February 20, 2018

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Archives for April 2006

Ross to the Rescue!

Rutgers’ Ross Todd’s quest to renew school libraries

When we brainstormed about how to depict Ross Todd on our cover, there was no shortage of ideas: guru, rock star, prophet. Anyone who’s heard Todd speak will sympathize. The man is tremendously charismatic; his delivery impassioned; his speech, at turns playful and serious, tumbles forth nonstop. He’s also a bit of an iconoclast, albeit a loving one, and after an hour with Todd, listeners are likely to be left in a slightly […]

Talking It Up | Teenage Riot

Booktalking can open up a new world to middle and high school students

Questioning the value of booktalking to teens is like suggesting that it's a waste of time to offer storytimes to kids. A colleague recently challenged booktalking to middle and high school students, and it really irritated me. In her opinion, the time and effort that goes into booktalking just isn't worth it.

Let me assure you, it's all worth the effort. Booktalking introduces teens to literature and provides an […]

Don’t Stop with Mother Goose | Up for Discussion

Making a case for vibrant, well-stocked poetry collections

Just 10 years ago the Academy of American Poets initiated the observance of National Poetry Month to celebrate poetry and its place in American culture. Since then, the movement has continued to gain momentum with the emergence of Young People's Poetry Week in 1999 sponsored by the Children's Book Council, a focus on poetry slams as the centerpiece for Teen Read Week in 2003 sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA), and the […]

Going Clubbing | What Works

Book clubs spur reading among first and second graders

Our public library used to offer storytimes for preschoolers and book clubs for kids in grades three and up—but nothing for those in between. So two years ago, I developed a program for those first and second graders who loved coming to the library but didn't have a reading club of their own.

Youngest Critics encourages a love of books and regular use of the library, while giving members a chance to meet […]

The Fresh Printz | Under Cover

John Green talks about the thrill of winning an award for young adult literature

When you started writing your first novel, Looking for Alaska, did you know it was going to be for young adults?

I did want to write YA. Between graduating from college and moving to Chicago [and working as a production editor for Booklist magazine], I worked for six months as a student chaplain at a children's hospital. I knew from that experience, I probably didn't want to […]