March 23, 2018

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Archives for November 2005

She Said She Said | Under Cover

Biographer Elizabeth Partridge talks about ‘John Lennon: All I Want Is the Truth’

What made Lennon so special?

He was a very smart guy. I would put him on the cusp of brilliant/crazy. There’s this wonderful edge people can get to, and if they’re enough on the brilliant-genius side, they can do some amazing things. If they edge too far to crazy, as brilliant as they are, they can’t function well enough. Lennon was right on that edge. Most of the […]

Setting the Bar for Biography | Up for Discussion

A reviewer seeks books that inspire and instruct teen readers

Readers of all ages, including teens, enjoy learning about celebrities, past or present. Biographies tell exciting, unusual or interesting stories, uniquely combining “old-fashioned history and the traditional novel” (1). For some, they provide hope as they relate how a person “just like me,” with

a similar background or abilities, made it big. For others, biographies give comfort, showing how an individual faced with enormous challenges not only survived, but also flourished. […]

Everyday ABCs | First Steps

It’s important to teach young children the alphabet, but tread gently

What written word could mean more to a child than his own name? Meaning, not sounds or letters, drives a child’s earliest interests in print. An early literacy skill that is a strong predictor of future reading achievement is letter identification. Children who enter kindergarten knowing many letter names tend to have an easier time learning to read than those who do not. In fact, according to researchers Linnea Ehri […]

Getting to Know You | What Works

A sure strategy for building a strong relationship with your boss

When my principal retired last year, I was overcome with dread. Would the new administrator value the library media program or be as generous with funding as my previous boss? These questions and more spun around in my head.

Since we all know that the relationship between a media specialist and principal is crucial to a program’s success, our role in helping to ease the transition is key. A principal’s […]

Make Way for Wikis

Grandview Elementary in Monsey, NY, is one lucky school. Its media specialist, Sarah Chauncey, is a tech-smart pioneer. Using free software called (the “pb” stands for peanut butter), she spent two hours last month setting up password-protected wikis, or collaborative Web sites, for six classes totaling about 140 third graders. She created the wikis to give students a communal—and fun—space in which to sharpen their writing skills.

“A wiki,” Chauncey writes on each class’s home page, “is a Web site […]