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Archives for June 2008

Sharon McQueen Talks about Her Fascination with The Story of Ferdinand

Picture books may come and go, but The Story of Ferdinand—a tale about a little bull who prefers to sit under a cork tree smelling flowers rather than butt heads with other bulls—is still one of the most beloved stories for kids and adults. Why has this 72-year-old story of peace and contentment by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson been so successful and controversial? Sharon McQueen, a children’s librarian and doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, School of […]

Carrie on Copyright: Rules of the Game

Is it legit for libraries to offer video game competitions?

Lots of school and public libraries are hosting gaming tournaments, featuring popular video games like Guitar Hero and Madden Football. Since these games are intended for home use, isn’t that similar to purchasing a movie and showing it to a large audience?

—Curtis L. Clark, library media specialist
Harrisonville (MO) Middle School

Everyone seems to be asking that question! Video games come with licensing agreements, and before purchasers can play the games, they must […]

Picture Perfect | Under Cover

Dilys Evans on life, luck, and—oh, yeah—her terrific new book, ‘Show & Tell’

Photograph by Wendy McEahern.

As an art director and, more recently, an agent for children’s book illustrators, you’ve had an incredible knack for spotting new talent. For example, you essentially discovered David Wiesner, which was almost like finding Elvis. How did you develop such a great eye?
It may help if I explain a little about my […]

Not a Pretty Picture | Consider the Source

When it comes to buying images, nonfiction writers are getting a raw deal

Friends, we have a serious problem, and it’s harming those who create nonfiction books for younger readers and those who read them.

While I was at the Texas Library Association’s annual conference in April, I noticed that an increasing number of exhibitors were offering reference databases aimed at classroom teachers. Many of these digital resources come with “toolboxes” so educators can select a variety of nonfiction materials in English […]

The O.C.: Our Guide to ALA in Anaheim

If you’re attending ALA’s annual conference in Anaheim, lose Mickey and rent some wheels

For those of us who grew up in Orange County (O.C.), Disneyland is the metaphoric morsel of food that gets stuck between the teeth of someone you don’t like. Yes, it’s obviously there and you could mention it, but pretending you don’t see it feels so much better. While D-land is a must-see for millions of visitors each year, there’s much more to Anaheim than that annoying […]

Mediatech Builds Community | The Gaming Life

A gaming center and so much more

Every day by 3 pm, all the computers at my branch of the Chicago Public Library are in use by students. They log on to play RuneScape, visit gaming Web sites such as cartoonnetwork.com and gamingaddict.net, watch YouTube videos, or check their Tagged or MySpace accounts. This is a familiar sight in libraries across the country.

Recently, there has been an explosion of journal articles and programming information regarding young people and gaming. But […]

The Ornery American: Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card is charming, thoughtful, and polite. So why is he rubbing people the wrong way?

What’s the secret behind the success of Ender’s Game, the sci-fi novel published 23 years ago that has sold well over two million copies?

Don’t ask its author. “If I could repeat the success of Ender’s Game, I would do it every time,” says Orson Scott Card.

But Ruth Ellen Cox Clark, who teaches children’s literature at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC, knows why the […]

Women of Extraordinary Vision | Nonfiction Booktalker

You’ve heard of Helen Keller, of course, but who came before her?

This past March, a previously unknown, 130-year-old photo of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy made front-page news. I stared at the photo in wonder: How many people, dead for decades, still attract our fascination? “Certainly Helen Keller makes the cut,” I told myself. Fortunately, a recent burst of books on Helen, and on women like her, attest to that fact. And all make for captivating booktalks.

Start with Emily […]