March 20, 2018

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Archives for October 2006

Battle of the Bulge | Consider the Source

Why is so much published about pregnancy and so little about war?

Standing in line at the supermarket, next to a rack of celebrity- obsessed magazines, I’m treated to a barrage of headlines about pregnancy. Is she “showing”? asks one popular publication. “When is she due?” inquire others. This speculation is often accompanied by airbrushed images of TV and movie stars of various heights, widths, hairstyles, and degrees of cleavage. Clearly pregnancy, or fertility, has become a necessary badge of female […]

Hero, Victim, or Monster? | Up for Discussion

An author looks at depictions of sexual abuse survivors in YA fiction

At age 10, Jonathan was sexually abused by the family priest. “When I started middle school and realized what sex is, that’s when I really started having a problem with this,” Jonathan, now a young adult, told me. “What happened with Father Jim made me feel like a lesser person.” Jonathan turned to alcohol, drugs, and aggressive behavior to cope with his shame and prove that he could be […]

Do You Speak Digital? | Teenage Riot

Understanding today’s teens is a lot of work—but it’s worth it

As an undergraduate, I lived in Sweden for a year. Since I was studying education, I spent most of my time in a very practical environment—the local public school’s classrooms. There was just one problem: I didn’t speak much Swedish. I knew that if I wanted to genuinely connect with the kids, I had better start learning their language. I quickly signed up for formal language instruction, which gave me […]

A Gentle Frost | Under Cover

Poet Helen Frost talks about the healing power of poetry and her latest novel

You’ve worked in schools in many states. Are most kids receptive to poetry?

In schools a lot of times, kids don’t get much poetry. Many teachers don’t like poetry themselves and think that kids don’t like it. But a lot of kids have poetry notebooks hidden away in their drawers somewhere.


I bet half the teenagers I know have notebooks. And these are not highly academic kids. […]

School Library Journal & San Jose State University 2006 Automation Survey

The systems are changing. But school libraries aren’t.

For many of us, school library automation is a journey, not a destination. That paraphrase of a popular Zen saying aptly summarizes the findings of the 2006 School Library Journal-San Jose State University Automation Survey. We took a close look at the systems that media specialists are using, how they’re using them, and what librarians want from their future automation programs. (For information about the survey’s methodology, see “The Fine Print” below.) While […]

Virtual Science Lab

Learning by doing is a snap thanks to these cool Web sites

By Gail Junion-Metz

Exploratorium: Online Activities

Need some Web-based science activities in a hurry? Here you’ll find almost 60 projects for kids ages 10–18 on a wide variety of topics. Most take little prep time (“Common Cents,” for example) but a few activities, especially those for older students, are more involved (such as “Build a Solar System”). Created by: The Exploratorium Museum, San Francisco, CA. Don’t Miss: For all […]