February 23, 2018

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Archives for September 2010

SLJ’s Trailie Awards Asks Readers to Vote for Their Favorite Book Trailer

Got a favorite book trailer that promotes reading? School Library Journal wants to know. Starting September 27, we’re asking readers to vote for their favorite trailer as part of our first annual Trailie Awards, which seeks to recognize the important role that video plays in bringing readers and books together–and the wonderful people who create these digital ads for books.

Voters must select the best video in six categories: publisher/author created for elementary readers (PreK-6); publisher/author created for secondary readers (7-12 […]

You Have to Be in It to Win It!: A seven-step program to embrace ebooks | Editorial

When I think about libraries and ebooks, I’m reminded of the annoying (but unforgettable) slogan that New York State used to promote its lottery: “You have to be in it to win it!”

Not that libraries are likely to win anything. But if they want to continue to attract readers and remain relevant, then they need to work with publishers and vendors to create a business and distribution model that will make ebooks an everyday reality in […]

Boy Story: Do you really want guys in your library?

Classes don’t start for at least 25 minutes, but the library is already jam-packed with kids, mostly boys. Students are sitting at tables, browsing bookshelves, standing and chatting. Three untamed games of chess are going full tilt, and a long line has formed in front of the circulation desk. There are so many students I have to stand up to make sure no one is running around the paperback racks playing tag.

“Mrs. Cox, can you help me find that blue […]

An Author in Every Classroom: Kids connecting with authors via Skype

It’s the next best thing to being there.

“Do you Skype?”

If you asked that question a couple years ago, you might have gotten a funny look. But these days, Skype and other video-conferencing software have become a staple for teachers, librarians, and authors who want to get kids excited about reading. The past year has brought a huge increase in the number of schools and libraries using Skype to connect classrooms and bring in experts to talk with kids. And […]