April 21, 2018

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Archives for October 2005

Poetry Goes Full Blast | Up for Discussion

A passion for the spoken word sparks an explosion of programs

It began where lots of good ideas do—in the library. To be specific, in the cafeteria of the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch. I was having lunch with Barbara Genco, Director of Collection Development, former president of the Association of Library Service to Children (ALSC), and an old friend. We were discussing one of our favorite topics—how to give poetry more press. I’d coorganized and participated in a panel about […]

Don’t Gloss Over the Glossary | What Works

Some nifty tools make it easier for kids to navigate nonfiction books

One day, while reading Anne and Harlow Rockwell’s classic picture book, The Toolbox (Macmillan, 1971), it occurred to me that any good nonfiction book is filled with tools. Tables of contents, indexes, captions, charts, and the like—they’re the hammers, screwdrivers, and saws that help readers construct meaning. Could I teach second graders to recognize these useful devices? I decided to find out by reading them this short, sweet story […]

Love at First Bite: Stephenie Meyer interview | Under Cover

Stephenie Meyer talks about vampires, teen love, and her first novel, ‘Twilight’

Were you surprised when Twilight was purchased for over $500,000, and its film rights were sold?

It felt very strange, like some sort of practical joke for quite a while. And now, I still don’t believe it. It’s kind of surreal to me every time I hear somebody say, “Wow, I really loved it.”

How would you describe the story?

I have a hard time with that. Because if I say to […]