April 26, 2018

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Archives for January 2010

AASL Adopts ‘School Librarian’ As Official Term for the Profession

Forget media specialist or teacher-librarian. As far as the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is concerned, the official title for the profession is now school librarian.

The AASL board of directors voted in favor of the move on Saturday during the American Librarian Association’s midwinter meeting in Boston. And that means “school librarian” will be used in all of the profession’s advocacy efforts and publications, including reports and press releases.

AASL had been considering the matter for more than a year, and […]

From the Trenches: Twilight Read-alikes for Younger Readers

Twilight catapulted vampires and other mysterious creatures of the undead into stardom with unprecedented speed. But what happens when younger kids want to read the same thing as their older siblings? I have a problem handing a copy of New Moon to a 10-year-old. Luckily, there are some good alternative titles for middle school readers with a hunger for the macabre.

Sage, Angie. My Haunted House. Illus. by Jimmy Pickering. Katherine Tegen Books. 2006. ISBN: 978-0-06-077481-3. Ages 7-10.
The “Araminta Spookie” series […]

The Savvy Librarian’s Night Table: Ten amazing titles guaranteed to bring you peace, prosperity, and happiness

With so many choices and so many terrific nonfiction titles in the pipeline, picking the “right” read can be daunting. This year we offer a variety of choices: the future of books, the life of a great American photographer, jigsaw puzzles as a metaphor for life, the negative legacy of America’s positive thinking, a history of American book advertising, a life sustained by birding, the story of how a donated book and a creative mind can change an entire community, […]

Looking to Ramp Up Your Library Web Site? Try a Blog.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Does your library Web site feel a bit flat or just plain boring? Do you wish you could interact with students on your site and share more of your passion for learning? Then consider turning your site into a blog.

Blogging software lets you update your site easily and keep it current. LeighAnn McCready, teacher librarian at Milpitas (CA) High School, converted to a blog three years ago. “I created it when I initially arrived on campus […]

The Greatest Story Never Told: An interview with National Book Award winner Phillip Hoose

Before Rosa Parks, there was Claudette Colvin. But who had heard of her? Thanks to author Phillip Hoose, that’s changing.

Photograph by Kevin Brusie

Talk about chutzpah. It took Phillip Hoose four years to track down Claudette Colvin, but it was worth the wait. Last November, Hoose’s Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, the true story of a teen who refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, AL, in 1955, won the National Book […]

The Future of Reading: Don’t worry. It might be better than you think.

Earlier this year, several nerdfighters1 sent me a link to the Web site ThisIsNotTom.com, which features a picture of a man, seated, wearing only a bathrobe. At the bottom of the page is written, “The quck brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” The “i” is missing from that sentence; click on the eye of the guy in the photograph, and you are taken to another riddle; solve that one, and you’ll find yet another. The riddles become progressively harder […]