February 23, 2018

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Let the Fun Begin! | Series Made Simple Spring 2012

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SMS1111w_ChelseyRevised(Original Import)Nonfiction series spur the imagination. While going over our article on new biography and career titles, I contemplated how different life would be if I had decided to become a Hollywood stunt double or an international spy instead of an editor. Reading Donna Cardon’s piece on arts and activities, “Making Movies, Music, & Magic,” made me wonder for the first time ever if maybe I should film a documentary or plant a garden on my Brooklyn stoop. It could happen.

Yes, series nonfiction is great for report writers. Yes, it’s helpful for classrooms and priceless for the kinds of random questions librarians get asked every day. (Need to explain earthquakes and plate tectonics? See Kathryn Diman’s life science article, “Wild Weather & Living Things.” Having difficulty helping patrons understand the presidential election process? Check out Jennifer Prince on American history titles, “United States Magnified.”) It’s also fun to browse and simply enjoy. That’s why I’m particularly excited about John Peters’s article on series that defy categorization, “Across the Dewey Verse.” The stronger titles here are great for readers who like to gross out their friends or astound and inform a crowd.

All it takes is one fascinated child poring over animal photographs or a student repeating verbatim an amazing fact to remind us that sometimes learning is often best achieved as a byproduct of fun.

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Chelsey Philpot
Editor, Series Made Simple

Chelsey Philpot About Chelsey Philpot

Chelsey Philpot was associate book reviews editor and editor of Series Made Simple. She’s on Twitter @chelseyphilpot, and blogs at Chelseyphilpot.com.

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