April 26, 2018

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Archives for December 2006

Author Bruce Colville and Others Get Nostalgic | Holiday Memories 2006

We’ve asked prominent children’s authors and illustrators to share their favorite holiday book or memory. Below are the responses form Bruce Colville, Bernard Most, Mary Lankford, Steven Kroll, and Todd Strasser. You’ll find part one, with stories from Lois Lowry, Robert Sabuda, Kim Siegelson, Maryann Kovalski, and Alex Flinn, here.

Author Bruce Coville

In 1974, John Henry Faulk—who will forever be distinguished for his brave legal battle against the McCarthy-era blacklist as detailed in his book Fear On Trial (Univ. of Texas, […]

Holiday Memories 2006, Part 1

Author Lois Lowry

It was the night before Christmas, quite literally. Presents were heaped under a tree in the living room. And all through the house, everyone—which included me, my husband, and four children ranging in age from nine to 13—was asleep. But the Newfoundland dog, Tosh, who weighed 150 pounds, was not asleep because he had sniffed the presents and discovered something that we humans did not know: that someone had given us, beautifully wrapped, a large wheel of cheddar […]

Normal, Shmormal | Consider the Source

What works for girls doesn’t necessarily work for guys

This column isn’t about sex or banned books. It’s about what’s considered “normal” and how that relates to reading. I started thinking about that topic on a recent visit to my local pharmacy. I happened to be walking down an aisle when a woman knelt down, extended a strand of her hair, and compared it to a tiny hair sample that was curled in front of what I soon realized was a […]

Unsolved Mysteries | Nonfiction Booktalker

Unexplainable events of the past tantalize and delight young readers

I remember reading Julius Lester’s Sam and the Tigers (Dial, 1996) to a group of kindergarteners. At the book’s end, the group sighed happily when Sam triumphed over hungry tigers by consuming 169 pancakes. Then one little boy tentatively asked, “Is it true? Do tigers really turn into butter when they run fast?” I started to explain that this was a story, when another boy loudly burst in. “It’s true! I’ve […]

Where Is the Love? | Teenage Riot

Teen services is often overlooked, but it doesn’t have to be that way

Teen services is the illegitimate child of public libraries– it constantly struggles to get more funds and staff. Those born between 1982 and 2000—the millennials—certainly have the attention of marketing firms and big businesses. The Young Adult Library Services Association is the fastest growing division of the American Library Association. And there’s no doubt that YA librarians take the lead when it comes to blogging and using sites […]

Blues Brother | Under Cover

Poet J. Patrick Lewis revisits the life of legendary blues man Robert Johnson

Your latest book, Black Cat Bone, examines the life of Robert Johnson. A lot of people think he invented the blues.

He didn’t invent the blues, but he’s associated with it. I suppose there are all sorts of questions as to why he is the only pre-World War II blues artist whose records are still widely owned and heard today. I mean, there were other Mississippi masters: Charley […]