-2. LC 2012
. Special Operations: Search and Rescue. map. ISBN 978-1-59935-362-3. LC 2012024008.
. Special Operations: Weapons. ISBN 978-1-59935-358-6. LC 2012017100.
ea vol: 64p. (The Military Experience Series). photos. bibliog. glossary. index. notes. websites. CIP. Morgan Reynolds. 2012. PLB $27.45.
Gr 9 Up–
Delivering a wide spectrum of information from the history of the parachute to “Preparing the Mind,” this series examines highly skilled military careers. The extreme training required is covered in detail, and weapons, aircraft, and missions (e.g., the killing of Osama bin Laden) are pictured and/or described. “Fact Box” sidebars offer tidbits of information, such as “The MK19 was originally created for U.S. Navy fighters in the Vietnam War.” The websites listed range from the official sites of the different units to sites from HowStuffWorks. Each title could stand alone, but together they deliver a well-rounded picture of specialized and dangerous jobs. The dramatic action photos and camo-patterned backgrounds are sure to intrigue teens interested in high-intensity military careers.

OLLHOFF, Jim. EMT. ISBN 978-1-61783-512-4; ISBN 978-1-61478-933-8. LC 2012005327.
. Firefighter. chart. reprods. ISBN 978-1-61783-513-1; ISBN 978-1-61478-934-5. LC 2012005328.
. Hazmat. ISBN 978-1-61783-514-8; ISBN 978-1-61478-935-2. LC 2012009609.
. Police. ISBN 978-1-61783-515-5; ISBN 978-1-61478-936-9. LC 2012005976.
. Search & Rescue. ISBN 978-1-61783-516-2; ISBN 978-1-61478-937-6. LC 2012005331.
. SWAT. ISBN 978-1-61783-517-9; ISBN 978-1-61478-938-3. LC 2012009527.
ea vol: 32p. (Emergency Workers Series). photos. glossary. index. CIP. ABDO. 2012. PLB $27.07; ebook $27.07.
Gr 5-8–
Each high-interest text delivers specifics–including training required, gear, types of emergency situations, etc.–about emergency-response careers. For example, Search covers ground, air-sea, mountain, and urban rescues. All the titles conclude with interviews with a professional working in the field. The layout is bold and clean, with crisp color photographs showing emergency workers in action scattered throughout. The glossaries have thorough definitions for terms specific to each volume’s subject and the indexes will help readers find facts quickly. The books could be used with younger readers as read alouds in career units or with older students doing independent research.

The standouts in the group are on opposite ends of reading levels. Enslow’s “All About Community Helpers” gives beginning readers just enough information to help them understand roles in society, while Rosen’s “Digital Entrepreneurship in the Age of Apps, the Web, and Mobile Devices Series” will be a hit with teens wanting to jump right into the digital business world. For older elementary and middle grade readers, ABDO‘s “Emergency Workers” and Lerner’s “On the Radar: Awesome Jobs” will give specifics for reports or for those who are already thinking about a future career, while Heinemann’s “Jobs If You Like…” skims the surface of a number of different jobs. For older readers, Gareth Stevens’s “Big-Buck Businesses” focuses more on the economic side of an industry. Creative Education’s “Spies Around the World”and Mason Crest’s “Hip-Hop Hitmakers”give more of a historical perspective than career specifics. For young military enthusiasts, Cherry Lake’s “Cool Military Careers” delivers broad information on a wide variety of military jobs. Morgan Reynolds’s “The Military Experience” should be reserved for older readers due to its frank discussion of training methods and weaponry used.

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