March 22, 2018

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Archives for August 2006

Morality Play: Digital Ethics

Cheating is good and sharing is bad. No wonder digital ethics have kids confused.

Two of my students, let’s call them Josh and Cole, are in the library talking about “modding” (modifying) a video racing game called Need for Speed Underground. By downloading “cheats”—tips or codes that allow users to manipulate content—the boys can personalize their race cars, changing various elements, such as engine size, to rev up the performance. Instinctively, I flinch. “Isn’t this hacking? Patent violation?” I ask.

Well, no, […]

Net Worth | Consider the Source

In a world ruled by the Internet, are nonfiction books really necessary?

A 19-year-old Harvard sophomore is paid half a million dollars for a novel about a young woman who wants to go to Harvard—and the book turns out to include passages lifted from other writers’ novels. The National Security Agency (NSA) attempts to collect information on every phone call made in America. My wife, who teaches at a state university, reports that she and her colleagues must keep reminding their […]

Like a Rolling Stone | Under Cover

English artist Emily Gravett talks about life on the road and her first book

Wolves is about a rabbit who borrows a library book and discovers that wolves eat rabbits. Were you surprised when it was selected as a finalist for one of Britain’s top children’s book awards?

I was totally amazed. I was thinking I was going to come out of college, and I was going to slog around to lots of agents and lots of publishers and probably get […]

I Want My MP3 | Teenage Riot

An earful on how to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not

Recently, I overheard two teens debating whether to enter a bookstore. They ultimately decided against it because they thought the staff was too old. That exchange got me thinking—do teens make the same judgment about libraries and their staff?

I’m only 34, but I worry about turning into one of those librarians who seldom gets out of her chair, hoping that a patron will just go away if I […]